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On September 8, the theme was "Design for Humans: From Alvaro Siza’s Modernism to the Digital Future" International Architectural Design Forum was opened at the 44th China (Shanghai) International Furniture Fair (hereinafter referred to as the China National Fair (Shanghai)) in 2019.

Under the promotion of Red Star Macalline, the China National Expo (Shanghai) and the famous German architectural consulting organization "Aedes Metropolitan Research Institute ANBC" jointly held this The top architecture forum with the highest specifications, seven architects-Sou Fujimoto, Antnio Choupina, Anouk Legendre, Martha Thorne, Yuan Feng, Mario Carpo and Mette Ramsgaard Thomsen airborne and delivered keynote speeches, becoming the most eye-catching design circle in China Where.

At the beginning of the forum, Chen Wanghui, deputy general manager of China Foreign Trade Guangzhou Exhibition Corporation, mentioned that "I hope to provide an opportunity for face-to-face communication with professionals in the field of architecture and design, so that the world can feel The innovation capability and high-quality development of the China National Expo."

Chen Wanghui, deputy general manager of China Foreign Trade Guangzhou Exhibition Corporation

Red Star Macalline Chairman Che Jianxin attended and delivered a speech. He mentioned that in recent years The different concepts and gaps between Chinese and Western architectural design, especially the prevailing interior architectural design in China, are mostly derived from Western design concepts. "China's cultural self-confidence is rising, and we need to make designs and works that conform to Chinese culture and tradition."

Red Star Macalline Chairman Che Jianxin

In recent years, Red Star Macalline has been committed to changing design Life, value the power of design. Just as the Milan Furniture Fair is regarded as the vane of the global home furnishing trend, “holding a world-class exhibition” has always been the goal of Red Star Macalline and China International Trade Fair to create the “China National Fair”.

Under the promotion of Red Star Macalline, the 86-year-old architectural design master Alvaro Siza was invited by China Trade Macalline and Ritz for this year’s The Rui Chi Pavilion of the Home Fair personally hand-painted the architectural design drawings. Siza won the "Pritzker Prize" known as the Nobel Prize in architecture in 1992. He is a Portuguese national treasure and is known as one of the most important contemporary architects. He is known for his sculptural "poetic modernism". "The building is famous all over the world. His works are concise, simple, full of individual tension, paying great attention to the harmonious processing of the integration of the building and the surrounding environment, and paying attention to the changes of modern society and culture.

Siza's grandson Henriette Siza brought a video of Siza at the exhibition site. In the video, the 86-year-old Siza expressed his passion and gratitude for the design of the exhibition hall. "The superb craftsmanship of Chinese craftsmen has a long history and is obvious to all. Therefore, I also used Chinese craftsmanship and Chinese craftsman wisdom in this design. . I think that architects should not only serve the elite, but should serve the general public. Beauty should not only serve the rich, but should be shared by all."

Alvaro SizaInterview

10300901 Zha personally designed the exhibition hall for Rui Chi

01 The industry's highest-level architectural design forum

Not only the pavilion designed by Siza personally, but also seven international architects came here, which fully demonstrated the large specifications and high standards of this year's home fair, which attracted the attention of the people of the country.

Seven international architectural design masters discussed whether modernist design methods are still applicable in the contemporary digital transformation, mass production and pre-demand market competition. Founded in 100 years Whether the ideas of the former Bauhaus can keep up with the digitalization process and other issues. Professor Li Xiangning of the School of Architecture and Urban Planning of Tongji University hosted the forum.

Hans-Jurgen Commerell, Director of Aedes Metropolitan Research Institute, Zhang Li, Associate Dean of the School of Architecture of Tsinghua University, and Cao Jiaming, Chairman of the Shanghai Architectural Society, delivered speeches at this forum. They Expressed their views on whether digital tools will affect the design.

Siza designed a partial view of the Rui Chi Pavilion for this exhibition

Japanese internationally renowned architect Sou Fujimoto brings "Nature and Architecture" The keynote speech of "How to integrate nature and architecture, internal and external, is the vitality of architectural design."

Japanese architect Sousuke Fujimoto

Anouk Legendre, co-founder of XTU Architects from France , Professor Yuan Feng, School of Architecture and Urban Planning, Tongji University, University College LondonFour architectural design masters, including Mario Carpo, Professor of the Tlett School of Architecture, and Mette Ramsgaard Thomsen, Director of the Information Technology and Architecture Center of the Royal Danish Academy of Arts, took the stage to share their works and thoughts, using modern data software, how to do it precisely, efficiently and meticulously One after another works that seemed impossible to achieve in the past.

Red Star DesignChina Leading Star Forum >

As early as 2013, Red Star Macalline invited the world-famous architect Paul Andrew to design the Golden Bridge Shopping Mall, subverting traditional shopping malls with design, and realizing the art of shopping mall space. . In addition, Red Star Macalline has also gone abroad many times and participated in the Milan International Furniture Fair for many years. It is committed to bringing Chinese original design brands and original designers to the global stage, giving out Chinese voices, inspiring Chinese originality, and letting everyone "Look over" with his gaze.

Focus on the "Love Family Day" of every Chinese family, to the 30th Anniversary Luban Design Goods Festival, from the M+ Designer Competition, to the architectural design of the big coffee Forum, from home design to architectural design. Red Star Macalline insists on designing for life in China and firmly believes that design can change lives.

Design is not only design, but also the embodiment of values, spiritual power and culture. Good design can not only change lives, but also change the world. Design is a care for contemporary life, an exploration in difficulty, and a bridge to poetry and the distance.

"Design is technology, and quality is technology. Red Star Macalline has entered the era of technology."Red Star Macalline Chairman Che Jianxin said.

Respect and promote good design, use design to achieve a better life, always adhere to the original aspiration, and lead the development of the industry. It is Red Star Macalline The unremitting pursuit.

03 to create the Oriental Milan Furniture Fair

In the current Chinese home furnishing industry As the industry leader is undergoing an era of change, Red Star Macalline hopes that this forum will enable everyone in the Chinese home furnishing industry to feel the wind, trends and trends of international cutting-edge design.

In addition to the Architectural Design Forum, Carlo Forcolini, the former chairman of ADI (Italian Industrial Design Association), the vice chairman of the European Design Institute, and the grand designer Carlo Forcolini was also invited by the Red Star Macalline Innovation Design Alliance to the China National Expo (Shanghai) On-site, discuss "home design and lifestyle".

More and more international masters are participating in this exhibition, and the China National Expo (Shanghai) is no longer It is a domestic building materials exhibition limited to China, but a professional exhibition with international standards, vision, platform and influence.

Promote the rapid improvement of Chinese home design standards, and better lead the way of the modern young elite Milano Macalline helped promote the original intention of this forum.

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