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Hi everyone, I’m Zhou Jun.

The long vacation is approaching. We have compiled 11 tools suitable for travel planning to help you travel happily.

The following four aspects of transportation, hotel accommodation, attraction tickets and guide query will be summarized when making travel plans. The tools that may be used, and a list of some items you can carry when you travel, I hope you will like it.

01. Traffic travel

① Map App

A Map App is indispensable when you go out, especially when you are in a strange place.

The first choice for friends playing in China is the two domestic map apps: Baidu Map and Gaode Map.

The current map App is very convenient to use, but it is still limited by the surrounding network environment. To ensure foolproof, you can go to the destination before you travel. The map is offline to the phone.

In addition to the regular navigation functions, the Map App also provides some additional functions based on the positioning information, such as querying surrounding tourist attractions and food.

Take Baidu map as an example, click the Travel button at the top right to switch the normal map to tourism map b>, it will list the surrounding forests, attractions, food, hotels, etc., and mark the corresponding location on the map.

When traveling out, transportation costs dominate the budget. When choosing which mode of travel, in addition to measuring the fare, we also pay attention to the time and comfort of the ride.

To travel a long distance now, the two best travel tools are airplanes and trains.

For high-speed trains, friends who have been to college, may have already experienced many battles in grabbing tickets home. App or tools that most people can use As you all know, skip it here.

If you choose to travel by plane, here are two ticket price comparison tools-Skyscanner and KAYAK.

② Skyscanner

Skyscanner, the English name is Skyscanner, a foreign travel search company, was acquired by Ctrip in 2016. Tianxun.com gathers the ticket information of more than 1,000 airlines, so you don’t need to jump to compare prices on multiple websites.

Select the destination and departure time. In the returned search results, Skyscanner will provide different travel plans according to the comprehensive best, cheapest and fastest, and supports re-screening the initial results, such as choosing direct Fly or transit, etc.

When using Skyscanner, you can also find an easter egg, which will mark some flights as green travel, which is based on the system The type of aircraft and the number of transfers calculated that the carbon emissions of this flight are even lower.

If you want to buy air tickets in advance for future trips, but considering that the price may be reduced later, you can subscribe to the website's price change notifications. When the price changes, you will be notified by email.

Skyscanner website:



Similar to Tianxun.com, KAYAK also provides air ticket comparison function, it supports searching hundreds of travel websites at the same time, which can easily compare different flight information.

In the results returned by the search, KAYAK displays flight information in three sorting methods: lowest price, best and shortest flight.

In addition, KAYAK also provides other sorting methods, such as the earliest departure, the latest departure, etc., in order to meet the different trips of customers demand.



02. Hotel Accommodation

Regardless of travel budget, for accommodation and rest during the trip, a variety of chain hotels or boutique hotels are the first choice, which is not only comfortable, but also has better sound insulation.

For those who have a small budget but still want to travel, the solutions I recommend are homestays and youth hostels.

① Tujia B&B

Tujia B&B, yes The domestic old-brand homestay platform, for many years, Tujia has owned more homestay listings in China, and relatively low prices, making it the first choice for tourism or business trips.

Compared with two other homestay platforms in China, I think the website design of Tujia is most in line with our usual usage habits.

Similar to an e-commerce website, Tujia lists all the filters related to homestays, which are simple and rude. If you check multiple options at the same time, you can return to more It's close to the homestay we need.

For the rooms booked at Tujia Homestay, some do not need to wait for the landlord’s confirmation to have a room, and some need to wait for the landlord’s confirmation. And for different homestays, there is also a residential deposit that needs to be paid. difference.

② Airbnb

Airbnb, formerly known as Airbnb, is a homestay booking platform abroad Based on the concept of sharing economy, it has also been loved by many people in China.

When searching for homestays, Airbnb provides a more detailed location filtering function, which can start from attractions, subways or business districts, etc. , To help users find the right homestay more easily.

In addition to filtering through the above methods, if you are familiar with the city you are going to, you can also directly use the map to find nearby homestays.

Airbnb provides the function of move the map to search again. When you move the location on the map with the mouse, it will search again and return to the vicinity New homestay.

Airbnb URL:


③ HostelWorld

HostelWorld is a foreign online hostel booking platform, mainly for individuals Tourism, economic tourism and youth tourism are most often used to find youth hostels.

Search for any city, and in the returned list, provide the location of the hostel, score, and independent room or bed The price.

Compared to chain hotels or boutique hotels, the biggest advantage of youth hostels is the price. Choosing a bed means sharing with others. If you are not sure which hostel to choose, you can Read more comments written by others.

People have mixed opinions about whether to live in a youth hostel, but for current students or those who have just graduated, saving money may be the only purpose .

Of course, in order to save money, when choosing to live in a youth hostel, you must pay more attention to your personal and financial safety.

HostelWorld URL:

https://www. chinese./

03. Attraction tickets

According to the ticket data of 233 5A-level scenic spots nationwide from China Southern Net, the statistical results show that the average 5A-level scenic spots The fare is 112 yuan.

The high ticket price has also become a hindrance for some people to travel. Therefore, here are some recommended channels for you to buy tickets. When actually buying tickets, you can Comparison of multiple platforms for reference.

① Buy tickets on the official website

Buy tickets for the convenience of tourists , Some tourist attractions have launched their own official websites, such as Hong Kong Disneyland and some 5A attractions in the Mainland.

Take Hong Kong Disneyland as an example. The official website provides three types of tickets, namely single-day tickets, 2-day tickets and annual tickets; for people of different ages, Pay different fares.

Because Disney is an international amusement park, most of the alternative payment methods for ticket payment are foreign credit cards, but it also provides Alipay as the payment method when you come in as you like.

After completing the ticket purchase, you can go to the attraction on any day before the ticket deadline.

② Third-party channels

In addition to official purchase channels, we can also choose some well-known third-party channels Ticket purchase channels.

Taobao, no matter what you do, don’t forget the omnipotent Taobao, especially the things that can be solved with money.

Search for the scenic spots you want to go, and you can find some tickets sold by company entities or individuals. Taobao is a guarantee. It is more reliable to buy tickets on it.

Click on some product links and you will be redirected to Ali's Fliggy Travel. Take Hong Kong Disneyland as an example, unlike the official website ticket The prices are relatively fixed, and the fares on third-party platforms fluctuate slightly. Some merchants have also posted fare schedules for a period of time in the future.

I chose the same adult ticket on the official website and Fliggy respectively, compared the prices of the two, and found that the official website is nearly 100 yuan higher than Fliggy. Therefore, friends who are price sensitive can choose to buy tickets here.

04. Strategy query

① Ma's nest

Relying on magical brainwashing advertisements, hornet's nest is known by more and more people.

Mafengwo provides travel guides for many cities at home and abroad. These guides are formed after the official organization of the graphic information provided by Mafengwo users.

Each guide provides two file formats, PDF and image for everyone to download.

In each guide, the content of the guide is organized according to the same structure, involving information such as attractions, accommodation, dining, entertainment, shopping, and route recommendations.

Honeycomb strategy website:


② Qiongyou

Different from Mafengwo, Qiongyou.com is more outbound travel The strategy can be seen from the popular cities recommended in the search box.

The travel guides on Qiongyou, called Qiongyou Tips, appear to be more formal. These tips are officially planned by Qiongyou and written after investigation by different contracted authors. The content is relatively comprehensive and can be downloaded and printed by users.

I downloaded a guidebook for poor travel in Kyoto. The total number of pages is 66, covering route recommendations, local transportation, and dining.Information such as accommodation and safety matters is not only rich in content, but the page layout is also beautiful.

Of course, this kind of large and comprehensive poor travel guide has some shortcomings. Because the editing was completed earlier, some of the information is no longer applicable.

When looking at the poor travel tips, you can use it with the travel notes and Q&A on the website, because the information in these two sections is updated more timely.

Quick Travel Tips URL:


05. Travel Tips

Although the journey is wonderful, before you set off, you must prepare some things to reduce unnecessary troubles on the journey. Here I have listed some items that you can prepare before you travel:

① Noise-cancelling headphones

When taking an airplane or moving car, sometimes I want to quietly listen to a piece of music or read a book, but due to various reasons, I will inevitably be disturbed by the surrounding environment.

Choose to bring a pair of noise-canceling headphones when you travel, which can greatly enhance the happiness on the journey.

② Travel wash cup

The travel wash cup is simply an artifact, and it must be strong.

As a person who is a bit hygienic, I always bring my own toothbrush and towel when I go out before, because I use a lot of towels as a toilet cleaning cloth. scared.

Before I knew about the existence of such an artifact as a wash cup, I used a fresh-keeping bag to store toothbrushes and towels, but the bag is easy to lose and cannot be recycled. Until I discovered this, I deeply felt that the wisdom of the working people was infinite.

③ Folding clothes hangers

According to my few hotel experiences, some hotels provide fewer clothes hangers. It is convenient to dry clothes, so the safest way is to bring a few hangers.

However, the traditional clothes hangers in the suitcase will occupy a larger space. Fortunately, this convenient and compact folding clothes hanger is a good solution. The trouble of drying clothes.

④ Kindle

Before traveling, your Kindle may have been eating ashes at home for a long time, why not take advantage of the vacation , Take it out to see the light, suitable for killing the long time in the car.

⑤ Internet on mobile phone

This is for friends who go to Hong Kong or overseas and other places to surf the Internet normally. Usually it may be to buy a local calling card, which can be purchased in advance on Taobao.

In addition, we can also recharge the Overseas Data Package through Alipay, so that you can go online without changing your card.

The App provides data recharge for multiple destinations. Some destinations may only have 3G networks. At this time, you can switch to other operators. I can find a 4G network.

⑥ Power Bank

Recently, shared power banks have been pushed to the forefront, but this time it’s not because of the project prospects. The problem is that because of its price, the power bank in some places has reached 8 yuan per hour.

Some scenic spots may take advantage of their own advantages to ask tourists who rent power banks for prices. After all, people are drifting in the rivers and lakes, how can they not be slaughtered?

However, in some scenic spots, you may not see the shadow of the shared power bank. When the mobile phone is completely out of power, that is the biggest sad reminder.

Therefore, I suggest that friends who travel can carry a portable and large-capacity power bank with them, which is convenient for themselves and keeps away from the dilemma of no electricity.

06. Write at the end

Some of the tools introduced in this article may not be very common. They are not as well-known as some domestic travel platforms, but they are all sorted out after I checked the relevant information, and there is no charge for the meal. .

There used to be a joke on the Internet, but it should still be popular now, to the effect that your monthly salary determines your travel destination: Go abroad with a monthly salary of 20,000 Travel, monthly salary of 10,000 domestic travel...The monthly salary is less than 1,000 waste oil.

To organize these tools, I hope that some young friends can take a one-time trip at a lower cost. Go out more, see the world, increase your experience, and maybe meet the right people.

After reading this article, I wish you all a happy holiday in advance.

What are the plans for the National Day holiday? Welcome to share with us in the message area.

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