What are the most expensive chocolates in the world?

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Chocolate is a small food that most of us would like. Because of its high calorie content, it is easy to make people fat. Therefore, many people will put an end to chocolate. So what are the most expensive chocolates in the world? Which of the global chocolate brands have you eaten?

The most expensive chocolate

Chocolate is the most common on the occasion of Christmas, so it just so happens that Christmas this year is not far away, let’s do our homework first, Take a look at what are the most expensive chocolates in the world? There are also a list of some chocolate brands that you must understand, because it is very common to give chocolates at Christmas. If a friend gives you a box of chocolates, will you give it back? Or leave it after eating?

The most expensive chocolate

1. Le Chocolat Box, what reminds me of this chocolate is not its taste, but its circle of diamonds. Chocolate itself is a favorite of many girls, plus the diamond laying embellishment, the whole heart To be hung away, it is said that when buying this chocolate, you can choose a variety of jewelry, such as rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, etc. It comes from the forest lake boutique handmade chocolate shop and the price is 1.5 million US dollars. It can be said to be the most expensive chocolate in the world.

2. Frozen Haute chocolate, its price is 25,000 US dollars, this is a chocolate drink, mainly made from the most expensive and best cocoa from 14 countries, 1 carat diamonds, 5 grams of 23k gold , 18g gold bracelet, gold inlaid goblet plus edible gold leaf and gold spoon, this is simply the most luxurious drink in the world, none of them.

Chocolate Brand

3.Golden Speckled Eg, made by a dessert shop in London, with 12 edible small golden chocolate eggs on the outside, and still The most expensive chocolate egg in the world has been certified by Guinness World, remember that this is not a jewellery, the price is 11,107 US dollars.

4. Swarovski studded Chocolates is $10,000; 5. La Madeline au Truffe is $2,600; 6. Wispa Cold Wrapped Chocolate is $1,628; 7. Gold and Diamond Chocolates is $1,250; 8. Michel Cluizel Box of Assorted Treats price is 895 dollars; 9.Delafee Golden Truffle price is 504 dollars; 10.The Aficionado's Collection price is 275 dollars.

Which brands of chocolate are better?

1. Dove; 2. FERRERO; 3. HERSHEY'S; 4. Cadbury; 5. GODIVA; 6. Lindt; 7. SUCKERS; 8. M&M'S; 9. .meiji Meiji; 10.Nestle Nestle

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