CCTV Securities News "Dialogue Star Brand" joins hands with the Design Committee of China Building Decoration Association to build a Chinese brand dream

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On December 18, 2017, the CCTV Securities Information Channel "Dialogue Star Brand" officially reached a strategic cooperation with the Design Committee of the China Building Decoration Association. The Shanghai United Filming Center will be the starting point for strategic cooperation and will focus on the stars of the architectural decoration industry. Brand building and benchmarking design agencies, and the excavation of prominent designers, will launch a series of focused brand assistance work for the construction and promotion of industry brand power.

On September 24, 2016, the CCTV Securities Information Channel officially launched an interview column "Dialogue Star Brand" that talks with business leaders and talks about brand stories; it will be officially broadcasted every Saturday at 19:50. Replay at 07:30 on the day.

This column is hosted by well-known CCTV hosts Dong Qian, Wang Xiaoqian, etc., and conducts corporate development strategies and business models with entrepreneurs In-depth dialogues on topics such as, brand building, and sharp humorous, light-hearted question and answer, multi-level, multi-angle, and systematically reproduce the entrepreneurial history of entrepreneurial legends, excavate the true story behind the brand, and highlight the unique style of the corporate brand.

The column adheres to the concept of "exploring business intelligence and spreading brand value" and is committed to building an authoritative and influential enterprise The image display platform conveys the spirit of Chinese brands, promotes the positive energy of Chinese companies, and promotes the branding process of Chinese companies.

The Design Committee of the China Building Decoration Association publicized the "China Design Brand Plan" recommendation activity in July 2017, which received widespread attention and recognition from the industry from the beginning. At the opening ceremony of China Construction Expo (Guangzhou) in July 2017, Mr. Liu Yuan, Deputy Secretary-General and Secretary-General of the Design Committee of China Building Decoration Association put forward for the first time "the meaning and value of Chinese design brand building", emphasizing that only prominent brand characteristics Only the designers and design institutions of China are more competitive in the market, which has aroused strong response from the audience and attracted the attention of authoritative media at the same time.

In order to better encourage the architectural decoration industry to be specialized, refined and strong, play the leading role of Chinese design and promote China The design industry is developing and upgrading to brand building, improving the comprehensive strength of Chinese design in the world, combining with the actual situation of the current development of China's architectural decoration industry chain, Mr. Liu Yuan, Deputy Secretary-General and Secretary-General of Design Committee of China Building Decoration Association, and China State Construction Mr. Wu Hao, director of the Decoration Research Center, led the establishment of the China Design Brand Planning Office. The "China Design Brand Program" national recommendation activity was officially launched, and it was decided to hold the annual China Design Brand Ceremony during the China Brand Day on May 10 every year. Here, the "China Design Brand Program" and the national policy are important for outstanding small and medium-sized enterprises. The purpose of brand support coincides with CCTV’s starting point for collecting materials with industry representative and positive energy transfer properties. Subsequently, the “Dialogue Star Brand” column of CCTV Securities Information and the Design Committee of China Building Decoration Association signed an agreement for enterprises in the building decoration industry. A strategic cooperation agreement for co-branding support will be carried out, and a signing ceremony will be officially held at the "China Building Decoration Industry Think Tank Working Conference" held in Foshan, Guangdong on January 10, 2018!

2017 is about to pass, the "China Design Brand Program" recommendation event brand ceremony will be held on May 10, 2018 (national brand Japan) was grandly held in Beijing. At present, many designers, decoration companies, and brand organizations from Taiwan, Hong Kong, and the mainland are actively participating in the application. We look forward to more Chinese designers, design organizations, and brand companies participating in the recommendation activities. Together with the China Building Decoration Association and CCTV Securities News "Dialogue Star Brand" column to witness the growth and rise of Chinese design brands.

The development of Chinese brands has a long way to go. With the establishment of the "Chinese Design Brand Plan", it will make strides forward for the Chinese architectural decoration industry , Pursuing higher goals and establishing a better vision. Let us inherit the essence of Chinese culture and build a national brand. More proud, Forge ahead toward the ambitious goal, walk with the world's leading brands, and be with the world's high-tech technology, laying a solid foundation for Chinese design brands to go global!

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