Fu Seoul and her spoiled husband.

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Topic:A share is like a husband who is unsatisfied

Fu Seoul loves to bully his husband unilaterally.

Said that he is unreliable in taking children, he is devoted to salted fish, he has no money, and he is not self-motivated. He looks better, but his hair is gone. The scary thing is that even the proposal is very excessive, "You may not be happy if you marry me, but you may not be happy if you marry someone else, so it is better to marry me."

Listen, is this human.

Probably because of Fu Seoul rendering It was too unreliable, so Zhang Xinyi said as soon as she saw her husband, "Much better than I thought."

Li Dan also said, "I didn't expect to be handsome", Zhu Dan smiled, "So what was your previous imagination?" Zhang Xinyi was very honest, "because she always bullies her husband with her mouth, but actually He is very cute and cute. He has a sense of proportion and love to hold Seoul in his hand."

Fu Seoul husband, really love Fu Seoul, Fu Seoul Yi in "21 Days Before Marriage" Go home and give her an award.

What kind of award, the "Model Wife Award", with a trophy in his right hand and a ribbon hanging on his body, Fu Seoul smiled bitterly and said, "Why is my life so absurd?"

In order to make up for the regret of not taking Fu Seoul to travel, we also grafted Fu Seoul’s face with his bare hands. In all kinds of scenery, came a round-the-world trip. The original intention is actually good, but this fifty cents technique, and it is hung on the rope, suddenly reveals a hint of cheapness.

You thought the journey was over, no.

Turning to the living room, Old Liu took out another roll of tin wire.

Because their tenth anniversary was a tin marriage, Liu came up with an idea to wrap them with three tin wires and twist them into a ring. Then came up with the concept, saying that this is a family of three, and Fu Seoul sighed while shrinking his hands, "I am very disappointed in you."

But this is not the funniest. The funniest thing is to turn around and let Fu Seoul pay the bill.

Because Lao Liu didn't seem to be making any money, Fu Seoul had to pay for his daily expenses. When the shopping cart was opened, the trophy was 20 and the tin wire was RMB 5.

I saw Fu Seoul’s story about her husband before, and thought that she had compiled it herself, but I didn’t expect her husband to be a real material library. "21 Days Before Marriage" is a show to prepare for the wedding, which means that the Fu Seoul couple is to make up a wedding and plan from the beginning.

Then the joke comes again.

Lao Liu looked simple and ordinary, but he was an urban savage in his bones. He asked him where he wanted to go to the wedding. He said he wanted to go to a nightclub. Fu Seoul questioned, "We are a bit older," he said. "Just to get back the feeling of youth, jump to the daybreak." Souvenirs are also ready, beer, chicken feet, alcoholic peanuts.

Fu Seoul said, "It is equivalent to everyone holding a beer when the guests leave."

Okay, if you don’t like it, you can change to another plan. The rural style is simple and the main color is Mainly green, Fu Seoul said to stop, "green". The point is that the way of playing is very special, "You, sit on the back of the cow I'm holding", Fu Seoul snorted, "Just listen to it."

Finally, Fu Seoul likes a fairy tale wedding.

Since it is a fairy tale, there are characters, "You are a sleeping beauty, and I am a prince", "You will not disappear, but I will come to the forest hut. With a kiss, you will Back to the world" Fu Seoul rolled his eyes, "So how do I pretend to close my eyes, this kind of play with each other is really disgusting."

Hahahaha, it is indeed Xi Mengyao.

But Mr. Liu is also pitiful. He paid for the wedding by himself, but Fu Seoul has always been in control of the words Quan, "I am the first party in life".

Fu Seoul is really strong. He went home and lay his feet on Lao Liu; the bag fell on the ground and didn't pick it up by herself, so she called Lao Liu to pick it up for him; Lao Liu thought she had something to say She had a bad voice, so she stewed Sydney. She said it was not good. Old Liu obediently improved and stewed again.

How good is Lao Liu's temper?

Once, the couple went to Zhang Xinyi’s house for dinner, Yuan Hong burned a pot of beef, and Fu Seoul always praised the beef for its deliciousness, "The spiciness is just right, and it’s sweet, and it’s also sweet to my heart. ", Zhang Xinyi shouted, "Lao Yuan, I love you", and she also yelled, "Lao Yuan, I love you too."

Totally ignoring the old Liu next to him, not only did he not get angry, but said in a low voice, "Can I still learn?"

Wow, there is a kind of cuteness in jealousy.

In fact, Lao Liu also cooked two dishes. The braised pork was delicious, and it was also approved by Fu Seoul, "it is delicious." But the style of the next sentence changed again, "You can do it this way, why don't you do it at home, look at Yuan Hong, it is fragrant like a flower, you have to find the gap and make progress, okay".

Zhu Dan couldn't stand it, and said, "Are you criticizing or encouraging", she said, "Come together, stick a stick in the carrot".

But Lao Liu didn't accept it, and occasionally found an opportunity to fight back.

Yuan Hong was cooking in the kitchen, and Fu Seoul went in and asked, "Do you need help?" Yuan Hong did not speak, but Lao Liu said, "Don't pretend to be"; go out to eat hot pot , Fu Seoul said that he hoped not to accumulate fat, but piled it on his chest, Lao Liu said coldly, "Dreaming".

Trying on the wedding dress, Fu Seoul was too happy to pay attention to stepping on the empty, Lao Liu also hurt her, "satisfied".

Earlier, I heard Fu Seoul described her love life in "Wonderful Story". Not only was the image of her husband very awkward and unwilling, he would take his son to eat junk food later, and the son said, "You can't eat this. "Lao Liu said, "If you want to start something, what can you eat now", and later told his son that his mother is the gold master and can chew the old when he grows up.

Moreover, the relationship between the husband and wife is also in jeopardy. It feels like she is working hard but doesn't want to go home.

But I didn't expect that in reality, the lives of two people are very happy. You spit on me, I pour cold water on you. They really don't get along with sugary ones, but a bit like old couples and old wives. They quarrel, stand up, and do boring little things. The most important thing is to understand each other well.

In the final of "Wonderful Talk", Fu Seoul was so stressed that she broke down. She texted Lao Liu and said, "I can't hold on anymore."

Lao Liu didn't encourage her, but instead replied, "Then give up, what's the big deal", she said that she was really moved for a moment. The most touching thing was that Fu Seoul was playing in the finals, and Lao Liu secretly took the high-speed train to the show, and then waited for her while holding a bunch of flowers.

Fu Seoul said that he is different from others.

Fu Seoul and her husband met on a blind date. She said sheI have seen too many bragging people, and only Lao Liu said as soon as he came, "I don't have much money, and the conditions are like that." She thought to herself, "It's quite modest", but when she got married, he was really like that.

But she did not give up and asked Lao Liu, "Then you will be rich in the future, will you not want me?" Lao Liu said, "Don't worry, I won't be rich." It turns out that men's The promises are true.

Fu Seoul has always been very good, not only does it by himself, but also pushes Lao Liu out.

She said that in order to live the life she wanted, Lao Liu had sold durians, had insurance, and was cheated of money. Sometimes when she wakes up in the middle of the night, she finds that Lao Liu is smoking on the balcony alone. Although she feels very uncomfortable, she still encourages Lao Liu in the morning, "Let’s work hard today."

Later, Fu Seoul made money, and her husband naturally became a weak man.

Women are strong and men are weak. It is indeed a difficult problem to solve. If a woman works too hard, it will reflect the lack of success of a man. If a man is a salted fish, he will feel like eating soft food. Lao Liu's friends often teased him and said, "Your wife makes a little money just like that. If you are arrogant to you, you can bear it."

But Lao Liu will not think, "Who is happy, who knows."

Fu Seoul also said in "The Man Doing Housework" that, compared to the strong woman, the man behind it is actually more stressed , How much saliva he has to bear.

Why do strong women and weak men sound unstable? The main reason is the mentality of men. In this environment, two moods are prone to appear. One is the comparability. If you are strong, I will also be strong. Why do you make a little money let me take the baby, I'm sorry, I can also make money when I go out.

The other is guilt, I feel sorry for my wife, then please, make up, swallow, and finally the relationship becomes more and more unbalanced.

But Liu's sense of proportion is actually very good.

He is a salted fish, but he is not a waste. He handles housework, takes care of the baby, takes care of the elderly, and takes special care of Fu Seoul in his life. Fu Seoul said that she was not good at driving, so Old Liu usually picks her up. Fu Seoul doesn't like to wash the dishes. With one look, Old Liu went to wash.

We are all saying that strong women and weak men are a sensitive word, but think about it calmly , Why, men can't be weak.

A weak man is not entirely because he wants to be weak. Is there a possibility that he wants to give up the stage and lighting to his wife? For a strong woman like Fu Seoul, she saw that Lao Liu first gave her the right to choose. If she wants to live a good life, if she chooses to go out and fight, then Lao Liu can only support her behind her back.

In one issue of "Qihua Shuo", the topic is whether the other party should lash him when he is a salted fish.

Fu Seoul chose not to. She said that she had flogged. First, she found it was useless and said to go into the sneaker business. In the end, she bought all her own yards. The second is that if he meets your expectations, you will have higher expectations of him. This kind of dissatisfaction is endless in the relationship between husband and wife.

Then she reflected on herself, why she whipped him.

From the beginning, she wanted to live a good life, but never asked Lao Liu if this was the good life you wanted to live.

One year, they couldn’t afford a car, and two of them were sitting on bicycles. Fu Seoul asked his husband, “When will we have a good life? ", her husband said, "Being with you is a good day." Her husband is indeed not ambitious and hard enough, but he really loves Fu Seoul.

There is a detail. They went to try on the wedding dress. When Fu Seoul came out, he kept looking at Fu Seoul, and then turned around 360 degrees to admire it.

Yuan Hong also asked Lao Liu, "There is a debater at home, do you argue with her? ", Lao Liu said, "I basically don’t speak at home, and the key is not enough. Therefore, I gave up early so that she would have no sense of accomplishment. From this level, I also won." Although it is very tactical, this It's love.

No wonder SiwenThey all say, "Lao Liu is the biggest stalker in your life."

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