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Topic:Which app is good for finding a homestay

Which apps do they use before traveling?

Everyone will prepare some apps for travel in their mobile phones, look at the strategy and information of the horse's nest and poor travel , Douyin, Xiaohongshu, Weibo, etc.; Ctrip, Qunar, Fliggy, Meituan, etc.

Xiao Qi recently noticed the results of a survey of domestic young people:

Post-85s travel usually depends on: Where can Ctrip go to the hornet's nest

There are also some foreign platforms, such as TripAdvisor, Booking, Airbnb, etc., and some People favor their information and products, but their popularity and frequency of use are not as good as the aforementioned apps.


Different travel companions

Select destination Different

After 85,bring your family with your mouth, your family will always be in the "first place"

95 Later, Bad friends, young, we must get restless!

The growth environment is not The same

If you want to play, you don’t want to be the same

Post-85sDeep culture, There has been a rise both inside and out.

Post-95net celebrities check in, I am here today, the most beautiful boy!

Reliance after 85 APP: The destination is the index frame, and it has a more direct and clear direction. It is convenient to obtain information such as destination, strategy gameplay, price, evaluation, transportation, ticket, and scheduled route.

Qingyou & Mafengwo APP both put "topics" and "notes" on the homepage. Thematic activities and user content cards are exactly the same, and the travel strategy service attributes are obvious.

PoorBoth You and Mafengwo have a large amount of UGC content, combined with system summaries and essence recommendations, to prescribe the right medicine for the pain points of users "where to play", and dig deep into the detailed introduction of each tourist destination and surrounding food, accommodation, transportation, and entertainment. , Allowing users to more easily plan their trips.



When the plan is set, go to Ctrip , Where to book itinerary, this is most of the operation after 85.


Where to go

It looks like this, so worthy It's a family......

Hotels, air tickets, and project booking channels are all on the first screen of the homepage of Ctrip and Qunar. The features are obvious, and the one-stop convenient service is fast. .

Apps patronized after 1995: strong social attributes, novelty, diversity and interaction. Post-95s are often curious about travel, keen to punch in trendy destinations, wave after wave of popular Internet celebrity destinations such as Douyin Xiaohongshu, so they became delayed here after 95 Travel APP.


Little Red Book

Remember that Douyin brings Chongqing red and connects to Hongyadong Does the price of current limit and hot pot base increase? Platforms full of explosive models, I feel that following them to travel, you can keep yourself at the forefront of trends in the travel industry at any time.

Weibo can be regarded as a production base for old-fashioned travel bloggers. For bloggers who follow the destination on Weibo, traffic, activities, food, etc. can be instantly grasped. But today's travel bloggers are not limited to graphics and text. They are all turning to videos. In addition to continuing to operate their own Weibo, Douyin and Station B have also become their battlefields.



Fliggy's platform model Providing direct communication channels between merchants and consumers can reduce a lot of trouble for consumers. This is the advantage of Fliggy, which gives consumers more low-cost options and attracts more young people.

However, they are not happy that they have assembled a mobile APP...


What I saw on the little X book...


The circle of friends is happy, not really happy...

Make your trip easier

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