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The market value of a company refers to the total value of the issued shares of a listed company calculated at the market price. The calculation method is the market price per share multiplied by the total number of shares issued. Since the market value is calculated based on the closing price of the relevant listed company, the figure will change with the rise and fall of the stock price. The rise and fall of the market value also reflects the trading atmosphere of the investment market and the latest valuation of the company concerned. This article is the furniture article of the market value series. A total of 34 listed furniture companies are selected as the research samples.

According to business statistics, the total market value of listed furniture companies in 2020 is 351.655 billion yuan, an increase of 1068.42 from 244.813 billion yuan in the same period last year. 100 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 43.64%. The average market value increased from 7.65 billion yuan in the same period last year to 10.343 billion yuan.

▲Market value of listed furniture companies in 2020 Leaderboard tabulation: Shushuo Business

From the perspective of market value scale, the market value of Oupai Home Furnishing and Man Wah Holdings Located in the "50 billion club"; Gujia Home Furnishing, Sophia, Shangpin Home Delivery, Mengbaihe, Jiangshan Oupai and other five companies are located in the "10 billion club";

Zhejiang Yong The market value of 10 companies including Qiang, Meike Home Furnishing, Zhibang Home Furnishing, Daya Dekor, Xilinmen, Henglin Co., Ltd., Gold Kitchen Cabinet, Good Wife, Haolaike, and Qisheng Technology are between 5-10 billion yuan; /span>

Del Future, Qumei Home Furnishing, Walrus New Material, Yongyi Co., Ltd., Piano, Fenglin Group, Aili Home Furnishing, Dynasty Home Furnishing, Wo Le Home Furnishing, Filinger, The market value of 15 companies such as Dinggu Jichuang, Zhongyuan Home Furnishing, Yongan Forestry, Yihua Life, Nature Home Furnishing is between 1 billion and 5 billion yuan; the market value of Yazhen Home Furnishing and Yijia Yipin is less than 1 billion yuan.

From the perspective of market value growth, 21 companies have achieved market value Positive growth, of which Man Wah Holdings and Jiangshan Opai achieved multiple growth.

Man Wah Holdings grew the fastest, with an increase of 209.81% during the year, and its market value increased from RMB 17.668 billion in the same period last year to RMB 53.372 billion.

The market value of the remaining 13 companies all declined. Among them, Zhongyuan Home Furnishing, Wo Le Home Furnishing, Yongan Forestry, Dinggu Ji Chuang, Nature Home Furnishing, Qisheng Technology, Filinge Thirteen companies including Seoul, Yazhen Home Furnishing, Yijia Yipin, and Yihua Life declined in double digits.

Yihua Life has the largest decline, with a decline of 71.04% during the year, and its market value has dropped from 4.404 billion yuan in the same period last year to 1.275 billion yuan.

From the perspective of ranking changes, Walrus new Materials and Aili Home Furnishing are both newly listed companies.

The market value rankings of 5 companies including Opai Home Furnishing, Shangpin Home Delivery, Yongyi Co., Ltd., Fenglin Group, and Yongan Forestry remain unchanged.

The market value rankings of 8 companies including Man Wah Holdings, Dream Baihe, Jiangshan Opal, etc. have all risen. Among them, the market value ranking of Jiangshan Opal has risen the fastest. The 20th in the same period last year rose to the 7th.

The market value rankings of 19 companies including Gujia Home Furnishing, Sophia, Zhejiang Yongqiang, etc. all fell. Among them, Yihua Life's market value ranking fell the most, and its market value ranking fell from 18th to 31st in the same period last year.


1. This article The market value is selected as the research indicator, and the currency units of Hong Kong stock companies are all converted into equivalent renminbi. Among them, due to the influence of exchange rates, there are small errors in the data.

2. The selected indicators are only a parameter, and cannot fully and accurately reflect the future of an enterprise. The content of this article is for reference only and does not constitute any investment advice.

3. This article refers to the three-level industry classification. Due to changes in the main business of individual companies, the industry classification may differ. At the same time, individual companies may have affiliations, and only quantitative comparisons are made here.

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