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Stock name

What does the stock name mean with *ST N PT S STSS*STST?

*st faces delisting st losses. sst has no share reform and losses. Others are normal stocks. . Normally, it is divided into large-cap stocks, mid-cap stocks, and small-cap stocks. . Large-cap stocks are also paying dividends and blue-chip stocks.

The latest China's top ten waterproof brands

The top ten waterproof brands, Oriental Yuhong, JCDecaux, Leibang Shi, Sika, Han Gao, Keshun, Zhuobao, Mapei, Longma, Deanmi

When decorating, it is very important that the bathroom is waterproof. If it is not done well, it will not only affect the decoration of your home, but also cause a lot of damage to the neighbors. Big impact. Everyone is no stranger to waterproof brands, but the top ten waterproof brands are all.

2, JCDecaux-the first company to produce new environmentally friendly household waterproof materials, mainly engaged in waterproof coatings and dry mortar, with channels all over the country, and the first of the three major brands of household waterproofing. 3. Leibangshi-the creator and advocate of the family waterproof concept system.

Top ten brands trusted and respected by the Chinese waterproof industry and the market: Oriental Yuhong, JCDecaux, Leibang Shi, Keshun, Zhuobao, Henkel, Sika, Mapei, Longma, Dean dense. These brands are ranked in many large national credible websites.

How about Oriental Yuhong waterproofing?

Of course, Dongfang Yuhong waterproof coating is good. Yuhong brand jsa101 polymer cement waterproof coating is a two-component water-based waterproof coating. The material is composed of high-quality polymer emulsion and a variety of functional additives, and the powder is composed of special cement and a variety of additives.

Waterproof coatings are functional products. The toilets generally use elastomeric waterproof coatings, such as Yuhong, Red Apple Paint, Leibangs, etc. These are still acceptable in this respect, and they have no smell and are more environmentally friendly.


The quality of Dongfang Yuhong's waterproof coating is definitely ahead of other waterproofing companies, and it is the most well-known in the world. There are these top waterproof coatings, SPU single-component polyurethane waterproof coating, and SPU303 special polyurethane waterproofing for drinking water engineering.

Dongfang Yuhong's waterproof is good. It is the first listed company to be waterproof. Compared with other brands, there are still more product series to choose from. It is also environmentally friendly. The bathroom waterproof is not very useful. I think it is better to use it. It’s still guaranteed, don’t wait for renovation.

Dongfang Yuhong Waterproofing, is the largest waterproofing company in China, the only listed waterproofing company, and a well-known trademark in China. The quality of Dongfang Yuhong waterproof material is very good, of course, it can be used in home decoration. Ground protection in the bathroom, kitchen, etc. at home.

It is strongly recommended to use this brand of Dongfang Yuhong waterproof for the floor waterproofing of the bathroom, kitchen, etc. at home. The quality of Dongfang Yuhong waterproof material is very good, of course, it can be used in home furnishings, which will save a lot of water leakage prevention costs in the future.

Dongfang Yuhong Waterproof Price List

A volume of about 500 of the Oriental Yuhong National Standard Type 4, Beijing’s professional roofing waterproof bathroom plugging the basement and preventing moisture 13683312356

With the increase of rainy weather, more and more places will have water leakage Phenomenon, once the water leaks, home appliances as well. (Price source network, for reference only) Brand introduction Beijing Oriental Yuhong Waterproof Technology Co., Ltd., stock.

If you use the green tarp, find someone to make the price around 50 yuan per square meter. It's troublesome and dirty to do. Liquid waterproof is like latex paint. Buckets of liquid are waterproof. There are more than 200 yuan per bucket. After the toilet is cleaned.

What is the price of polyethylene polypropylene fiber per square meter after 0.7mm and 1.5mm? Brand Oriental Yuhong.

The market price is between 200230 and the ex-factory price is between 130,150

It depends on what material you choose, the waterproof of different materials, the price difference is relatively large. I suggest you go to Taobao.com. I will have a general direction for the price of the product in my mind, and hope to adopt it.

Address of Oriental Yuhong Waterproof Company

Orient Yuhong is a listed company, and all aspects of welfare are strictly in accordance with national standards. There are 15 days during the New Year The paid holiday is 8 days longer than the state stipulated. As for salary, the key depends on what position you are applying for and your self.

Oriental Yuhong

Hey, I still have a say. There is absolutely no problem with the quality of Eastern Yuhong, but there are three grades of difference between high, middle and low, which means that the worst It can be guaranteed to be waterproof for about 10 years according to the requirements, and I think the best is not more than 100 years.

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