Hua Chenyu was "forced to operate" to win the championship. Is Mao not easy to be attacked by surprise? The year of being beaten or the year of being beaten

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This year's "Singer" has an additional theme: The Year of the Fight. Speaking of this year of playing, presumably many people will ask a question mark in their hearts, what is the "year of playing".

What does Dangda mean? Even the "Tsinghua Xueba" Li Jian couldn't understand this question. In fact, it refers to young singers who do their part in the face of the music world. In short, it means that the music world's Xiao Mengxin fights the industry's big devil.

I have to say that this topic is very appropriate. Compared with last year’s "Singer" lineup, it has gathered a lot of predecessors-Liu Huan, Qi Yu, Yang Kun, etc., this year is even younger-Mao Buyi, Zhou Shen, Hua Chenyu have all risen in recent years and have a strong momentum. The newcomers, even the veterans acting as Yuan Yawei, Mi Xia, Xiao Jingteng, and Xu Jiaying are younger than the great gods of previous years.

It seems that the program team has also realized that the longer and longer "Singer" is broadcast, it may face a mid-life crisis. In order to maintain its top-tier status, it not only absorbed the new generation of singers, but also innovated in the competition system. What you don't want to reveal is fresh ideas, which adds a lot of topicality.

This season, a new surprise attack link has been added. Yes, this is "Singer", not "Wonderful Talk", but the meaning is the same: when the singer is singing, the three surprise singers can initiate a 1v1 challenge at any time After the challenged singer finished singing, the whole audience would sound an alarm, and he only went under the stage to watch the surprise singer's performance. Although the link is novel, there are many people who try new things. In the first episode, two singers launched a surprise attack, and even one person succeeded in a surprise attack.

Zhou Shen continued the situation of "Singer" as always fighting with immortals. Zhou Shen, who relied on the fire of "Into the Heart", was really a great horse with strong strength. Even Gao Xiaosong, who has always been picky, was full of praise when he saw him, and said frankly: What is so alarming about you? No matter where you are, you are always the first, because in your type, no one can compare to you. There are only a handful of people who have received such absurd praise from Teacher Xiaosong, but when Zhou Shen's voice sounds, you will understand why.

If the singer has a good voice and God feeds him, then Zhou Shen is the God who chases behind his ass to feed him. Zhou Shen, who has always been known as the sea monster, is unbeatable in high pitch, and even many female singers sigh. He is like the sea monster siren in Greek mythology. He sings the sound of nature in the turbulent sea. Bewitching the passing crew. No wonder Gao Xiaosong feels that he is irreplaceable.

From the perspective of song selection, Zhou Shen attaches great importance to the competition. As soon as he shoots, he sacrifices the killer "Big Fish". You must know that he can win the Asian New Songs Annual Festival with this song. Top Ten Golden Melody Awards. Although this song is more lyrical, it is relatively disadvantaged in the competition. When Zhou Shenkongling's voice came out, it was already full of glory. It is no wonder that he won the second place in the first game. Not long ago, Zhou Shen also won the championship in "Our Song", this time it seems that "Singer 2020" is not to be glimpsed.

I have to say, "Singer" invited Hua Chenyu to be a very smart choice. The strength of Hua Chenyu, who has always been known as the Great Demon King, is naturally unquestionable. Don't look at him usually dull, cute as a little sheep, but as soon as he takes the stage, he exposes the attributes of the Devil and directly blows up the field.

Participating in "Singer" this year, Hua Chenyu was even more aggressive. A "Jackdaw Boy" directly won the first place, defeating the most popular Japanese singer Misia. It's no wonder that some people praise him as a competitive singer: he has strong stage explosiveness and super high stage performance, and he can burst the audience in a short time. It is perfect to participate in the competition program. The unique singing skills of Martian Huahua naturally don't need to be embarrassing. Everyone will know it before. Look at this powerful stage performance. Even the lighting can play with such an artistic sense. The first place really deserves its name.

Unlike Hua Chenyu, a competitive singer who is suitable for competitions, Mao's style of Buyi will suffer more in competitions. Mao Buyi, who made his debut through "Tomorrow's Son", is also a treasure boy because of the fire of an original song "Sorrow".

The "borrow" sung on "Singer" this time is also one of his original songs. Although Mao Mao's bass on the stage is also very technical, the stage of "Singer" has always been high Not just low, the goosebumps treble will be more pleasing in the game, so Mao's subwoofer is actually at a disadvantage. Although it was successfully attacked by newcomer Huang Xiaoyun, it does not mean that the song is not good enough. The essence of Mao's song is the poetic lyrics, suitable for a leisurely afternoon to make a good cup of tea and savor it carefully.

According to the international character of "Singer", a foreign player will be selected for this competition, and a super-powerful singer will be selected. This year is no exception. It invited a grand singer from Japan. Misia.

I have to say that Japan’s top singers are extraordinary. The song "I want to see you now" is deeply emotional and close to perfection. It stands to reason that such a god-level performance with zero errors should be able to directly win first or second, but Misia only ranked third in this game. This is naturally a good result, but there is still a slight gap with the audience’s expectations. After all, the stone sister set a record of three consecutive championships when she came. As a replacement for the stone sister, Misia should also be one of the strong contenders for this year’s championship One. However, it is also possible that it is a newcomer who needs to adapt, and I believe that Misia's performance will definitely get better and better.

Xiao Jingteng came back to participate in "Singer" this time. It seems that he is determined to tell everyone that apart from the rain, he will have a lot more. The year before last year's Angela Chang, last year's Wu Qingfeng, this year's Xiao Jingteng, three years of host candidates can not help but wonder whether the "Singer" program group has a soft spot for Taiwanese accents. Perhaps Xiao Jingteng's hosting skills need to be improved, but the cute and lively hosting style makes people shine. I have to say that Xiao Jingteng is very popular, whether it is in hosting or singing.

A "Skin" perfectly showcases his title of Iron-Lung Prince. It is not easy to get fourth when the audience is full of the Devil King. Joining the singer again, Xiao Jingteng obviously relaxed a lot, frankly wishing to try a different style, and for the year when he was a hit, Rain God has a different view: whoever you hit, I'm here to hit the song.

In the face of these martial arts masters with profound internal skills, it is no wonder that Liu Boxin, as a surprise singer, may behave a little stage fright, and he is too late to decide who should surprise him. After all, everyone is a ruthless character. As a new-generation rapper, Liu Boxin, I wonder if he can hold the stage of "Singer"?

I hope Liu Boxin can dispel his worries and give it a go. After all, the theme of this year is the year of playing. As a young singer, you must show your vitality and characteristics, and be brave to challenge, even if your opponent is the devil of the industry, you must face it with confidence. Just like Li Jian said: When I was a fighter, I was doing my part. The young man was angry and lashed out at Fang Qiu. Fearless in the face of authority and pressure. As for the predecessors who have already made some achievements, it is already a great thing to be able to return to the stage of "Singer", accept the challenges of young people, and rebuild.

"Singer 2020" burst open, let it go in the year of the fight, the scene can be called a fairy fight. The starting lineup was announced long ago, and the singers who originally started broadcasting on January 31 were also delayed to February 7 due to the epidemic.

Subject Novelty and innovative competition system

· Siren Zhou Shen sang "Big Fish", his killer won countless favors

· The Great Devil returns strongly, and "The Jackdaw Boy" wins First

This is not the first time Hua Chenyu has participated in "Singer". In 2018, Huahua has already contributed his debut as a supplementary singer. At that time, she almost defeated sister Jie Shi to win the championship.

Speaking of Hua Chenyu’s "Singer 2020", there is also a short story. Hua Chenyu came on the day of the show’s recording. He had a feeling of "forced to open business", but this did not seem to affect Hua Chenyu’s stable performance. He won the first place with his strength. One.

Such a cute and powerful Hua Chenyu is no wonder so many people like it. Tickets for Huahua’s concerts are also notoriously difficult to grab. The bird field concerts have been held for two consecutive times, each with a capacity of 90,000 people, and the number of Weibo topics exceeded 12.09 billion views. As a result, 70,000 fans were robbed online at the same time, and the system crashed directly. In the end, not to mention that fans could not get tickets, even the deity of Huahua could not get them.

Huahua said he was not convinced. In order to be able to grab the ticket again and prove his hand speed, he went directly to the bird’s nest He opened a concert and became the first mainland singer to perform three consecutive shows in the Bird's Nest. I don't know if this time I participated in "Singer" because I didn't win the championship before being convinced, so Huahua decided to do it again and try to get the first place this year?

· Mao is not easy, it is really not easy, but it ended with a surprise attack

At the end of the concert, however, Mao Buyi encountered Huang Xiaoyun The surprise attack was finally successful. It seems that "Singer 2020" is also under great pressure. Is it the year of being beaten or the "year of being beaten"?

· Japanese singer Misia, may become a champion candidate

Her status is like that of Faye Wong in China and the stone sister in Europe and America. Misia Misia was the finale singer of Japan's "Red and White Song Club", spanning five octaves.

· Xiao Jingteng holds two roles, singing and dancing with unlimited energy

· With a different identity, singing "Same Moonlight"

Xu Jiaying also returned to the "Singer" stage for the second time, but this time his identity is different, from a young singer Become a married girl, and coupled with the previous experience of participating in competitions, this time she also appeared more calm and calm.

In the first game, Xu Jiaying chose her original "Same Moonlight". The false accent is still easy to convert, and her strength is always online, but she is at the bottom. The specific results have not yet been announced. If Xu Jiaying wants to go further, she may need to try different styles to give the audience some freshness.

After reading the ranking of the first issue of "Singer 2020", you might as well talk about your current ranking of singers in your heart and who is the champion in your heart What? Who should be ranked first among the unannounced singers? May wish to leave a comment.

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