The folk Niu San has been repeatedly verifying: keep in mind the six tricks to catch the main rise, and the market outlook will be soaring! _ Quotes

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Topic:The stock selection formula for the main Shenglang indicator

For an experienced operator, read the trend rhythm, long and short strength, and even the signs before the main rise from the K-line pattern. The following three patterns explain the characteristics of the main rising wave before the rise.

The first form can be likened to a plane taxiing and taking off. The stock price slowly rises for more than 8 consecutive trading days. Most of the above trading days receive a small positive, and the middle of a negative trading day does not exceed a quarter. This is the main force that slowly absorbs goods and pushes up the stock price to accumulate energy for the main Shenglang.

The second form can be likened to a run-up and take-off. Due to the rush of time, the main force first pulls up and absorbs goods slightly, then conducts a brief suppression and washing, and then starts the main rise.

The third form can be likened to stepping on the spring, the main force continuously suppresses the picks, the final drop is quickly washed, and then it is quickly pulled up, leaving the main cost zone, forming the main rising wave.

Case study

Case 1: Dalian Electric Porcelain in the first half of 2011

Case 2: Dayuan shares in the first half of 2011

How to seize the strongest "Master Shenglang" Six Tips to Remember

1. The birth of the main Shenglang has a time rule

In the early stage of the bull market, it is unlikely that there will be a main rise. When the market improves, it should be the stage of a rebound of many stocks and the initial opening of the main force. At this time, there is no main rise. Of course, I am referring to the bull market, not the kind of rebound in the broader market. 3. There are many forms of this breakthrough. Some are unobtrusively gentle and heavy volume. After passing the previous high point, this shows that the main force has been controlled; some are heavy volume and big yang in one fell swoop, with a sudden daily limit. Way to pass; wait.

2. The birth of the main Shenglang has a regular timeline

In the early stage of the bull market, it is unlikely that there will be a main rise. When the market improves, it should be the stage of a rebound of many stocks and the initial opening of the main force. At this time, there is no main rise. Of course, I am referring to the bull market, not the kind of rebound in the broader market.

3. MACD indicator has obvious strong characteristics

In the main rising wave market, the MACD indicator has obvious strong characteristics. The DIFF line is always above the DEA. The two lines often rise in a similar parallel state. Even if the market undergoes a strong adjustment, DIFF will not effectively penetrate the DEA. Indicator line. At the same time, the red bar of the MACD indicator is also in an increasing situation. At this time, it can be confirmed that the main Shenglang market is rapidly starting.

Fourth, the random indicator KDJ repeated high passivation

In a balanced market or downtrend, as long as the stochastic indicator enters the overbought zone, it needs to be prepared to sell. Once high passivation occurs, it should be resolutely cleared and shipped. However, in the main Shenglang market, the application principle of the stochastic indicator is just the opposite. When the stochastic indicator is repeatedly high and passivated, investors can firmly hold the stock and maximize the profit of the main Shenglang. When the stochastic indicator falls into the oversold zone, investors should be wary of the end of the main uptrend market.

5. Long-short index indicators show golden cross characteristics

When the main rising wave market started, the long-short index BBI indicator showed the characteristics of golden cross. BBI will break through the EBBI indicator from bottom to top. JudgeThe criterion for the effectiveness of the break-up wear depends on whether the BBI is pulled up forcefully from a position much lower than the EBBI, or whether the BBI is gradually higher and is occasionally higher than the EBBI during the bonding process with the EBBI, if the latter is not effective. It should be pointed out that the calculation method of EBBI is the same as that of BBI, but the parameters should be set to 6, 18, 54 and 162 days respectively.

Sixth, the emergence of the main rising wave of a stock must be born after the stock has gone out of the accumulation and washed the two rhythms and stages.

This is very important, find out the stage and location of its birth. Almost all those who fail have mistakenly called the rebound of a stock as the main Shenglang. This is not only to mislead their thinking about the trading point, but also to be easily damaged in operation. To put it simply, downtrend stocks cannot have a main rising wave.

Effort is a good medicine to solve all problems

But efforts not in the right direction are futile.

The speculative trading market changes every day. The only constant is change. Because of change, it is impermanent. Because of impermanence, it is random. Because of randomness, many traders feel that they are often at a loss. I thought it was the most perfect prediction.

In the eyes of many traders, simple markets have only simple rises and simple declines. Both the rise and fall are full of opportunities. I hope that multiple orders enter the market to seize every rise, and I hope to be at the highest point. Backhand shorting does not waste every drop. The dream is as big as the price difference and profit are.

However, it turns out that almost all traders died of this beautiful dream.

It’s not fake. No matter how complicated the analysis theory is, it’s just to analyze the two simplest directions of the market. No matter how much you can quote, you should put it on long or short. However, this kind of simplicity Often it is not that we think that we are either going up or down, let alone thinking that we should go up if we have fallen enough, or that we should go down if we have gone up enough.

Often you only focus on the simple market, but ignore the complex people’s minds. The market should be very complicated but we think it is very simple. The psychology should be very simple, but we think it is very complicated. Is it the market or the people's heart that is complicated?

Because market participants are irrational, it is not surprising how extreme and unexpected the market trend is. There is a big contradiction here. The end of rationality is irrational, and the end of irrationality is rational. Psychology does have a self-repair function. After a night’s rest, traders who are impulsive may immediately regain their rationality the next day and stop doing impulsive transactions. However, no one can define this degree of tolerance and stand in the entire market. From a perspective, what is a rational market? What is an irrational market?

Stocks, please take care of your hands

What is a rational market? What is an irrational market?

Since it’s not clear, why should we say with certainty that the market has fallen enough or the market has risen enough? Think about it, is this the reason for opening a lot of your trades? Greedy and fear of heights All traders can't get around the stalk.

Indeed, the market has two very simple directions. There are long and short opportunities in the market every day, but there is a very important premise. Only if you can see and can do it is an opportunity.

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