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The best travel companion on the trip is actually your phone!

One by one powerful APP, is your best partner in your trip, and can always help you complete every trip smoothly-check air tickets, book hotels, watch guides, choose restaurants. ..... Use APP for all!

Every trip is based on The booking of air tickets started. In terms of air ticket price comparison, Wuerjun strongly promotes iGola goose-riding travel and skyscanner travel.

iGola rides a goose to travel small and beautiful. It focuses on the ticket business and is easy to get started. The APP will recommend a suitable destination for you according to the place and time of departure, and you can also check the price of air tickets and compare prices. Is it so considerate~

Skyscan Travel is an old-fashioned travel search platform that takes a large and comprehensive route. In terms of international air tickets, Skyscanner provides the most comprehensive data and the most favorable prices. A big advantage of Skyscanner is that it can automatically match the connection of flights, and you can choose the number of transfers to help you shorten the flight time. Excellent!

2017 Flight Record of the Customizer of Wuer Journey ↑

// Hotel Reservation//

In the hotel reservation, you can download different APPs according to your needs.

Booking and Agoda are naturally the first choice for hotel booking. As long as these two apps are installed, hotel bookings in almost all countries in the world can be done. Many rooms on Booking do not require prepayment and can be guaranteed with a credit card. The printed order can be used as a visa document (you must be optimistic about changing the check-out policy). Agoda's main song is "Good Room at Low Price", it is more convenient to book hotels in Southeast Asia.

In terms of destination introduction, Wuerjun’s first app is mars. This domestic APP takes the trendy route. The team behind the APP is looking for unique shops around the world. There are 18 categories of places including restaurants, home furnishings, night shops, bookstores, etc., to meet your various travel needs.

Another interesting APP is Longteng Travel, which can recommend various shops near airports and flight gates, so that your waiting time is no longer bored.

yelp is the largest review in the United States The website, equivalent to the American version of "Dianping", is a powerful tool for finding local food. For foodies, restaurants recommended by the Michelin Guide and 40,000 kilometers are also trustworthy.

As more and more tourists go abroad, there is more and more foreign information on Dianping. If you don’t want to download a bunch of apps that you don’t use, Dianping is enough to satisfy your general needs. demand.

// Map traffic//

Yes, TrainlineIt goes up after P! It can be seen how important it is

For For those who don’t know how to drive, public transportation is the first choice when going abroad. Japan's public transportation is very developed, but transfers in the city can often stun people. Prepare a transfer case so that you will not get lost in the crowds of Tokyo Metro. Trainline is a super easy to use app for buying and inquiring British train tickets. You can save a lot of money when you buy tickets in advance.

In some countries with sparsely populated areas and underdeveloped public transportation, renting a car is the most convenient way of transportation. The car rental APP recommended by Wuerjun is car rental, which can provide car rental services in more than 200 countries, has a 24-hour online Chinese customer service, and can help get an international driver's license.

If the driving skills are not too hard, it is also very convenient to use the Royal Charter App. Many drivers are also tour guides, which is very cost-effective. As for taxis, Didi is used at home and Uber is naturally used when going abroad. Long-distance carpooling by BlaBlaCar in Europe is also a good and cheap option.


When traveling abroad, the biggest obstacle is language. There are so many languages ​​in the world that no one can master them all, so a translation software must be installed in the mobile phone.

The Dana in the translation software is Google Translate, or that sentence, as long as it is out of the wall, it is Google's world. Among all translation software, Google Translate is the most accurate and supports the most types of languages.

Youdao dictionary and Youdao translator produced by NetEase, the "conscience of the industry" in China's Internet industry, are also very powerful. Wuerjun especially recommends Youdao translators, who support translation between 52 languages ​​and offline translation. Language translation, photo translation, expression translation and other functions are also readily available.

If you travel abroad, if you don’t want to get caught in the rain or cold, a reliable weather forecast app is essential. There are more than 500 million people using ink weather, precise positioning and push, providing minute-level, kilometer-level, 15-day weather forecasts. In terms of exchange rate conversion, the minimalist exchange rate interface is simple and easy to use, which is very popular among customizers.

There are also several apps that can increase the fun of the journey.

Xingse is a flower-recognizing artifact. Take pictures-upload-get the name and meaning. As the name suggests, the starry sky map is like a miniature astronomical telescope. You can see the constellations in the night sky by holding up your phone! Both the earth and the starry sky map are apps developed by Google, where you can advance from the galaxy in outer space to the street view, save the places you have visited, and find routes.

// Video camera//

Every Golden Week, Moments of Friends will set off a photography contest. If you want to dominate the circle of friends, a reliable app for taking pictures and retouching pictures is indispensable.

In terms of taking pictures, everyone is basically good at using the "Eastern sorcery"-beauty camera and Meitu Xiuxiu. Ha you (VR real scene combined) and the small video taken by Miaopai are very suitable for Weibo, and it is the favorite of Weibo party. Recently, the volcano video and Douyin are also super popular. You can also try various titled variety shows.

The Roaring Girl Bo Bonni is also a fan of Wuer Journey App~

Leaving Hong Kong today, the trip will end soon. Thank you for your company along the way of "Journey Without Two". This is our road book on the exclusive app after customized travel. There is one page per day. Basically all travel information is arranged. During the trip, I didn’t bother with the customization team: my mother couldn’t turn on the washing machine on the last night of the outlying islands. Our video customizer turned on the washing machine in the early hours of the morning. Thank you, see you at the next stop!

The itinerary plan is detailed to the hour, and the real-time route is not lost ;

Plan according to your needs Routes, recommended restaurants, and alternatives! All you have to do is to watch your phone less and enjoy this warm trip.

The most unique travel souvenir : Paper version of the road book

In a blink of an eye, 18 years have almost passed halfway, so will the summer vacation, National Day, and Chinese New Year holidays be far behind? ! Hurry up and make travel plans, otherwise, how can you be worthy of yourself who has worked so hard to move bricks~

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