The International Forum on the Development of Animation and Game Industry Held in Beijing Experts Discuss Global Integration and Industrialization Reform

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September 7, co-sponsored by Beijing Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism, Beijing Cultural and Creative Industry Promotion Center, Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone Management Committee, and undertaken by Beijing Animation and Game Industry Association The "2020 International Forum on the Development of Animation and Game Industry" (referred to as the Animation Forum) was held in Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone.

This forum invited leaders from the Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism, the Propaganda Department of the Municipal Party Committee, the Municipal Radio, Film and Television Bureau, the Municipal Science and Technology Commission, the Municipal Bureau of Commerce, Zhongguancun, Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone and other organizations to attend and speak at the forum. The sessions included Kim Sang-hyun, representative of the Korea Cultural Industry Promotion Institute, Huang Xinyuan, Dean of the School of Animation and Digital Art at Communication University of China, Liu Chungang, Secretary-General of Beijing Animation and Game Industry Association, Xu Yiran, CEO of Leyou Technology Holdings, Vice President of Perfect World, and Deputy Taihe Think Tank Chairman Yidi, Chairman Guo Yong of the China Film Group, and other important entrepreneurs, experts and scholars in various fields of animation and games at home and abroad, focusing on the integration and integration of the animation and game industry with new technologies such as cloud technology, 5G, and multi-end In-depth discussions on development, new viewpoints on the development of international markets, and current developments were conducted.

In recent years, the internationalization of China's animation and game industry has developed rapidly, and its global influence has also been increasing. China's animation and game industry has improved significantly in terms of product development, marketing, intellectual property rights and other aspects, and has even surpassed many overseas manufacturers. Cao Pengcheng, a leader of the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism, said: "The next two years will be both opportunities and challenges for Chinese game companies. This requires grasping the development opportunities of the Belt and Road Initiative and the strategy of going global. Independent research and development have core competition. The powerful animation and game products will jointly contribute to the development of the global market for animation and games."

However, as globalization is accelerating, China’s animation and game industry is also facing more and more challenges. On the one hand, the international environment is changing, the trend of globalization is being questioned, and conservatism and trade protectionism in some countries are on the rise. This will pose a greater challenge to the globalization of China's animation and game industry.

Perfect World Vice President and Vice Chairman of Taihe Think Tank, Yidi delivered a speech on "International Development of Chinese Games in the Current Situation of Globalization". He believed that in the face of the complex and changeable international environment, we need to continue to increase the international development of China’s animation and game industry in the future. The strength of global cooperation. Promote the reform of rules, regulations, management, and standard modernization, and then strengthen foreign cooperation, in order to better avoid related risks. Taking Perfect World as an example, it not only successively introduced well-known e-sports products "DOTA2" and "CS:GO" into the country, but also assisted V Club in successfully hosting the TI9 event in Shanghai, China, and undertook the V Club series of global events under the new rules. The event has greatly strengthened the global influence of Chinese e-sports.

On the other hand, the development of the global animation and game industry is becoming more mature and systematic, which also poses new challenges to the industrial output capacity of China's animation and games. At the same time, cultural integration has always been a challenge for China's cultural industry to go overseas. How to make more local users accept our new products in the future, especially cultural recognition, is a problem that must be solved in the global development of China's animation and game industry.

For "Global "Integration and culture going global", Yidi said: "On this aspect, we need to integrate global resources and use global forces to cooperate in product development and operation. On the other hand, we must do a good job in the introduction and output of culture, and integrate excellent foreign culture into our products. "In this regard, the Journey to the West theme game "Very Hero" developed by Perfect World's Sino-French team is a game product that uses Western artistic perspectives and techniques to restore the classic Chinese classic "Journey to the West". Recognized by users and professionals around the world, he has won many international awards, and also won the best animated character (game category) award at the 47th "Animation Oscar" Annie Award. Finally, Yidi said: "Our game industry must form a strong industrialization capability. Like Hollywood, it has a complete industrial chain and industrialized game output capabilities to achieve overall improvement." This overall improvement includes "own products." System, technological innovation, management capabilities, etc., the core of which is to form its own industrialization system, improve the industrial chain, and enhance the R&D and integration of 5G and artificial intelligence technologies."

For the future 5G cloud games, South Korea Kim Sang-hyun, representative of the Cultural Industry Promotion Institute in Beijing, said: “In the 5G era in the future, smartphones will become large screens. You can watch 4K, 8K and other ultra-high-quality content on your phone.Technological innovation will bring more opportunities to the industry. "Edi said: "In the future 5G cloud gaming era, the high-speed Unicom network will change the development trend of the gaming industry and will also bring new opportunities to the global gaming industry. "

It is also understood that the animation forum, as one of the main forum activities of the Beijing International Cultural and Creative Expo in China, has been held for many years, and has become an industry exchange, product promotion, technology display, property rights transaction, etc. in the field of animation and games. The important brand activities of information exchange and interaction between fans and fans have become an important cultural industry service platform and a platform for promoting cultural consumption. This forum is also one of the main forum activities of the China International Trade in Services. In addition to the main forum , This animation forum added the 2020 animation and game industry policy symposium and enterprise matching meeting section. At the meeting, a series of latest animation and game industry-related support policies will be released to encourage enterprises to use new technologies, support multi-level capital markets, and promote The animation and game industry continues to develop healthily.

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