Caijing Morning Post: Trillions of foreign investors increase their holdings in China’s bond market, and insurance capital raised 21 times during the year to hit a five-year high

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  【 Market News】

   A shares: The two markets opened flat on Monday, and the agricultural planting and semiconductor concepts both strengthened in the early trading, and the support index rebounded from a low level. In the intraday, the concept of the whole car and the lithium battery changed, which drove the Shanghai Composite Index to an all-day high. On the disk, aerospace, coal mining, and glass ceramics led the gains. The Shanghai Composite Index reported 3420.57 points, an increase of 25.67 points, or 0.76%, the Shenzhen Component Index reported 14134.85 points, an increase of 280.73 points, an increase of 2.03%; the Growth Enterprise Market Index reported 2,882.44 points, an increase of 101.71 points, an increase of 3.66%. On the basis of the daily quota balance, the net inflow of funds from Beijing to the closing of A shares exceeded 7.8 billion yuan, of which the net inflow of Shanghai Stock Connect was 2.7 billion and that of Shenzhen Stock Connect was 5.15 billion.

   U.S. stocks: The three major indexes of U.S. stocks have diverged. According to Wind data, as of the close, the Dow rose 0.12% to 30216.45 points; the Nasdaq fell 0.10% to 12742.52 points; the S&P 500 index fell 0.39% to 3,694.92 points.

   Chinese concept stocks: US stocks closed on Monday. Popular Chinese concept stocks were mixed. MINISO rose more than 16%, Bilibili rose 4.58%, and Qu Toutiao fell 10%. GSX fell 6.51%, and Dada Group fell 3.81%.

   European stocks: European stocks closed sharply lower on Monday (December 21). Investors are paying close attention to the emergence of new and more infectious mutant strains in the UK. This virus has caused Most areas of the UK are blocked. The pan-European Stoxx 600 index closed down 9.21 points, or 2.33%, to 386.69 points. Bank stocks led the decline, a 3.6% decline; the German DAX30 index closed down 384.21 points, or 2.82%, to 13246.30 points; the British FTSE 100 index closed 112.86 points, or 1.73%, to 6416.32 points; the French CAC40 index closed down 134.50 points. The European Stoxx 50 index closed down 98.29 points, or 2.77%, to 3,447.45 points.

   【Key News Inventory】

   Central Bank: Improve the money supply control mechanism and increase financial support for key areas and weak links

   The central bank will focus on the following tasks next year: First, a prudent monetary policy is flexible, precise, reasonable and appropriate. It is necessary to improve the money supply control mechanism, keep the macro leverage ratio basically stable, and handle the relationship between economic recovery and risk prevention. Continue to deepen the reform of interest rate and exchange rate marketization, guide market interest rates to operate around the central bank's policy interest rate center, and maintain the basic stability of the RMB exchange rate at a reasonable and equilibrium level.

   Comments: Consolidate and expand the results of the battle to prevent and resolve major financial risks, improve financial risk prevention, early warning, disposal, and accountability systems, and consolidate the risk disposal responsibilities of small and medium-sized banks. Accelerate the improvement of the macro-prudential policy framework. Support the development of financial technology in accordance with the law, resolutely oppose monopoly and unfair competition, and prevent the disorderly expansion of capital.

   Increase inventory! 903.9 billion yuan! The bond market is opening up, Dongfengjin, and trillions of foreign capital holdings are busy

   In the first 11 months of 2020, foreign institutions expressed their confidence in China’s bond market with real money. At this rate, the annual net increase of foreign capital in the trillions of dollars is almost a foregone conclusion. Time whizzes. China’s bond market with a scale of more than US$17 trillion is already the world’s second largest bond marketfield. In 2020, which is about to pass, this market has stepped on the "throttle" of opening up and embraced global investors with an open mind.

   Comments: Since September this year, multiple positives have come to the fore: inter-bank bond market and exchange bond market infrastructure interconnection, trial operation of direct trading services for foreign investors, A number of measures such as extending the trading hours for spot bond trading have gradually come into effect.

  Insurance capital raised 21 placards during the year to hit a five-year high, intensively increasing financial and real estate stocks

   As of December 21, insurance capital has raised a total of 21 placards this year, surpassing the number of placards raised from 2016 to 2019. Among the targets of insurance capital raising this year, companies in industries such as finance, real estate, public utilities, and computer software have become the focus. Among them, financial and real estate companies are the top priority of insurance fund raising placards. Seven times during the year, insurance fund raising placards were financial companies and 4 real estate companies.

   Comment: Insurance companies generally have heavy positions and continue to increase positions in banks, real estate and other sectors. There are three main reasons: first, low valuations and strong profitability, especially in related industries The second is the high dividend ratio, and the dividend rate is better than the bond; the third is the strong profitability, and the return on assets has a high matching degree with the price-to-book ratio, which is suitable for long-term holding of equity investment.

   CDC: China has not found imported mutated new coronavirus and will continue to pay great attention

   The virus mutation that has just been announced has a very fast spreading rate, which undoubtedly caused some panic in the people's mind. As far as I know, nearly 30 countries and regions around the world have stopped air routes with the United Kingdom. The latest news is that the EU is negotiating urgently, and the French government has stated that it will issue an agreement to resume traffic with the UK as soon as possible.

   Comment: At present, my country has not found the import of mutant new coronaviruses. On the one hand, we must pay close attention to the spread of the mutant virus in the United Kingdom, Europe, and even the world; on the other hand, we must Take a closer look at the current prevention and control measures.

   2020 IPO fundraising exploded and hit a 10-year high: CITIC Construction Investment won the industry's first place in fundraising

   As of December 21, 372 companies have raised a total of 451.3 billion yuan through IPOs, the highest amount of funds raised since 2010. 11 trillion! The scale of stock and debt financing underwritten by securities companies in 2020 has increased by nearly 25% year-on-year. In early December, the chairman of the China Securities Regulatory Commission, Yi Huiman, published a signed article stating that as of the end of September 2020, the stock of direct financing reached 79.8 trillion yuan, accounting for about 29% of the stock of social financing. During the 13th Five-Year Plan period alone, new direct financing was 38.9 trillion yuan, accounting for 32% of the increase in social financing over the same period.

   Comments: The new crown pneumonia epidemic has affected the global economy, but the IPO markets everywhere are still full of resilience and continue to grow. In particular, the Chinese mainland and Hong Kong markets have performed strongly in terms of total IPO numbers and fund-raising. Under the new normal, companies have seized the opportunity to go public to expand their capital base and inject new momentum for future development in response to the highly uncertain market prospects that still exist next year.

  The severe outbreak in the UK brought the European stock market crashed: global market volatility increased. Gold, silver and crude oil were all spared

   The epidemic has accelerated due to the mutation of the new crown virus in the UK. As of the 21st, at least 26 countries have adopted different levels of blockade measures against the UK. Many European countries have imposed travel restrictions on the United Kingdom, and the European Union even cut off the Strait of Dover transportation. This move will severely set back the trade in goods between Britain and Europe. Affected by this, global market volatility has intensified, and European and American stock markets, gold and silver, and oil prices have all fallen.

   Comment: For fear of the spread of the mutant new coronavirus, more than 40 countries and regions in the world have issued travel bans in the UK. These countries include Belgium, Canada, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Romania, Spain, Russia, Switzerland and India. Some bans have already taken effect, and some bans will begin on the 22nd.

   Funds compete for the championship and enter the sprint period, with a return rate of up to 153%

   There are only 8 trading days left in 2020, and the much-watched public fund annual performance champion is competing for the final sprint. The stunning performance of new energy vehicles, photovoltaics and other sectors on Monday added variables to the performance ranking war. A reporter from the Securities Times found that the highest return rate of the fund during the year exceeded 150%, and this rate of return hit a new high for the year since 2016.

   Comment: Since December, the market has been volatile. Various themes such as procyclicality, photovoltaics, and new energy vehicles have risen in turn. Fund performance has fluctuated greatly, and many funds have come from behind. As of December 21, there have been 39 active equity funds with a return rate of over 100% this year, which is a significant increase from the 24 on Friday. The number of funds that doubled their performance in early December is still less than 10.

   [Topic Company]

   It is said that Apple plans to realize automobile production in 2024, focusing on "new generation" battery technology

   reported that Apple (the company is promoting the development of self-driving car technology and plans to produce a passenger car that may include its breakthrough battery technology in 2024. According to a third-party person familiar with Apple’s battery design, Apple The core of the strategy is a new battery design, which can "completely" reduce battery costs and increase vehicle mileage.

   Qiangping is here: the fourth shareholder of Rendong Holdings has a high probability of changing hands. Chongzuo Zhongshuo does not have insider trading

   On the evening of the 21st, Rendong Holdings disclosed a simplified equity change report. Rendong (Tianjin) Technology Co., Ltd. (Tianjin Rendong) and its concerted person Beijing Rendong Information Technology Co., Ltd. (Rendong Information) The business of the securities company triggered the agreement on the mandatory liquidation clause, and the creditor took the mandatory liquidation measures to repay the liabilities, which led to a passive reduction of 1.72% of the company’s shares held by Tianjin Rendong and Rendong Information without subjective willingness. Among them, Tianjin Rendong passively reduced its holdings of 4.0636 million shares, with a shareholding ratio of less than 5%.

   SMIC's internal and external troubles: advanced technology is hindered, and personnel affairs change to get out of trouble

   SMIC stated that the company was concerned that the U.S. Department of Commerce included SMIC and some of its subsidiaries and shareholding companies as “entities” on the grounds of protecting the national security and diplomatic interests of the United States. List". However, SMIC stated that after the company's preliminary assessment, the matter has no significant adverse impact on the company's short-term operations and financial conditions, and has a significant adverse impact on the R&D and capacity construction of advanced processes of 10nm and below. The company will continue to be related to the U.S. government. The department communicates, and takes all feasible measures according to the situation, actively seeks solutions, and strives to minimize the adverse effects.

   【Industry Hotspot】

   follow the trend and lay out "carbon neutral" and "new energy"? First understand the white paper "China's Energy Development in the New Era"

   "driving without a license" for deposits, some banks are in debt dilemma

   Fluorine refrigerant prices continue to rise, the profits of related companies are expected to increase

   [Organization Strategy]

   While the market sentiment is heating up, I am afraid that bad factors will suddenly appear. Yesterday, I felt a little bit over the sentiment of long-selling stocks. Many stocks rose too much. I was afraid that as soon as many people chase higher, the market will adjust again, which is more passive. In addition, the overseas new crown epidemic has a trend of worsening recently. This is a problem that I personally worry about. Although our domestic control is very good, if the world cannot control it well, it will be difficult for the global economy to recover.

   【IPO subscription】

   New stock reminder: China Ceramics Electronics, Martian, Aopu Te, Xidamen purchase today

   Today, China Porcelain Electronics, Martian, Opto, and West Gate are available for purchase. China Porcelain Electronics' subscription code is 003031, and the subscription price is RMB 15.27. The single account purchase limit is 10,500 shares. The Martian subscription code is 300894, the subscription price is 14.07 yuan,The upper limit of subscription for a single account is 0.75 million shares. Optotech's subscription code is 787686, the subscription price is 78.49 yuan, and the single account subscription limit is 0.5 million shares. The purchase code of West Gate is 707155, and the purchase price is 21.17 yuan.

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   [Industry Opportunity]

   Announcement Express

   Trading suspension

  601777 *ST Lifan

  2 600248 Yanchang Chemical Construction

  3 300065 Hyland letter



   Announcement Express

  【Hot Spots】

   Rendong Holdings: After self-examination, Chongzuo Zhongshuo has no short-term trading and other illegal activities

   Rendong Holdings (002647) replied to the Shenzhen Stock Exchange on the evening of December 21: According to the company’s self-examination and relevant laws and regulations, Chongzuo Zhongshuo is a partnership established by employees (including directors and executives) of listed companies To hold shares in listed companies, legally and compliant, without disclosure. After self-examination of the specific circumstances of Chongzuo Zhongshuo's trading of Rendong Holdings since its establishment, there are no short-term trading, insider trading, stock trading during the periodical report disclosure window and other violations of laws and regulations.

   Dahua shares: planning the spin-off and listing of its holding subsidiary Huachuang Video

   Dahua Co., Ltd. (002236) announced on the evening of December 21 that in accordance with the company’s strategic development layout, combined with the business development needs of its holding subsidiary Huachuang Video, further promote the growth of Huachuang’s video business. The preparatory work for dismantling Huachuang Video to be listed on the domestic stock exchange.

   Luxshare Precision: The 337 investigation will not have a substantial impact on the company’s current production and operations

   Luxshare Precision (002475) announced on the evening of December 21 that Amphenol Group filed an investigation application with the U.S. International Trade Commission in accordance with Section 337 of the "U.S. Tariff Act of 1930" on December 18, 2020. After the company's internal verification, the company currently has 5 US patents involved in this 337 investigation, involving conductive plastic technology and terminal horizontal injection molding technology, which are independently developed and designed by the company and applied to high-speed external IO connector products. According to preliminary judgment, the Section 337 investigation will not have a substantial impact on the company’s current production and operations. Continue to repurchase corporate bonds with its own funds

   Suning Tesco (002024) announced on the evening of December 21 that the company used its own funds to issue “18 Suning 01, 18 Suning 02, 18 Suning 03, 18 Suning 04, 18 Suning 05, 18 Suning 06, 18 Suning 07" repurchased, and the total bond repurchase funds were 2 billion yuan.

  11 Connected Board Dahao Technology: The company does not violate the fair disclosure of information

   Dahao Technology (603025) has a daily limit for 11 consecutive trading days. The company announced on the evening of December 21. After verification, the company did not violate the fair disclosure of information. According to relevant regulations, if there is an obvious abnormality in the stock trading before the suspension of the company's major asset restructuring, there may be a risk of suspected insider trading being filed for investigation, leading to the suspension or termination of the major asset restructuring.

   Jinke Culture: Chairman Wang Jian was investigated for suspected stock insider trading

   Jinke Culture (300459) announced on the evening of December 21 that the company received a letter from Chairman Wang Jian today that it was informed that it was suspected of insider trading for reducing its holdings of company stocks from November 2019 to March 2020 and was filed for investigation .

  *ST Gangtai: The stock is suspended and there is a risk that it may be terminated from listing

  *ST Gangtai (600687) announced on the evening of December 21 that the closing price of the company’s stock has been lower than the par value of the stock (ie 1 yuan) for 20 consecutive trading days. According to relevant regulations, the company’s stock will be opened on December 22 Trading will be suspended from the market, and the stocks of the company will be surrenderedA decision on whether to terminate the listing of the company’s shares shall be made within 15 trading days after the starting date of the ticket suspension. There is a risk that the company's stock may be terminated from listing.

   6 days 5 board Dongfeng Motor: P/B ratio is significantly higher than the industry average level, there is greater valuation risk

   Dongfeng Motor (600006) has a daily limit for three consecutive days, and recorded 5 daily limits in the past 6 trading days. The company announced on the evening of December 21. According to data from the Wind system, as of December 21, the company’s price-to-book ratio 2.52 times, the average value of Shenwan truck industry is 1.80 times. The company's price-to-book ratio is significantly higher than the industry average, and there is a greater risk of valuation. The company especially reminds investors to invest rationally and pay attention to investment risks.

   Yuneng Holding: The installed photovoltaic power generation capacity that has been put into operation has little impact on the company’s revenue and profit

  Yuneng Holdings (001896) announced on the evening of the 21st that the stock price has changed, saying that the company found that some public media recently classified the company’s stock in the photovoltaic sector. At present, the company’s main business is still thermal power generation, and photovoltaic power generation has been completed and put into operation. The installed capacity of power generation is 7 million kilowatts, and the installed capacity of photovoltaic power generation under construction is 0.16 million kilowatts. The installed photovoltaic power generation capacity that has been put into operation accounts for 0.11% of the company’s total installed capacity of thermal power and photovoltaic power generation, which has a greater impact on the company’s operating revenue and profit. small.

   Tianqi Lithium: The controlling shareholder intends to provide the company with an additional unsecured shareholder loan of no more than 117 million U.S. dollars

   Tianqi Lithium Industry (002466) announced on the evening of December 21 that in order to further support the company’s steady development, meet the company’s liquidity requirements and the prerequisites for capital increase and share expansion, the company’s controlling shareholder Tianqi Group intends to increase the amount of money it provides to the company. Unsecured shareholder loans exceeding US$117 million or the equivalent amount, with a loan term of no more than 5 years (recyclable during the loan term), and an annual interest rate of no higher than 5%.

  【M&A and restructuring】

   Shangchai shares: planning a major asset reorganization, stock suspension trading

   Shangchai Co., Ltd. (600841) announced on the evening of December 21 that the company is planning major asset reorganization related matters: the company intends to purchase 50% of the shares held by SAIC Group through the issuance of shares, and through the issuance of shares and payment of cash Purchased 100% of the shares of Shanghai Yihong held by SAIC, Chongqing Electromechanical and Shanghai Yitou; purchased 10% of the shares of Shanghai Yihong held by Chongqing Electromechanical by issuing shares, and at the same time, raised matching funds. Trading of the company's shares will be suspended on December 21.

   Daye shares: plans to acquire equity in many companies including Shengtong Steel Cord for 1.7 billion yuan

   Daye Shares (603278) announced that the company intends to acquire Shandong Shengtong Steel Cord Co., Ltd., Shandong Shengtong Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Shandong Shengtong Import and Export Co., Ltd., Dongying Huitong International Trade Co., Ltd. and other targets in cash The company is 100% equity, and the total investment price is initially determined to be 1.7 billion yuan. After the completion of the transaction, Shengtong Steel Cord will become a wholly-owned subsidiary of the company. The company's combined steel cord annual production capacity will exceed 400,000 tons, becoming the first-line manufacturer of steel cord in China. In addition, Shengtong Steel Cord's bead wire will be With a production capacity of 50,000 tons, this transaction will consolidate the company's leading position in China's bead wire industry.

   Haoneng shares: subsidiary plans to acquire Qingzhu Machinery for 72.18 million yuan

   Haoneng Co., Ltd. (603809) announced on the evening of December 21 that Chongqing Haoneng, the company's holding subsidiary, planned to acquire 100% of Chongqing Qingzhu Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. for 72.18 million yuan. The target company’s main business is the production and sale of gear rings, gear sleeves, coupling teeth and other auto parts blanks. It is the company’s largest blank supplier, accounting for 23% of the company’s total external purchases in 2019. This transaction will speed up the company's layout in the upstream industrial chain, which will help the company shorten the delivery cycle, reduce procurement costs, and strengthen the control of the main source of raw materials.

   Gaomeng New Materials: intends to acquire the equity of New Blue Sky New Materials

   Gaomeng New Materials (300200) announced on the evening of December 21 that it was planning to issue shares and pay cash to purchase assets. The company began to suspend trading since the opening of the market on December 21. The target company is Hubei New Lantian New Materials Co., Ltd.; its business scope is the production and sales of organic silicon chemical products. The transferee intends to acquire a 51% stake in the target company held by the transferor.


  Lingda shares: the proposed increase of capital will not exceed 1.2 billion yuan, and the actual controller will participate in the subscription

  Lingda shares (300125) announced on the evening of December 21 that the company intends to privately issue shares to no more than 35 specific investment targetsNo more than 1.2 billion yuan will be raised for Jinzhai Jiayue New Energy Phase II 5.0GW high-efficiency cell (TOPCon) project and to supplement working capital. The company's actual controller Wang Zhengyu or its controlled entities will subscribe no less than 22.02% of the total number of shares issued this time (and after the completion of this issuance, the number of shares actually controlled by Wang Zhengyu will not exceed 27% of the company's total share capital).

   [Increase or decrease holdings]

   Yuantong Express: Some directors and executives increased their holdings of 1.54 million shares today

   Yuantong Express (600233) announced on the evening of December 21 that the company’s director and president Pan Shuimiao, vice president Wen Hangping, vice president Li Xianjun and board secretary Zhang Longwu increased their holdings on December 21 through centralized bidding. 1.54 million shares, accounting for 0.0488% of the company's total shares, the total amount of holdings increased 18.67 million yuan.

   Jingwei shares: shareholders intend to reduce their holdings of company shares by no more than 6%

   Jingwei shares (002662) announced on the evening of December 21 that the 22.20% shareholder of Germany Wekawei shares plans to start within 180 days after 15 trading days from the announcement date (that is, January 14, 2021). Day-July 13, 2021), through centralized bidding and block transactions, the total number of shares held by the company will not exceed 6%.

  Xuanya International: Shareholders intend to reduce their holdings of the company’s shares by no more than 3%

  Xuanya International (300612) announced on the evening of December 21 that the 8.15% shareholder Beijing Orange Power Consulting Center (Limited Partnership) plans to reduce the company’s shares by no more than 4.77 million shares, that is, no more than the company’s total 3% of share capital.


   Lisheng Motorsport: intends to buy back shares from 40 million yuan to 60 million yuan

   Lisheng Racing (002858) announced on the evening of December 21 that it intends to repurchase shares. The total repurchase capital shall not be less than 40 million yuan, not more than 60 million yuan, and the repurchase price shall not exceed 15 yuan per share.

   [Business data]

   China Life: Year-to-date premium income exceeds 600 billion yuan

   China Life (601628) announced on the evening of December 21 that from January 1 to December 20, 2020, the company's accumulated original insurance premium income exceeded 600 billion yuan for the first time.

   [Major investment]

   China Software: The subsidiary plans to jointly fund the establishment of Advanced Operating System Innovation Center Co., Ltd. with Kingsoft Office, Qi Anxin, etc.

   China Software (600536) announced on the evening of December 21 that its subsidiary, Kylin Software, intends to jointly fund the establishment of Advanced Operating System Innovation Center Co., Ltd. with Kingsoft Office, Qi Anxin, etc., with a registered capital of 50 million yuan, of which Kylin Software will contribute 22.75 million Yuan, accounting for 45.5% of the registered capital. The purpose of this investment of Kylin Software is to combine strong forces, focus on the advantages of various industries and resources, and commit to the ecological construction of domestic basic software and hardware industries with operating systems as the core.

   Sinochem International: plans to build the Sinochem Yizheng New Material Industrial Park. The total investment is estimated to be about 8 billion yuan

   Sinochem International (600500) announced on the evening of December 21 that the company signed the "Strategic Cooperation Agreement" with Yizheng Municipal Government on December 18. The company plans to develop five major material industries: degradable plastics, high-end resins, high-performance fibers, electronic materials and modified materials in Yangzhou Chemical Park, and build Sinochem Yizheng New Materials Industrial Park with advanced technology, green and clean, and obvious advantages in circular economy. Total investment It is estimated to be about 8 billion yuan.

   Postal Savings Bank: intends to wholly-fund the establishment of a direct banking subsidiary of 5 billion yuan

   Postal Savings Bank (601658) announced on the evening of December 21 that the company intends to invest 5 billion yuan to initiate the establishment of a direct bank subsidiary with a registered capital of 5 billion yuan. The name of the aforementioned subsidiary is proposed to be China Post Hui Wanjia Bank Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Youhui Wanjia Bank). Yuhui Wanjia Bank aims to explore an innovative business model for online and offline coordinated development. Based on technological methods, inclusive concepts, and market operations, it implements the national rural revitalization strategy, and implements "serving agriculture, rural areas and farmers" and helping small and micro businesses. , To benefit the general public" development mission, to create an innovative connection platform for financial services to revitalize rural areas and technology to help a better life.

  Hanlan Cable Co., Ltd.: plans to establish a joint venture company to promote the R&D and industrialization of key core technologies of fuel cells

  Hanlan Co., Ltd. (002498) announced on the evening of December 21, in order to promote the research and development and industrialization of key core technologies of fuel cells, and realize the basic materials and keyBreakthrough in research and development of parts and industrial applications, the company signed the "Hydrogen Fuel Cell Molded Graphite Composite Bipolar Plate Project Cooperation Agreement" with Huizhou Duke New Materials Co., Ltd. and Qingdao Yanhai Carbon Materials Co., Ltd., and the three parties agreed to jointly establish Qingdao Duke New Materials Co., Ltd.

  Midland New Materials: The annual production of 28,000 tons of orthoformate series products of the shareholding company is put into production

   Meilian New Materials (300586) announced on the evening of December 21 that the company has recently received a notice from its shareholding company, Yingxin Technology, that Yingxin Technology’s annual production of 28,000 tons of orthoformate series products has been completed and successfully put into production.

   Shanghai Airport: Invest in the first phase of airport aviation industry development equity investment fund

   Shanghai Airport (600009) announced on the evening of December 21 that the company decided to use its own funds to invest 200 million yuan to jointly initiate the establishment of the first phase of the industrial fund with Hongyu Investment, investment company and other intentional partners. The GP and the fund manager are Hongyu Investment, the fund size is about 1 billion yuan. The first phase of the industry fund will mainly invest in growth-stage and mature-stage companies in the enabling industry with the "four-type airport" as the core.

   Xiang Oil Pump: Participated in the investment and establishment of Hainan Dongjiang Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.

  Xiang Oil Pump (603319) announced on the evening of December 21 that the company and Dongjia Intelligent and other partners jointly established "Hainan Dongjiang Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd." and used this company as a carrier to settle in Sanya Yazhou Bay Science and Technology City , And the People's Government of Yazhou District, Sanya City to jointly build the "Intelligent Driving Test Base and Smart Travel Project in Yazhou District, Sanya City." The company plans to invest no more than 10 million yuan. This foreign investment can further promote the application of the company's electric pump products and the company's Dongjia intelligent executive layer control unit ECU products in intelligent driving.

   China Southern Airlines: increase capital to its holding subsidiary Xiamen Airlines

   China Southern Airlines (600029) announced on the evening of December 21 that the company and its related parties, Xiamen C&D and Fujian Investment, will increase capital in the company's holding subsidiary Xiamen Airlines in the same proportion of equity. The total amount of capital increase this time is 4 billion yuan, of which the company invested 2.2 billion yuan in cash and physical assets in phases, Xiamen Construction issued 1.36 billion yuan, and Fujian invested 440 million yuan. The capital increase is mainly used to supplement the funds needed for Xiamen Airlines' operations.

   [Bid Contract]

   Longyuan Construction: Pre-won the bid for the PPP project of Qingdao Citizen Health Center Construction Project

   Longyuan Construction (600491) announced on the evening of December 21 that according to the pre-winning announcement issued by the Qingdao Municipal Government Procurement Network, the company and the Qingjian Group consortium are the pre-winning social capital of the PPP project of the Qingdao City Citizens’ Health Center Construction Project Among them, the company is responsible for the investment and financing, construction, operation and transfer of this project, with a capital contribution ratio of 70%; Qingjian Group is responsible for the investment and financing, construction, operation and transfer of this project, with a capital contribution ratio of 30%. The estimated total investment of the project is 1.69 billion yuan.

   Saiwu Technology: Signed 463 million yuan sales contract for film and backboard

   Saiwu Technology (603212) announced on the evening of December 21. On December 18, Zhengxin Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. signed a procurement framework agreement with Saiwu Technology. The products agreed to purchase include EVA&POE and backplanes. , The estimated total contract value is 463 million yuan (excluding tax), and the average annual sales amount accounts for approximately 21.69% of the company's audited operating income in 2019.

   Cambrian: Signed a contract for the purchase of 300 million yuan in smart computing equipment

   Cambrian (688256) announced on the evening of December 21. On December 18, the company and Nanjing Science and Technology Innovation Investment Co., Ltd. signed a contract for the procurement of intelligent computing equipment for the Nanjing Intelligent Computing Center Project (Phase I) , The company provides the buyer with an intelligent hardware system and an artificial intelligence computing platform with a contract value of approximately 300 million yuan. If the contract is successfully implemented, it will have a positive impact on the company's business development and operating results during the project implementation period.

   Dongfang Cable: Won the bid of about 80 million yuan for the photoelectric composite submarine cable project

   Dongfang Cable (603606) announced on the evening of December 21 that the company recently won the bid for the Southern Scottish Power Grid Corporation (SSEN) Skye-Harris Island Connection Project. The winning product was a photoelectric composite submarine cable, and the winning bid was about 80 million yuan. The submarine cable system will be used to connect the two islands of Skye and Harris to meet the electricity needs of nearly 20,000 households on the island. The project will be delivered next year.

   Digital Government Communication: Won the bid of 40.73 million yuan for smart urban management reformBuild project

   Digital Zhengtong (300075) announced on the evening of December 21 that the company received the "Bid-Winning Notice" from the Urban Management Comprehensive Law Enforcement Brigade of Luquan District, Shijiazhuang City, confirming that the company won the bid for the smart city management renovation project, with the winning bid amount of 40,734,600 yuan .

   [Changes in equity]

   Traffic Control Technology: Free transfer of the company’s state-owned shareholders’ shares

   Traffic Control Technology (688015) announced on the evening of December 21 that in order to implement the requirements of the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Finance on standardizing and strengthening the system reform of enterprises affiliated to colleges and universities, the company’s state-owned shareholder Jiaotong University Innovation will take all the shares of the company held by it to 635 Ten thousand shares (accounting for 3.97% of the company’s total share capital) were transferred to Beijing Jiaotong University Assets Management Co., Ltd. (referred to as “Jiaotong Assets”), which acts in concert. After the completion of the transfer of shares, Jiaotong University Innovation no longer holds the company's shares, and its concerted actions, People's Jiaotong University Assets, hold 10.97% of the company's shares.

   Yangtze New Materials: plans to transfer 51% of the shares of the subsidiary Russia United for 100 million yuan

  Yangtze New Materials (002652) announced on the evening of December 21 that on December 18, the company intends to transfer the company’s 51% equity of Russia United New Materials Co., Ltd. held by the company through agreement transfer. The equity transfer price of this transaction It is determined to be 100 million yuan. If the transaction can be successfully completed, the company will no longer hold the shares of the Russian Federation, and the Russian Federation will no longer be included in the scope of the company's consolidated statements.

  *ST Lifan: The controlling shareholder will be changed to Manjianghong Fund

  *ST Lifan announced on the evening of the 21st that according to the investor's equity adjustment plan in the reorganization plan, the company will implement the conversion of capital reserve into stocks at a ratio of 24.997 shares for every 10 shares. The transferred shares will not be distributed to the original shareholders, and all will be conditionally transferred by the restructuring investors. The Manjianghong Fund and industrial investors will receive 1.34955 million shares and 900 million shares of the company, respectively, accounting for 29.99% and 20% of the company's total share capital after the reorganization and the completion of the repurchase and cancellation of restricted shares. This equity change will change the company's controlling shareholder from Lifan Holdings to Manjianghong Fund, and Manjianghong Company will become the actual controller of the company.


   Ketuo Bio: renewed the "Strategic Cooperation Agreement" with Mengniu Dairy

   Ketuo Biological (300858) announced on the evening of December 21, based on the company’s strategic cooperation period with Mengniu Dairy (2018-2020) is about to end, the company and Mengniu Dairy renewed the "Strategic Cooperation Agreement" on December 18, 2020 book". From 2017 to 2019, Mengniu Dairy was the company's largest customer. The establishment of a long-term strategic partnership between the two parties to achieve a strong alliance will help promote the technical cooperation between the two parties and the company's supporting services for Mengniu Dairy, and will further promote Mengniu Dairy. Product technology stability and cost reduction, and ultimately a win-win situation.

  Changyuan Power: The Anlu Zhaopeng Wind Power Project of the subsidiary was approved

  Changyuan Electric Power (000966) announced on the evening of December 21 that the company received the "Approval for the Approval of the Guodian Anlu Zhaopeng Wind Farm Project" issued by the Anlu Municipal Development and Reform Bureau. Guodian Anlu Zhaopeng Wind Farm Project, a subsidiary of Shuifeng Power, was approved. At present, the company's installed wind power capacity is 193,000 kilowatts. After the completion of the above-mentioned Guodian Anlu Zhaopeng wind farm project, the company's installed wind power capacity will reach 243,000 kilowatts. The company's new energy installed capacity will further increase and the power generation structure will continue to be optimized.

   iFLYTEK: the shareholding company Sky Sky Technology introduces strategic investors

   iFLYTEK (002230) announced on the evening of December 21 that, in order to introduce strategic investors, the company’s shareholding company, Qiongtian Technology, intends to transfer equity by way of equity transfer. The 63.992% equity held by Jingming corresponds to the registered capital of 12 million yuan of Sky Sky Technology, and the transfer price is 44.922 million yuan. Lingsi Intelligent is an enterprise indirectly controlled by the company's chairman and president Liu Qingfeng.

   Xinhua Pharmaceutical: Signed a technology transfer contract with Central South University

   Xinhua Pharmaceutical (000756) announced on the evening of December 21 that the company and Central South University signed the "Technology Transfer Contract" for the "Research and Development of Anti-Pulmonary Hypertension Innovative Drug LXH-1211". After the contract is signed, Central South University will provide Xinhua Pharmaceutical with a copy of all the research data before the contract is signed, including the completed pulmonary hypertension drug candidate discovery, design, technical data of the synthetic route and summary data of related pharmacodynamic evaluation. Central South University will provide necessary technical support and guidance until the drug is marketed. Xinhua Pharmaceutical and ChinaThe South University cooperation aims to create a new drug for the company in the field of pulmonary hypertension treatment.

   China Nuclear Titanium Dioxide: its wholly-owned subsidiary has passed the recognition of high-tech enterprise

   China Nuclear Titanium Dioxide (002145) announced on the evening of December 21 that its wholly-owned subsidiary, Oriental Titanium Industry, has recently obtained the "High-tech" jointly issued by the Gansu Provincial Department of Science and Technology, the Gansu Provincial Department of Finance, and the Gansu Provincial Taxation Bureau of the State Administration of Taxation. "Enterprise Certificate", according to regulations, Oriental Titanium can enjoy the national preferential policies on high-tech enterprise income tax for three consecutive years since it was recognized as a high-tech enterprise, that is, pay enterprise income tax at a tax rate of 15%.

  Smart Energy: The stock abbreviation was changed to "Far East Shares"

   Smart Energy (600869) announced on the evening of December 21 that the company plans to change the stock abbreviation from "Smart Energy" to "Far East Co., Ltd." and the company's stock code remains unchanged.

   Shougang Stock: Obtained a value-added telecommunications business license

   Shougang Co., Ltd. (000959) announced on the evening of December 21 that the company recently obtained the "Value-added Telecommunications Business License of the People's Republic of China" issued by the Beijing Municipal Administration of Communications. The company will carry out value-added telecommunications services in accordance with the content specified in the "operating license".

   Kunyao Group: Fasudil Hydrochloride Injection Obtained Drug Registration Certificate

   Kunyao Group (600422) announced on the evening of December 21 that the company recently received the "Drug Registration Certificate" for Fasudil Hydrochloride Injection issued by the State Food and Drug Administration, which will help enrich the company's heart The product pipeline in the field of cerebrovascular drugs strengthens the company's market position in the field of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular drugs, and accumulates valuable experience for the company's subsequent development of high-end generic drugs.

  Huahai Pharmaceutical: HB0025 injection obtained drug clinical trial license

  Huahai Pharmaceutical (600521) announced on the evening of December 21 that, recently, the company's subsidiary Huaaotai submitted a clinical trial application to the US Food and Drug Administration that has been approved, involving the drug HB0025 injection. HB0025 injection is the world's first bispecific fusion protein approved to enter clinical trials and can block both PD-1/PD-L1 and VEGF/VEGFR signaling pathways. The HB0025 project is independently developed by Huaaotai and has a global patent.

   Hisun Pharmaceutical: Heze Maibu Tablets are included in the priority review process

   Hisun Pharmaceutical (600267) announced on the evening of December 21 that according to the information on the official website of the National Center for Drug Evaluation, the company’s new class 1 chemical drug Heze Maibu Tablet (10mg) has been officially included in the priority review list . Up to now, the company has invested about 280 million yuan in the research and development projects of Heze Maibu.

   Xinquan shares: subsidiary plans to sell land, real estate and supporting facilities for 50.2 million yuan

   Xinquan Co., Ltd. (603179) announced on the evening of December 21 that Ningbo Xinquan Automotive Trim Systems Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of the company, intends to transfer the land, real estate and related supporting facilities to Ningbo Haoneng Vehicle Industry Co., Ltd. ("Ningbo" for short) Haoneng"), the total asset transfer price is 50.2 million yuan (tax included). This transaction will increase the company's net profit by about 20 million yuan, which is expected to have a certain impact on the company's net profit in 2020 or 2021.

  Guangdong Hydropower: The third phase of the 20MWp photovoltaic power generation project in Aksu Awati County, Xinjiang is connected to the grid for power generation

   Yueshui Power (002060) announced on the evening of December 21. On December 19, the company received a report from its wholly-owned subsidiary Xinjiang Yueshui Power, and Awati County Yueshui Power Energy Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Xinjiang Yueshui Power The third phase of the Xinjiang Aksu Awati 20MWp photovoltaic power generation project invested and constructed was formally connected to the grid for power generation on December 18th. The official full-capacity grid-connected power generation of this photovoltaic project will have a certain effect on the company and Xinjiang Yue Hydropower’s future operating performance.

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