Baidu Stock Connect first releases stockholder portrait data report, a new interpretation of the 2015 stock market roller coaster

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In 2015, the Chinese stock market was like a "roller coaster". The fifth generation of stockholders who swarmed into the market spent half a year amidst horrifying shouts. In the ever-changing capital market, who is the backbone of China's stock market? Where is the highest level of stock speculation? What is the relationship between stockholders' profit and loss and academic qualifications and occupation?

On November 6, Baidu Stock Market released the "2015 China Stockholder Profile Data Report" for the first time. It was revealed through the statistics and analysis of hundreds of millions of users on Baidu Stock Market, Baidu Stock Contest, and Baidu Search. The secret behind the behavior of investors in the Chinese stock market is also the first big data report in 2015 that portrays the portrait of investors.

Why is the Chinese stock market prone to "cut meat" stampede incidents

Data show that monthly income is 5,000 yuan The following shareholders account for more than 60%. Among them, 14.70% are below 2,000 yuan, and the proportion of 2,000-5,000 yuan is as high as 46.32%.

The low- and middle-income earners account for 60%, which means that most investors are using the "money you need" to pursue "wealth that may not belong to you." Therefore, in the case of poor stock market conditions, due to lack of risk tolerance, such investors tend to swarm out in a panic, leading to the formation of "cut meat" stampede incidents.

Beijing and Shanghai stockholders need to learn from Guangdong stockholders

In terms of geographical distribution, the profitability of Guangdong stockholders Disregarded the group, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, and Fujian followed closely. The Beijing stockholders, which are located in the political and economic center, are not as good as expected, ranking only 4th; Shanghai stockholders rank 5th.

Looking at the level of stock trading from the perspective of occupation, executives of enterprises and institutions and freelancers ranked the top two with 15.34 and 12.54% respectively. It is worth noting that farmers succeeded in surpassing 4.39% of white-collar workers and 3.26% of college students with a profit ratio of 4.48%. This also shows that, in a sense, stock speculation is about mentality, experience and resources.

Doctoral "stock business" is not as good as a high school diploma.

In terms of age distribution and academic qualifications, Chinese stockholders are showing a trend of "younger" and "higher education": the post-80s The post-90s stockholders accounted for 37% in total, becoming the mainstay of China's stock market; in terms of academic qualifications, it is an obvious "overview" distribution. 70% of stockholders have higher education and more than half of them have a bachelor's degree, reaching 56.34%.

It is worth mentioning that there is no inevitable connection between the level of stock trading and academic qualifications, and the level of stock trading for a PhD is not as good as a high school degree. The data shows that the profit ratio of stockholders with doctorate degree is only 3.60%, which is 1.86 percentage points lower than stockholders with a high school degree or below.

But it needs to be pointed out that these young investors born in the 80s and 90s with high academic qualifications have outstanding learning ability. As their economic conditions mature and their life experience continues to enrich, this group will surely become a guide The backbone of the healthy development of China's stock market.

Virgo is the real stock expert

In recent years, no matter what field it is, the black virgin Zodiac seems to have become fashionable, and I don’t know how many Virgos have "lay down their guns." But this big data report released by Baidu Stock Exchange shows that Virgo is the most profitable constellation in the stock market, followed by Capricorn, Leo, and Taurus. Of course, some people are happy and some are worried. The bottom three Aries, Cancer, and Libra obviously don't want to see this list.

In addition, the "2015 China Stockholders Portrait Data Report" also presents the stock preferences of different occupations and the relationship between stockholders' search behavior and stock market trends. Jin Ling, product general manager of Baidu Stock Market, said that Baidu has a large number of stock users and big data mining capabilities. Baidu Stock Market hopes to help him through the analysis of stockholder data.We have a more comprehensive understanding of China's stock market, make investment decisions more rationally, and continuously improve our stock speculation capabilities.

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