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Chinese ancient super project

Grand Canal The epitome of

(The ancient fiber road is located in the Shaoxing section of the East Zhejiang Canal)

It is still ecologically livable

Frontier cities

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Why Shaoxing

Perhaps in a word

It is actually

In the eyes of hundreds of millions of Chinese people

Rich fish and rice, rich in humanities, Jianhu Yuetai celebrity township


Millennium ancient city

Today's Shaoxing City

Located in the north-central part of Zhejiang Province

Including Yuecheng, Keqiao, Shangyu, Zhuji

Including Yuecheng, Keqiao, Shangyu, Zhuji


Heshengzhou and Xinchang 6 districts, counties (cities)

(2018 edition of "Shaoxing Urban District Administrative Map")

In ancient times

The Shaoxing area is the place where the Yuyue tribe lives.

The sixth emperor of the Xia Dynasty, Shaokang of the Shi Zai Xia Dynasty, gave the concubine to Kuaiji to defend Yu. Temple

Become Yu Yue Xianjun

Yue Guo was established

BCIn 492, Yue was defeated by Wu

Goujian entered Wu Weinu

Until 490 BC

Building Da Yue City after being released and returning to China

After twenty years of hard work

Annihilate the State of Wu in one fell swoop

Yue finally became the last overlord of the Spring and Autumn Period


Song Gaozong Zhao Gou changed his reign to Shaoxing

Following) Zuo (Guo Tong) Zhongxing" means

Renamed Yuezhou at that time to Shaoxing

From this Named

Zhedong Canal

is the earliest artificial canal built during the Spring and Autumn Period in China

The southern end of the Grand Canal in China

It is also one of the best canals still in use and preserved in China.

Zhedong Canal passes through the ancient city of Shaoxing

Enter the city from Yingenmen, pass the river bridge and exit from Dusimen

It is a golden waterway in the ancient city

There are ancient city overpass characters along the river Bridge

Guangning Bridge, the longest seven-folded stone arch bridge

There is also a fan with a moving story about Wang Xizhi Bridge

and other national key cultural relics protection units

Shaoxing retains so farmany

Bluestone paved roads, distinctive old streets and alleys

People shuttle between them, deep and quiet

Especially on both sides of Cangqiao Straight Street and West Street

There are many traditions Shops and restaurants

Full of Shaoxing style

There are also pen flying and Mahayana Lanes, Meiyuan Lanes and other alleys

all retain the style and features of traditional Shaoxing architecture

black tiles and white walls, Very simple and honest

Wandering in the old streets and alleys

Only in order to appreciate the real Shaoxing water city style

"Make money to go home and build a door" is a popular old saying in Shaoxing

In the old days, the people of Shaoxing made money outside, and they returned to their hometowns.

They would build gates in their hometowns.

"Shaoxing City There are 50,000 people in Taimen, and there are three thousand in Taimen"

It shows that the number of Taimen in Shaoxing is extraordinary

Shaoxing’s Taimen has also nurtured generations of celebrities

Mr. Lu Xun walked out of Taimen and became a generation of literary masters

Cai Yuanpei walked out of Taimen and became a leader in the academic world

Fan Wenlan from TaimenGoing out and becoming a famous historian

Chen Jiangong walked out of Taimen and became a famous mathematician

Xianheng Hotel, located at the east end of Dongchangfangkou in Shaoxing City

In the sentence

Take the word "Xianheng" as the name of the shop

It means that the hotel business is prosperous and everything is prosperous

Xianheng Hotel is famous all over the world because of Lu Xun’s novel Kong Yiji

At the time of Lu Xun’s 100th birthday in 1981, the old store was newly opened

Now it has become a famous Shaoxing store

Enter Xianheng , Order an fennel bean, a bowl of Tai Diao wine, a plate of stinky tofu

then eating is feelings

Experience is a leisurely time

Shen Garden

It was the private garden of a wealthy businessman surnamed Shen during the Southern Song Dynasty


Famous for the poignant love story of Lu You and his cousin Tang Wan

Lu You and Tang Wan’s two queer "Chai Tou Feng"

Recording a period of time

It has become an immortal landscape in Shenyuan

The awning boat is the spirit of the water village, and it is the scenery of the water village

Sit on the awning boat

A sip of tea and a sip of Shaoxing old wine

Chew a Shaoxing-specific fennel bean

Listen Na Jian used Shaoxing dialect to sing a long piece of "Lotus Falling"

It's really comfortable



Endeavour City

Shaoxing, a historic city with a population of more than 5 million

also has unique development potential

development Has never stopped

At the end of May this year

China Business News·New First-tier Cities Research Institute p>

The "2020 City Business Charm Ranking List" is officially released

Shaoxing has become a second-tier city!

As a big city Standard configuration

The first subway in Shaoxing will strive to open for trial operation this year

Currently, the construction of Shaoxing rail transit is in full swing


Construction of Metro Line 1 and Metro Line 2 Phase I has started

S1 Line of Municipal Railway (Hangshao Metro)

Line S1 will be completed and put into trial operation in 2020

The northern section of the main line of Metro Line 1 will open to traffic in early June 2022

The first phase of Metro Line 2 will open to traffic at the end of 2023. Initial operation

of which number 2 will be adopted Unmanned driving technology

With functions such as automatic wake-up, automatic operation and remote control

The maximum operating speed can reach per hour 100 kilometers

Yuedong Road, 329 National Road, 2nd Ring North Road, 2nd Ring West Road

Jiefang Avenue and North Extension, South Second Ring Road

Hangzhou Central Ring Road and Yuedong Road Elevated North Extension...

At present, there are as many as 8 elevated (express roads) under construction in the urban area of ​​Shaoxing.

Most of them are planned to open to traffic before the 2022 Asian Games

Busy and busy elevated

Continuous traffic

In the future, people in Shaoxing will also be able to take the elevated road at their doorstep

Shaoxing's external traffic also Extending in all directions

New Hangzhou-Shaoxing-Taiwan high-speed railway, Hangzhou-Shaoxing-Taiwan high-speed and other projects

Go hand in hand

Hang-Shaoxing-Taiwan Expressway from Shaoxing to Xinchang "first section"

opened to traffic on June 29

According to the Hangzhou-Shaoxing-Taiwan high-speed rail construction plan

This year, the whole line of tunnels will be completed.

The end of the year The box girder erection will be basically completed by the end of the year

The track laying will be completed in the first half of 2021, and the joint debugging and joint test will start in September.

December Complete preliminary acceptance, safety assessment and operation test

To be completed and opened to traffic by the end of 2021

Effects of the square in front of Shangyu South Railway Station

According to the plan p>

The second phase of the Hangzhou-Shaoxing-Taiwan Railway will also be extended to Dajiangdong Station

Xiaoshan Airport is connected to the planned Shanghai-Zhahang Railway after crossing the Qiantang River


With the help of the Asian Games Dongfeng

Several Asian Games in Shaoxing The venue is under construction

At the same time around the Asian Games venues

The future community of Shaoxing will also be built

Aerial view of the Asian Games baseball (soft) ball sports and cultural center

The renderings of the Asian Games Rock Climbing Center in Qixian have also been released

The project is located to the west of Shaoqi Highway and north of Qixian Middle School

Yangshan Stone Buddha Scenic Area

At that time, rock climbers from various Asian countries will compete here

Yangshan Rock Climbing Center renderings

6 this year Month

The National Science Life and Health Innovation Park project was signed to settle in Binhai New Area

A 1,000-mu park will be built in the future

A group of high-end biomedical companies will settle in the project

total investment of 10 billion yuan

This tens of billions project is just the beginning

Two industries in Shaoxing have been selected as the provincial-level "Ten Thousand Mu Hundred Billion" New Industry Platform

one is

High-end biomedical industry

Binhai New Area has gathered

Gally Pharmaceuticals, Deqi A large number of innovative drug companies such as Pharmaceuticals and Xinma Biology

Changhai Biological Industrial Park, Yuehai Biopharmaceuticals and other over 5 billion projects

The other is

Integrated Circuit Industry


With the domestic chip industry giant

SMIC officially put into production in Shaoxing

A number of major projects such as Changjiang Electronics Technology, Howe Technology, Tianyi Semiconductor

and many other major projects are coming.

is Shaoxing Building a high-level platform provides a solid foundation

This year, Shaoxing IC production value breakthrough 30 billion yuan

By 2025, the output value will increaseBreaking 100 billion yuan

Another major integrated circuit town in China is expected to rise in Shaoxing

Read "The Two Trade Classics"

Sing well the "Twin Cities Strategy"

Building a "Vitality City"

This thousand-year-old city

After vicissitudes of life

It is being upgraded step by step

Finally with her most beautiful posture

Showing in front of the world~

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