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Ant Short-term Rental app is a reliable hotel booking software. At present, Ant Short-term Rental is a tourist accommodation choice for hundreds of millions of people. We have been looking forward to it. With the addition of the next user, and we provide users with a lot of cost-effective houses, users can view the photos of the room in the software, communicate with the host online and stay in peace, users in need quickly download and install it!

Ant short-term rental app software features

1. [High cost-effective] Ant short-term rental app has a more affordable price and enjoys a more comfortable house with a large indoor space. The price is reasonable. There are ultra-low-priced homestays and inns available for order every day;

2. [Health and safety] Sesame credit score, real name of the house tenant, and re-verification of commercial insurance on the service platform! Smart lock, the house is swept away without blind spots;

3. [B&B Inn] Single-family villas, old Shanghai houses, first-line sea view rooms, courtyards, hotel apartments, various types of units, more popular guest houses, well-known brand guest houses and inns are waiting for you to choose;

4. [Passion for service items] One-on-one online consulting service on Ant short-term rental app, welcome by the host passionately; show specific guidance on local transportation and travel, deep local cultural and artistic experience;

5. [Convenient and fast reimbursement of travel expenses] Apply for tax receipts online, saving costs, saving costs, convenient, fast and efficient.

Ant short-term rental app software highlights

1. A new choice for home travel

The best hotel accommodation for self-driving tours and self-guided tours, especially in tourist hotels suitable for multi-person travel groups such as family tours, girlfriend tours, group building, etc., is unimaginably cost-effective. 1 set of short-term rental room = 2 hotel rooms, 50% cheaper than the same hotel restaurant, spend half the money, live in a more comfortable room;

2. Time-saving and labor-saving ordering method

According to the special channel, the ant short-term rental app can easily select satisfactory villa areas, hotel apartments, homestays, homestays, courtyards, wooden villas, tree houses, motorhomes, outdoor tents, etc.;

3. Ants to ensure the safety of hotel accommodations

In order to ensure the safety of the property, the purchase price paid by the tenant online will be deposited by Ant Short Term Rental as a priority. After everything is moved in normally, Ant Short Term Rental will pay the owner on a daily basis.

A review of the short-term rental app editor

The Ant short-term rental app is a software app that is very suitable for short-term rentals. It is a necessary choice for vacation tourism transportation and short-term hotel accommodation. It is also a well-known short-term rental homestay ordering service platform in China; all There are millions of preferred high-quality B&B and inn properties in the world, which will accompany you to sleep all over the world. The ant short-term rental app is a mobile phone software that professionally presents short-term rental housing services to customers. There are not only various short-term rental houses, but also Many discounts and promotions are waiting for you to sign up. Whether you are going for a holiday or a business trip, you can come to Ant short-term rental to ensure that you are provided with satisfactory service items

Ant short-term rental app beginner's tutorial

How to rent a house

1. Search for the destination you want to go to, choose the room that suits you, and compare several more at the same time;

2. After registering and logging in, communicate with the landlord through the ant short-term rental online communication system to determine the room you want to live in;

3. Submit a reservation request and wait for the landlord to confirm;

4. After the landlord confirms, choose a suitable payment method to pay the deposit or other payments to the Ant Short-term Rental platform. If only part of the payment is paid, the balance will be delivered to the landlord on the day of check-in;

5. Give the landlord service and room evaluation after check-in and leave.

Process: Search for rooms-communicate with the landlord-submit request-landlord confirmation-payment-check-in evaluation

Update history

Version 7.0.0

[New feature] ios supports Apple account login

[Function optimization] Support filtering nearby houses and fixing known bugs

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