2747 people left tragically, and the circle of friends made people shed tears

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In the spring and moon of the Gengzi year, the epidemic was raging.

Over ten thousand infections and thousands of dead. Countless homes are destroyed and killed in the present moment.

A girl’s mother was infected and died in a hurry. Within a few days, his father became infected and left. And she herself was diagnosed.

@In the human report, Qianqian's mother is gone, her father is diagnosed, she and her brother are both infected, and her nephew also has signs of fever.

A director named Chang Kai, his father, mother, sister, and himself all left tragically in less than 17 days.

His wife has also been diagnosed and hospitalized.

In the chaos when patients with pneumonia ask for help, you will see one after another silently passing away.

Like the wind disappears in the wind. There is no sound at all.

After they left, the tragedy was not over yet.

Their family members also followed the infection, and even continued to follow.

Such tragic scenes often make doctors cry.

In the Dingxiang Garden, a doctor named Niuniu Ma once dictated the state of the patient when he left.

She said that there is no specific medicine for new coronary pneumonia. After infection, the patient will have difficulty breathing and is extremely painful.

"The lungs, heart, blood vessels, liver, kidneys and other organs are damaged...

The blood oxygen cannot be measured,

Heartbeat, blood pressure drop... very quickly.

But until the last few minutes, the patient was fully awake.

Because of being awake, many patients will call for help, crying and shouting,'Doctor, help me...' accompanied by violent struggle, until the last breath." p>

This kind of cruel human tragedy, even if you are accustomed to seeing doctors who live and die, you will feel like a knife and tears.

Niu Niu Ma also said that people who died of new lungs are really suffering.

Like drowning, their lungs were filled with water, and they were eventually suffocated to death.

"The only difference is that

It is the jelly-like exudate caused by the new coronavirus that suffocates the patient.

During this process, the lung ventilation function is completely lost, and even more concentrated oxygen cannot get into the blood.

But other The function of organs has not deteriorated so fast.

Therefore, it is painful and cruel."

Because of this disease, countless people gone. When he died, he was embarrassed and had no chance to say goodbye to his loved ones.

They became a death figure. Some are not even numbers.

In this spring, our tears are running dry.

Hope rises and falls.

And the pain always continues, never stops.

In the report of The Paper, a girl’s parents passed away one after another.

Her name is Li Yue. Ben works in the UK.

At the end of 2019, Li Yue's mother suffered from rectal cancer, but the treatment was not effective. Getting weaker and unable to enterTo eat, you can only get a nutritional shot to survive.

The nurse once told Li Yue that her mother was too painful and might commit suicide.

And her mother also said that she wanted to stop the needle and leave safely.

One day, my mother wrote a non-rescue statement: After the needle was stopped, there was any need for first aid, and I hope that the doctor will not take any first aid measures.

On January 10, Li Yue returned to China.

But she hasn't waited for the news of her mother's improvement. Another bad news came:

Due to frequent hospital visits, her father was infected. She was also infected.

On January 26, she went to the fever clinic with her father and had a CT scan, which showed patchy ground glass shadows in the lungs.

From The Paper News

January 27th, the two of them return Home isolation.

On January 30 and 31, Li Yue and his father were admitted to Wuhan No. 8 Hospital. They were in different wards and could not meet.

On the same day, three patients walked on the father's floor.

On February 3, his father was critically ill and was transferred to Jinyintan Hospital.

Li Yue sent her father to the ambulance-this is her farewell to her father...

On February 5th, Li Yue also arrived at Jinyintan Hospital.

She was discharged from hospital on February 9 after three nucleic acid tests were negative.

On February 12, his father's condition deteriorated. He had used Chinese and Western medicine, but he still did not get better.

She heard that the plasma donated by the survivors can make the treatment effective. On February 14, she went to Jinyintan to donate plasma in order to save her father's life.

After the donation, she called her father:

"Dad, I donated plasma!"

"If you hold on for a few more days, there will be an antidote to you soon, and you will be well soon, so that we can visit mom together."

But no Thinking of it, hope will soon be shattered.

At 8:00 on February 15th, Li Yue received a call and his father was sent to the ICU.

Two hours later, another call came and my father left.

There is no farewell.

There are no last words.

Did not see the last side.

It snowed in Wuhan that day. The earth turned white head, as if the heavens were all sad about it.

In this winter, countless families in Wuhan are crying depressively.

But Li Yue has no time to cry. Her mother is still waiting for her.

At that time, my dying mother wanted to stop the needle. But because her husband and daughter were quarantined due to infection, she has been holding on, wanting to see them one last time.

She doesn't know, her husband will never see her again.

On the morning of February 20th, the doctor called Li Yue and said that his mother was in critical condition and confirmed to Li Yue whether the notice of no rescue signed by her mother was still valid.

Li Yue was so sad that she finally said: Respect his mother's wishes.

On the afternoon of February 20, the hospital called again and my mother left.

Similarly, she did not see her mother for the last time.

From returning home on January 10 to February 20, 41 days, a family broke down.

Another girl who was infected with her family is in a similar situation to Li Yue.

At the end of December last year, she focused on plants, comics, flowers and birds... The years are quiet and the sun is shining. It's like the title page of a book, with poems written on it.

But a month later, we learned that what is recorded in this book is not a fairy tale, but a nightmare.

On January 21, her mother had a fever. Later he was hospitalized.

ThousandsPraying like that, but still did not wait for good news.

After 7 days of fever, my mother left. Not included in the diagnosis.

And my father has both lung infections.

He was in the ward, saw his daughter come to see him, yelled, and desperately drove her away.

She endured it all the time and didn't cry. Think about Dad, let things go, and cry hard.

But this day still hasn't come.

On the 11th day after the mother left, the father left.

And she herself has been infected.

The epidemic is still spreading. I don't know when it will end. Zhong Nanshan said that by the end of April, it may be controlled.

Before this, we are still living under the threat of viruses, infection and death will not stop...

Qu Yuan said: "Long rest to cover up one's tears, and mourn the hardship of the people's livelihood."

Zhang Yanghao sighed: "People are suffering."

Really, there is no language that can accurately describe this great pain.

People who can speak are mostly watching the fire from the shore. The real players and victims are in silence, depressed little by little.

They can’t move.

Will be eager to leave with loved ones.

Dreaming, in the dream, asking everyone, "Did you see my father? My mother is sick, please tell him to go home soon!" strong>

They can't forget the suffering of their loved ones before they die.

Will be trapped in the tears of the farewell, unable to breathe out for life...

And these are not isolated cases . This is the norm.

On Weibo, you will also see——

A pair of girls were infected with the virus. Before leaving, she confessed to the boy whom she had crushed for many years and succeeded . The two made an official announcement on WeChat. The next day, the girl left.

A girl’s brother and father passed away in a hurry, and her mother was also infected.

An old man in his 70s died of an infection with his daughter. And he, his wife and granddaughter were all infected.

A child with cerebral palsy left alone at home because his family was quarantined.

A professor in Wuhan University has been infected with his family, and his lover has unfortunately left on February 3 .

A girl’s relatives and friends are all gone because of the virus infection...

The sons and daughters of a paralyzed old man are both infected. He is unattended and has incontinence. I don’t know where to go...


If you can help, please call again

Thank you Everyone

A grandfather and grandson are dependent on each other. Grandpa passed away. The 6-year-old child is at home alone, guarding the grandfather who has left, and dare not go out.

Because Grandpa said, Don’t go out, there is a virus outside.

So the child stays at home obediently.

Eat a few biscuits if you have nothing to eat.

Divide a piece of ham into two halves, because "you have to save some, and there will be more next time."

Looking at the thin child, looking at his eyes, countless people burst into tears.

In the center of Chu, Wanmin stillWeeping.

The whole of China is still overwintering.

You bury the bones in the mud, and I send the world to the world full of snow.

In the years of dullness and nonsense, how should people who stay in the world face that kind of desolation and emptiness?

In the pneumonia mutual help super talk, in the first week of Wuhan’s lockdown, most of the help posts were: The elderly are infected, ask for a bed.

In the second week, most of the help-seeking posts were: The whole family was infected and asked for treatment.

In the third week, most of the help posts were: Someone in the family has passed away, and the remaining relatives are infected, please help...

Whether the epidemic is terrible, data is not the only test standard.

There is also a more humane and more humane trade-off method, which is to see how devastating it has caused a person and a family.

If it doesn’t matter, it’s fine.

If the nest is overwhelmed and the eggs are overwhelmed, it is a disaster.

And this time the disaster, of course, belongs to the latter.

Perhaps, today, when we talk about life and death in Wuhan, few people care about it, and few people care about it. But I still have to say.

Between the heaven and the earth, only life and death is the most important thing.

If death becomes commonplace, then this is the sad history of our entire nation.

Don’t forget it in a flash.

Don’t forget Li Wenliang, no one mentions it again.

Don’t celebrate later,

Only see the commendation book, trophies, bonuses,

Only hear praise, praise, praise...

Remember those painful struggles before death, remember those blood and tears, and the survivors living in the sequelae of trauma...

Because of them, it is the most true witness of the plague.

And I, I want to tell you about them.

In 2020, there will be a pandemic in the world.

All people are suffering, many people are affected, and many people die.

The world is sad and the people are sad.

A few months later, the epidemic subsided, Vientiane was renewed, and China was as before.

What a pity,

Spring flowers are similar, and the dead will never return...


: Zhou Chong

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