A list of the most popular technology leading stocks in A shares! Heavy foreign investment, low valuation (collection)

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Topic:Low valuation and high growth leading stocks

Accurate market analysis:

In terms of sectors, individual stocks in the two cities have mixed reds and greens but most of them have risen and fallen; reappearing the old routines have lost their popularity, and the early trading is affected by the weekend’s favorable brokerages. Afterwards, driven by wireless headsets and semiconductors, local themes rebounded but the differentiation intensified.

Looking at the Shanghai Stock Exchange 50 Index, the half-year line of the bayonet line was blocked, indicating the lack of confidence in the upward selling pressure. When will this index stabilize and rebound strongly and stand firmly at the half-year line, which determines the rebound of the major indices Intensity is the vane of the major indexes in the market, breaking the half-year line and finding the bottom repeatedly.

Looking at the ChiNext index, the 60-line index will follow the decline of the main board index when the 60-line break is technically broken, and the rebound strength of the market-themed stocks is the key to activating market sentiment. , 60-line repeated dripping eaves K-line combination shows signs of stabilization and breakthrough.

According to the Shanghai stock index, the 5 antenna once again fell below the important annual line support level when opening high and low walking. The K-line combination looks at the dripping and overcast combination. Technically, the annual line will be repeatedly ravaged by opening and closing shocks. It is only expected to change the market, but the trend last year will face a long-short battle and then rebound greatly.

Looking at a small 60-minute cycle, last week, after the yin fell back down and cut the meat with a blunt knife, it stabilized at 2850, and today opened higher and lowered slowly fell back again. In the small cycle, see tomorrow to complete the squat. The formation of double needle bottoming is expected to form a strong rebound, but the volume is weak and needs to be supplemented.

Looking at the trend, the general trend is to maintain the 2733 stability maintenance policy. The opening and closing of the cabinet under the supervision of the range of 2800~3050 will stabilize the index and issue large quantities of new shares. The short-term trend looks to There is limited space to rebound after stepping back on 2800~2850~2875.

From the operation point of view, today’s high-opening prompts do not chase the bottom and cover the buy. Under the weak market, the chase is basically a set. Continue according to the analysis of the previous two weeks, and it is only necessary to do a small operation locally.

10 popular leading technology stocks (list)

1. ZTE Corporation is one of the world's leading listed companies in the comprehensive communications manufacturing industry and one of the global communications solution providers. The profit was 4.128 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 156.86%.

Second, Inspur Software is a company mainly engaged in software and hardware technology development, production, sales, consulting services, and personnel A large company engaged in training, network engineering and installation, etc., has a net asset of 7.26 yuan per share.

Third, China Software is a company engaged in application software production and Enterprises that provide related services. Mainly engaged in application software and software outsourcing business. Application software and service businesses mainly include system integration in taxation, railway communications, logistics and other industries, as well as software product consignment sales, in railway special communication systems and railway power and environmental monitoring systems In terms of products, the company's products have a relatively high market share. In addition to the above industries, the company also undertakes industry information projects such as tobacco, electricity, water conservancy, sanitation, and intelligent transportation.

Fourth, Sino-Singapore Sec, whose main business is network visualization infrastructure, network content security and other products R&D, production and sales, as well as technical services such as installation, commissioning and training of related products.

Fifth, Zhongshi Technology is an overall solution service provider dedicated to improving the reliability of intelligent electronic equipment. Independent research and development and production of electromagnetic compatibility, shielding and thermal conductivity products, to solve the reliability of intelligent electronic equipment in the complex and harsh electromagnetic interference environment and heating operation environment, to provide customers with environmental evaluation failure performance and personalized countermeasures and comprehensive solutions.

Sixth, Xinyisheng is a high-tech enterprise focusing on transmission and access technology in the field of optical communications, specializing in the development and manufacturing of optical modules. The optical module is the basic component of optical communication equipment and an important part of the optical communication system.

Seven, Accelink Technology, is an optical communication device supplier, the company is mainly engaged in the field of optical communication The development and manufacturing of optoelectronic devices, and the ability to systematically and strategically research and develop optoelectronic devices.

8. Sugon, the company’s main business is research, development, and production of high-performance computers, general-purpose Server and storage products, and high-tech enterprises that provide software development, system integration and technical services around high-end computers. The main products are high-end computers, storage products, software development, system integration, and technical services.

Nine, Raycus Laser, specializing in fiber lasers and Research and development, production and sales of key devices and materials. The company's main products are pulsed fiber lasers and continuous fiber lasers.

X. UFIDA, the company’s main business is software and Service business, corporate Internet services, Internet financial services, etc. Its main services are cloud service business, software business, and financial service business.

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