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Every child likes to listen to stories, especially stories told by mom and dad. That is the warmest moment that children enjoy most. The growth of children needs the company of their parents. The voices of parents can bring more security to children and help them build language confidence. However, most parents are busy with work every day. When they go home from work, they can fall asleep when they fall out of bed, but they have to bite the bullet and tell their children a half-hour or an hour-long story. Is there any hard-core technology that can liberate parents and use it? How do mom and dad’s voices tell children stories?

Accompanying is the best gift

Of course there is, just download an APP, you can use the voice customization function for free, one-click permanent voice cloning, to help you listen to the voice of father and mother to tell stories anytime, anywhere! This The black technology product is the Dinosaur Baker APP, which comes from Biaobei Technology, an artificial intelligence company focusing on intelligent voice interaction and AI data services. It is a smart reading product that uses AI speech synthesis technology and is aimed at children aged 0-6. The app has a large number of children's stories, including classic cartoons, Chinese enlightenment, fairy tales, fairy tales, bedtime stories and many other early education themes audio content.

Isn’t it amazing? Children’s apps that can tell stories are all over the street, but you probably haven’t used apps that tell stories with parents’ voices. Such a product full of intelligent voice black technology will bring you an unprecedented experience. Open the Dinosaur Baker APP, click on the phonograph, and record 10 paragraphs in 5 minutes, you can generate a customized voice with one click, and then you can use your parents' voice to tell stories permanently, and the sound similarity is highly restored. Even if you are not with your child, you can use your voice to accompany your child to a sound dream.

Cartoon stars as anchors

In addition, the Dinosaur Baker APP took the lead in combining speech synthesis technology with domestic cartoon IP, creating many AI cartoon star anchors, such as "Super Flying Man" Le Di, Xiao Ai, Monkey King, Pig Little Girl, etc., with original and personalized voices and In the “sound supermarket” based on IP voice, children can choose their favorite animated characters as anchors to tell stories, sing nursery rhymes and voice conversations. Allow children to listen to the best quality content without paying. Of course, there are also children’s favorite stories of Super Flying Man, armor warrior, and dinosaurs...all for free!

More intimately, the app incorporates intelligent recognition voice dialogue to inspire children to speak different languages. Actively create and express in the environment. The child only needs to speak to the little dinosaur Baker and tell Baker what he wants to hear, and Baker can help him find stories and rhymes that the child likes to listen to, and even search for arithmetic, translate English and so on. Children can find what they want to listen to without typing! Apply AI black technology to every detail, fully liberate parents' hands, and help parents achieve high-quality companionship!

Screenshot of Dinosaur Baker APP

Children’s education experts emphasize: companionship is education, companionship is growing up. Accompany your children more, childhood will not become lonely, and the role of parents will not become vague and pale. This year’s Children’s Day, I hope that parents can put aside their work, take time and rest assured to accompany their children, use the Dinosaur Baker APP, and customize such a special sound gift with the children as a permanent sound companion. I hope that every day when children grow up, parents can "share joy and sorrow with them, laugh and cry and embrace each other", give the children the happy companionship they want, and make them truly healthy, happy and happy children.

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