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In just 57 seconds of the opening, Nudson’s right foul ball was thrown into the penalty area, Delaney flew after receiving the ball, and Matthias Jorgensen pushed the ball with his right foot at the back point. The goal post on the left side bounces into the goal, 0-1! This is also the fastest goal so far in this World Cup.

In the 4th minute, Rakitic made a cross from the right side of the penalty area. Dalško made a clearance and kicked Eriksson and bounced towards the goal, which happened to fall at Mandzukic’s feet. The latter turned around 4 meters in front of the goal and kicked the goal with his right foot, 1-1!

In the 12th minute, Croatia got an excellent free kick opportunity at the front of the penalty area, and Perisic's shot was blocked. In the 20th minute, Perisic made a pass from the left, and Mandzukic fell to the ground while competing for a header with Nudsen. The referee signaled that there was no foul.

In the 28th minute, Eriksson made a straight pass, and Blaisevert broke into the penalty area, and a shot from a small angle with his right foot was blocked by Subasiqi. In the 29th minute, Rakitic knocked back near the bottom line. After Perisic, who was unmarked in the middle, stopped the ball, his right foot burst 6 meters in front of the goal and shot above the crossbar.

In the 35th minute, Cornelius flew a header, and Eriksson volleyed with his left foot outside the penalty area. In the 39th minute, Modric's left free kick passed into the penalty area, no one in the middle could grab the first point, and the ball went slightly wide of the right post.

In the 42nd minute, Eriksson's left foot from the right side of the penalty area flew to the goal like a pass, and the ball bounced out of the door frame. In the 44th minute, Strinic made a pass from the left, Rakitic pushed his left foot in the middle of the penalty area, and Schmeichel saved the ball. At the end of halftime, Croatia temporarily tied Denmark 1-1.

In the 56th minute, Paulson broke through from the right and made a pass. The Croatian defender fell to the ground and did not play far. Brethwaite took the first step to steal the ball and made a horizontal trip in the penalty area. The right-footed shot missed the goal. In the 65th minute, Modric knocked back and Rebic volleyed vigorously in front of the penalty area. The ball hit the defender and flew towards the goal. Schmeichel blocked the ball.

In the 72nd minute, Paulson broke into the penalty area and crossed from the right. Nikola Jorgensen turned around and volleyed, and Subasiqi won the ball steadily. In the 74th minute, Eriksson missed a long shot from the front of the penalty area.

In the 77th minute, Matthias Jorgensen did not play far in the penalty area, and Modric shot wide with his right foot outside the penalty area. In the 78th minute, Rebic dribbled the ball forward in the middle, and Schmeichel saved a long shot with his right foot outside the penalty area.

In the 84th minute, Pivarić made a pass from the left, and Perisic nodded in front of the goal, slightly higher than the crossbar. In the 87th minute, Shu En missed a long shot. In stoppage time, Pivalic crossed from the left, and Rakitic shot slightly wide from outside the penalty area. At the last moment, Denmark got a corner kick. In the melee, Blaiswaite missed a long shot. After the regular time battle, Croatia temporarily drew Denmark 1-1, and the game entered overtime.

After the overtime started, in the 99th minute, after a spike from the front of the penalty area, Shuen missed a long shot with his left foot. In the 103rd minute, Modric made a long pass. Rebic caught the ball from the left and went into the penalty area. Schmeichel made a pass near the bottom line and was out of the crossbar. At the end of the first half of overtime, Croatia is still 1-1 Denmark. After the start of the second half of overtime, in the 108th minute, Sisto made a long shot from the left side of the penalty area, slightly wide. In the 113th minute, Nudson threw the ball into the penalty area with a strong right hand. After the midway ferry, the unmarked Nicolas Jorgensen stopped the ball in the chest and shot wide with his right foot.

In the 114th minute, Modric made an accurate pass. Rebic went to the meeting solo. He crossed the goalkeeper and went straight to the goal. Matthias Jorgensen had to put him down and the referee gave a penalty. The ball, Modric fought the penalty, but his right foot shot was magically saved by Schmeichel! In the 118th minute, Modric missed a long shot from the front of the penalty area. In the 119th minute, KlamathRidge shot from outside the penalty area and missed the goal. In the end, the two teams can only enter the cruelest penalty shootout.

The penalty kick began, and the Danish team took the lead. In the first round, Eriksson’s shot was saved by Subazic! Budley's shot was also saved by Schmeichel! 1-1! In the second round, Kayar made a steady penalty, and Klamarić also made a free throw, 2-2! In the third round, Krondelli posted the ball and made a penalty. Modric overcame the demons and made a penalty, 3-3! In the fourth round, Schon’s shot was saved by Subasić, and Pivaric’s shot was also saved by Schmeichel, 3-3! In the fifth round, Nikola Jorgensen’s shot was saved by Subasić and Rakitic made a free throw! 4-3! In the end, Croatia eliminated Denmark 4-3 on a penalty kick, and the 1/8 finals will face host Russia.

The lineup of the two teams:

Croatia (4-2-3-1): 23-Subbasic/2-Fosalico, 6-Lovren, 21-Vida, 3-Strinic (81'22- Pivalic) / 7-Rakitic, 11-Brozovic (71'8-Kovacic) / 18-Rebic, 10-Modric, 4-Perisic (97' 9-Kramarić) / 17-Mandzukic (108'19-Badley)

Denmark (4-3-3): 1-Schmeichel/5-Nudsen, 13 -Matthias Jorgensen, 4-Kyar, 14-Dalsco/6-Christensen (46'19-Schon), 8-Draenei (98'2-Crondelli ), 10-Eriksson/20-Paulson, 21-Cornelius (66'9-Nikola Jorgensen), 11-Breithwaite (105'23-Sisto)

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