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The bookstore is a place where urban culture thrives and multiplies. In Kunming, there are a few bookstores that still only care about books in this era. Most of these bookstores are hidden in remote corners, waiting for someone to visit. Meeting friends with books, using this seemingly backward way of making connections, but you can always gain the most precious travel experience.

Ryetian Bookstore

"Ryetian Bookstore" is a well-known Southwestern cultural landmark in the cultural circle. This bookstore has attracted Yunnan poets. Jian, Taiwanese stage director Lai Shengchuan, is a must-see for many literary and music lovers when they come to Kunming.

The owner Ma Li started to manage this small bookstore with his heart when he was still working at the securities company. The bookstore has gone through many twists and turns, and has now survived nearly 20 spring, summer, autumn and winter.

Looking down the peacock green signboard of the bookstore, there are a few eye-catching posters on the door-The Beatles, "On the Road", Bob · Dylan seems to show his “non-mainstream” literary preference for horsepower. Walking into the bookstore, you will find Ma Li sometimes sits on the sofa and reads, sometimes bows his head and plays with musical instruments. He enjoys himself in such a way, and also makes the guests who come to the bookstore feel at home.

Ma Li has his own views on literature. Compared with most bookstores, the books in the store cover a wider area, involving literature, photography, painting, history, etc., but the taste is relatively small. Here you can find newly published good books in the humanities category, as well as independently curated and published poems such as Yu Jian's "Notes Collection", "Old Six Poems" and so on. As the drummer of the indie band "Strange Days", Ma Li has collected various rock CDs and vinyl records. You can talk about music with him. At the same time, the bookstore will recommend new books every month, and will also hold some interesting movie screenings and poetry sessions from time to time.

Ryetian Bookstore

Address: the back door of Shida Affiliated Small, Tianjundian Lane, Wenlin Street, Wuhua District, Kunming City

Business Hours: 12:00-18:00

Tel: 0871-66533912

Elephant Bookstore

The wife of architect Yang Xiong has always had the idea of ​​opening a bookstore. One day, Yang Xiong and his wife accidentally discovered a courtyard while eating in Wenhua Lane. They looked at the underground garage in the courtyard and felt that this was the place they wanted. With the dream of opening a small bookstore, they signed a contract with the landlord and used their own architectural design experience to transform the space slowly into the current elephant bookstore in four years.

At the elephant, you can sit outside under an open-air sun umbrella while drinking coffee and sunbathing, listening to lectures, participating in book sharing sessions, and more. I got a good book.

In terms of book taste, Elephant Bookstore is doing better and better. Elephant mainly deals in humanities and social sciences books. There are many domestic and foreign books related to architecture and design, such as "Building a House", "Analysis of Famous Works by World Architects", etc. It also covers the history of Yunnan ethnic Books that analyze Yunnan culture, such as "The Imprint of Yunnan", "The History of Art of the Zhuang Nationality in Yunnan," and series of works by literary masters such as Borges. You can even see the collection of Wuqing poems produced by the Federation and Bob. Dylan's potato chip set. Of course, you can also find some creative works of independent designers here.

Elephant Bookstore

Address: No. 201, Building 7, Wenhua Lane, Wuhua District

Business Hours: 10:00-22:30

Tel: 0871-65895680< h2>

Puyu Bookstore

The Puyu Bookstore, covering an area of ​​3,000 square meters, is the most visited bookstore in the main urban area of ​​Kunming. Every book in the bookstore has been carefully selected, covering a wide range of fields, and the quality is not bad. More than 300 magazines are updated every month in the store, and foreign magazines are also available for borrowing.

The bookstore’s space is tall and open, and the light is abundant. The main area of ​​the door is the humanities and social sciences thematic area with the theme of "Silk Road". can seeThere are many surprisingly unpopular books, such as "Lattimore and Frontier China", "Plants Walking on the Silk Road" and so on. Walking inside is a row of stepped tables and chairs. The tables are also equipped with lamps with suitable lighting for book lovers to read quietly. Behind the reading area is a non-profit children’s Chinese and English library of 1,200 square meters. Falling into the sea of ​​books.

In addition, in Puyu, there are various seminars and reading sharing sessions every month.

Puyu Bookstore

Address: 1st Floor, Shanchafang, No. 86 Dongfeng East Road

Zhiyuan Bookstore

Zhiyuan’s store is also small, but it is like a Dian edition of Sanlian bookstore. There are several sets of calligraphy, calligraphy and paintings hanging in the store. The boss has good taste in choosing books. Half of the store is reserved for domestic literature, and the other half is domestic and foreign books and magazines in the fields of social science, tourism, philosophy, etc. Of the world.

Zhiyuan Bookstore

Address: 63 Fuchun Street

Rubber Bookstore

This is not a bookstore, but A fairy tale world. Stepping into the low store door, you feel as if you have entered a snow-white warm cave. The store is divided into five different reading spaces with arches. Inside, there are stump-like seats, comfortable cushions, and easily touchable old objects and paintings, just like a quiet house in a fairy tale.

The rubber bookstore’s books are mainly domestic and foreign children’s books and picture books, as well as life-related books such as cooking and furniture, waiting for people who love sophisticated lifestyles Stay.

Rubber Bookstore

Address: 100 meters west of the intersection of Wenlin Street and Cuihu North Road in Wuhua District

Business hours: 9:30-20:30


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