Can I invest in the movie "I'm the Transparent Man"? After the release, there is no so-called dividend!

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Topic:The essence of stocks is a scam

​​​​1. Summary of the article:

What should I do if I have been cheated of investing in a movie? Is film and television investment credible? Is it credible to sign a paper contract? Is movie crowdfunding reliable? Is the movie transfer share real? Who are the actors? Is film investment formal? Is film recognition real? How to identify film and television investment scams? Let's talk about the general film and television investment scam. Quanxing promises that it will not charge any fees in the early stage, and will never charge any fees for unsuccessful rights protection! The process is open and transparent!

2. The secret of film and television investment:

China’s film and television industry The development prospects of the film industry are very bright, and the current national policy is also good for the film and television industry. To put it bluntly, it is profitable. If you really wait for the movie to go public, the other party will make you lose money on the grounds of loss. Chinese film and television investment, do you know how many movies are produced every year? According to incomplete statistics, there are hundreds of movie theaters every year. There are only a handful of people who can really make money. Why do these movies have to be shot? They raise money through layers of offline crowdfunding, such as raising one billion yuan, and telling all the victims that the movies will be sold and sold after they are released. Quite a lot, but the actual situation is that the capital of these film investment operations is far from reaching the funds raised for crowdfunding. That is to say, when the financing is completed, they have successfully passed the risk to you consumers, and they have already transferred this. The money has been made, and these movies almost all collapsed directly after they were released. This is the inside story of making movie investments. It is impossible for you to know. They are all under the official banner to cheat your principal. Take a look at a few movies that can be released. Will anyone watch them after they are released? Can it be taken off the shelves after a few days in the cinema? One day or two days? In the end, you didn't make any money by arguing that the movie had no box office.

3. Different types of film investment scams:

1 , Prestige Friends Film Investment Scam

Its main direction is "Prestige"! This "trap" model is based on the reason of "adding the wrong person" and "blind date and friendship platform" to catch up with you, and these "beauties" and "glamorous men" are all very good in appearance and quality. Chat I'm very familiar with it, and I will keep it subconsciously when I meet a friend of the opposite sex who comes to chat in the vast net sea.

2. Movie investment scam on APP platform

Movie investment scam on APP platform means that there will be many film and television projects in the form of APP. If you have a careful friend, you can find out that there are still films in them that are under copyright subscription, and they have already been released and still let you invest. Obviously it is a scam.

3. Stock group movie investment scam

As the name suggests, stock group movie investment scams are linked to stocks. Friends who trade in stocks must know that there are Some microgroups specifically recommend stocks, and there are also so-called teachers. The stock group movie investment scam is that the teacher who recommends stocks recommends a movie to friends in the group so that everyone can invest. If you don’t invest, he won’t recommend stocks to you. , Use this method to let everyone invest in movies.

4. Official account film investment scam

Official account film investment scam is the sale of film copyrights in an official account promoted by a so-called film and television project. Participating in film investment for many years can tell you for sure that no film has been invested through the official account until now. The Internet has exposed the official account film investment scam before. I hope you will stay away from the official account film investment scam in future investments.

5. Joint production company film investment scam

Joint production company film investment scam, which is the joint production company that some leather bag companies pretend to sell movies copyright. For the joint production company scam, we must first have a "definition" for the joint production company. The United Production Company is a company that’sAfter making an investment, you can become a joint production company if the investment amount is more than that. Individual investment is a joint production company. This kind of scam is the most terrible. They have a company and a public account. Even if you go to the company to see it, you can’t see it. Not a scam.

Fourth, Baiyun's epilogue: Hearing at the same time will be clear, but if you believe it, it will be dark!

Remind investors to keep in mind: "Bystanders are clear, and the authorities are fans." We can treat other people’s things objectively, so we always advise others: "If it looks too good, it must be false." Once things fall on oneself, people’s psychology tends to think that “oneself is worth having This is a good thing", so it is difficult to get out of it. So when you are deceived by the so-called teacher taking a single pit, even if you have doubts, you will subconsciously find various reasons to persuade yourself, and you are not willing to accept the reality that beautiful hopes are shattered in an instant, plus some assistance from the nursery. , The sinking deeper and deeper, until I was unable to return to the sky, only to wake up!

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