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Russian "Easter Eggs" can be said to be a lovely stream in the jewelry industry

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mentioned the "three national treasures" of the fighting nation Russia, Was your first reaction black bear, vodka and Russian winter palace? Although the Russian people often make hot searches for "catch a bear with bare hands", "vodka with everything" and other sturdy and brave deeds, but you must not think that the jewelry of the fighting nation will be as full of power as them. In fact, the craftsmanship of other people’s jewelry is very exquisite and meticulous, and it can even be said to be a lovely clear stream in the jewelry industry~

Not long ago, the V&A Museum in London announced a piece of good news that the pearl stars would want to pack their bags and get ready to set off immediately: The V&A Museum in London will hold the "Fabergé in London: Romance to Revolution" jewelry exhibition. The exhibition will present 200 pieces of the most "hard-core, exquisite and lovely" Russian royal jewels. Among them, the three "Treasures of the Town Hall" borrowed from the Moscow Kremlin Museum-the Resurrection of the Empire. Easter eggs!

Fabergé Empire Easter Egg

Moscow Kremlin Egg

Alexander Palace Egg

Tercentenary Egg

( (From left to right)

Sister Bazhu feels that this kind of antique jewellery exhibition, which gathers a generation of treasures, should not be missed by every pearl star! These antique jewels bring you not only a visual enjoyment, but also a kind of intercultural communication.

Many contemporary designers will learn from these antique jewels full of cultural and historical traces In search of inspiration. Russian jeweler Axenoff has just launched a new season of jewellery, Easter, through curved gemstones and colorful enamel, to create various styles of "Easter Egg" jewellery, matched with Russian traditional cultural elements, and overflowing with a colorful festive atmosphere.


Easter series

Earrings, rings

If you are also a jewelry designer who is reading the article, be sure to see the last~

Each of these empire Easter eggs are innovative and bold, The design is clever, using meticulous craftsmanship and every small detail design to reproduce the jewelry skills of the peak period of Russian jewelry. It subverted the traditional definition of jewelry art and represented a century of ceiling-level jewelry. It even became a necessary gift for the czar and queen to go abroad for diplomacy at that time. Even Queen Elizabeth II of England is a loyal collector of this little egg. This luxurious egg that interprets the glorious history of the last era of Tsarist Russia with the unique Russian "mock doll" method has also left a rich cultural treasure for future designers.

Fabergé Faberge

Basket of flowers Easter eggs

1901 Queen Elizabeth II Collection

"Easter eggs? Don’t there be Easter eggs only in movies "?", everyone, please don't worry about opening one hundred thousand why modes. In fact, you might have seen it as early as your childhood. I believe that every pearl star here has watched "Detective Conan", right? Conan’s various bizarre cases must have left you with a lot of “famous scenes”. In the movie "Magician at the End of the Century" released in 1999, the most important clue of the whole case is the author’s imperial empire. The Easter egg is the "egg of memory" portrayed by the prototype.

Although the case in "The Magician at the End of the Century" has turned into our Children’s childhood memories, but the jewellery eggs from Tsarist Russia are not just fictional history. These jewellery eggs that carry the glorious history of Russia and even Europe at that time will continue to flash the unique jewelry art of the Russian nation throughout the history of jewelry. Light.

little easter eggs

Witness the glory and decline of Tsarist Russia

In fact, in Russian tradition, Easter is for the Russian people who believe in the Orthodox Church. , As important as the Chinese New Year. The easter eggs are not only an important celebration tool during Easter, but also symbolize health, beauty, strength and wealth. People treat easter eggs like an icon and protector, and even occasionally use special easter eggs to welcome the new in the home. life.

But in fact, the Faberge egg was not designed and made by Peter Karl Faberge himself, but was the result of the efforts of many jewelers in the Faberge workshop .

Peter Karl Faberge

The Faberge egg story originated in 1885. In order to comfort the queen Maria Feodorovna who married from Denmark, Tsar Alexander III wanted to prepare a special holiday gift for his beloved wife. , Specially ordered an exquisite egg from the famous designer Peter Carl Faberge and gave it to the queen as an Easter gift.

Queen Maria

In order to satisfy the "homesickness" of Queen Maria, Fabergé incorporated Russian colors into the design elements of the Danish Easter eggs.Some small organs of the egg. On the morning of Easter, the first Faberge egg, the little hen egg, was presented to Tsar Alexander III and Queen Maria.

Fabergé Faberge

Hen Egg little hen egg


Although this egg looks ordinary on the outside, it’s pure white enamel shell It looks like a real egg, but how could "Magic" Fabergé really make such an unpretentious egg for Tsar Alexander III? When Queen Maria opened the outer shell of this egg, a golden "egg yolk" appeared inside, and a little hen made of different colored metals was hidden in the yolk made of matte gold.

It is said that there was originally a miniature version of the diamond crown and an egg pendant made of rubies hidden in this little hen, but it is a pity that the two eggs are "small eggs "Suspected of being lost during the October Revolution in Russia. Open the surprise eggs layer by layer like opening a Russian doll. This idea really has a "Russian hardcore romance". No wonder Queen Maria loves it so much after receiving the gift.

This egg with many small organs also made Tsar Alexander III an instant He became the "only fan" of Faberge, and immediately ordered Faberge's jewelry workshop to undertake Easter egg production for each year in the future, and each time it must bring new surprises to the queen.

Faberge also did not live up to the status of "Royal Queen Jeweler" awarded by Tsar Alexander III. In 1892, a diamond mesh egg once again made the entire jewelry circle I saw the "contrast cuteness" from the fighting nation.

Fabergé Faberge

Diamond Trellis Egg

Diamond Trellis Egg


This diamond net The egg shell of the grid egg is carved from two translucent jadeites, and is covered with a gauze made of 18K gold inlaid with rose-cut diamonds. The flimsy diamond grid is not the biggest highlight of this egg. The real surprise is the walking little white elephant inside the egg. Faberge not only designed the appearance of the baby elephant in accordance with the Danish Elephant Knight Medal, the hometown of Queen Maria, but also added a power mechanism to such a delicate "hand-made little surprise" for the first time.

Fabergé Faberge

Diamond Trellis Eg

Diamond Trellis Egg

The three little angels carved on the base symbolize Alexander III and Mary respectively The three sons-Nicholas, Mikhail and Georgy. Such a deliberate and cute surprise design, no wonder even the sturdy czar can't resist.

Now let’s move the progress bar up to the time Nicholas II takes the throne. Although the Russian royal family has gradually declined at this time, the new czar Nicholas II not only "inherited" from his father to the Faberge workshop The tradition of custom-made eggs has even increased from one per year to two per year.

Fabergé Faberge

Rosebud Egg

Tsar’s Rose Egg


At this time, Fabergé The style of the eggs has also quietly undergone some changes. The jewellery craftsmen at the Faberge workshop seem to be no longer satisfied with making the small surprises hidden inside the eggs exquisitely and meticulously. Even the outer shell of the eggs and the mechanism of the eggs have been upgraded together. Rank. It is also an egg given to the queen. The Tsar rose egg made in 1895 not only retains the internal surprise of a miniature crown + pendant, but also uses 18K gold to create a fine and complex pattern on the outside of the egg.

Fabergé Faberge

Rosebud Egg

The Tsar’s Rose Egg

In the second year of Nicholas II’s succession (1897), it was the largest, most luxurious, The most famous egg-the coronation egg was born. This coronation egg, which can be said to represent the ceiling-level craftsmanship of the Faberge egg, has a pale yellow enamel on the surface, and is divided into many small blocks decorated with golden laurel trees. At each intersection, there is an eagle that symbolizes the Russian royal family. Mark, there is a small diamond on each eagle's chest.

Fabergé Faberge

Imperial Coronation Egg

Czar's Coronation Egg


There are less than 10 eggs The long little carriage inside perfectly replicates all the details of the coronation carriage that Nicholas II rode in, and even the carriage pedals that are less than the size of a pinky fingernail can be retracted and retracted flexibly. Seeing such a detailed "re-engraving standard", Sister Bazhu is really a little skeptical. Is it that the average person of the Tsarist royal family is "hands-up master"?

In the next 20 years, Faberge also added various unexpected functions to the eggs that were originally hidden surprises. The small surprises that popped up from the eggs when the knob was pressed might be photos of a family. It may also be a beautifully crafted pocket watch, or even a piece of beautifully melodic music...

Fabergé Faberge

Lilies of the Valley Egg

Tsar Lily of the Valley Egg


Fabergé Fabergé

Peter The Great


Easter eggs


Fabergé Faberge

Fabergé Winter Egg

Fabergé Winter Egg



Whether it’s the Tsar Lily of the Valley egg with hidden "family portrait" photos, or the Faberge winter egg with luxury and romance coexisting, France The jewelers in the Berger workshop used one after another full of whimsy and exquisite craftsmanship to show us the pinnacle of Tsarist Russia’s jewellery craftsmanship and the magnificent prosperity of a country.

Upgraded Faberge

Modern Russian-style jewelry is fashionable

With the turmoil of the October Revolution in Russia in 1917, the "pure blood" Tsarist royal Fabé There are 50 hot eggs forever, and 7 of them are still missing. The Faberge workshop has been changed hands several times due to the artillery fire and the turmoil of the current situation. This jewelry brand was once expensive for the royal family. The torrent of the times became a perfume brand, and even almost became a general merchandise brand under the reconstruction of Unilever. Under Unilever’s 7-year operation, Fabergé has eclipsed the prosperity of the past. "Fab The name "ergé" has also become associated with almost all products from the original jewelry brand.

Until 2009, it opened again with the help of Pallinghurst Resources, and in 2012 After being acquired by the world's top colored gemstone producer Gemfields, this long-established and exquisite jewelry brand has returned to the vision of the jewelry circle.

Although the transfer of Faberge for nearly 100 years Faberge not only has not forgotten the glorious history of the past, but has not only not forgotten its glorious history, but also continues to use the gold carving craftsmanship that he is good at and the color matching of colored gemstones to create the Treillage series that retains the grid elements. And the Three Colours of Love series.

Fabergé Faberge

Treillage series

Fabergé Faberge

Three Colours of Love series

The deep cultural connotation of Russian-style eggs is also The hot use of jewelry language that conforms to modern aesthetics is re-expressed. The Imperial series and Heritage series, which are inspired by eggs and colored gemstones, not only bring the “Russian romance” with bright collision of colors, but also creatively transform the egg decorations that originally appeared only during Easter into Cute jewels that can be worn daily, this wave of Faberge's “second turn red” I don’t know how many fashionable girls’ hearts have been captured, anyway, sister Bazhu can’t help but want to open the purchase dialog. ~

Fabergé Faberge

Imperial series

Fabergé Faberge

Heritage series

It’s not enough to "turn the red egg". Faberge will boldly apply a single gemstone color or a large number of contrasting gemstones to the same piece of jewelry In the above, the colorful and complex colors reflect different emotional expressions, and a series of Emotion series jewelry with great visual tension and impact has been launched. More than 300 colored gemstones of different sizes and colors were cleverly stacked on a small ring by Faberge designers, like a winding tree branch, filling the ring with vitality.

Fabergé Faberge

Emotion series ring

This kind of luxury feeling full of Bohemia + Russian Fauvism, there is really a moment of passing back to the Romanov dynasty in the trance The feeling of extravagant court life.

Perhaps the brilliance of Faberge once came from its unique jewellery eggs, but now Faberge is gradually welcoming the eyes of modern people with another brand new posture. Although the traces of history will not be easily overwhelmed by the times, and the past glory will continue to be remembered by generations of people, but compared to the past high-light moments, the shining that keeps pace with the times is not a symbol of strength ? Whether it is the ancient craftsmanship that has been passed down to this day or the innovative new design, the beauty of jewelry will never be limited by time.

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