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Topic:Stocks starting with 688 can be bought by new investors

3. Real estate incidents:

Recently, the market has responded that many banks in many regions have tightened second-hand housing loans. Loans need to be queued for several months or even six months, and there may not be a quota. In addition, some major state-owned banks in Zhengzhou and other cities have completely stopped mortgages. The reason given is that they respond to the national policy of "housing to live without speculation". The era of buying houses with loans may be gone forever!

4. Gree incident:

From 2010 to the present ten years, Dong Mingzhu has long expected that the air-conditioning market will enter the era of inventory and the growth will be weak, so he made A lot of effort.

Making mobile phones, making new energy vehicles, making chips, making rice cookers, etc. Dong Mingzhu will do whatever the hot spot is. Unfortunately, all these efforts have failed! In 2020, a more dramatic scene occurred. Gree’s air-conditioning business revenue was 117.8 billion yuan, a decrease of 15%; Midea’s air-conditioning business revenue was 121.2 billion yuan, an increase of only 1.34%. To this end, Miss Dong launched the first phase of Gree’s employee stock ownership plan, but market funds voted with their feet. The former home appliance leader Gree plunged for three consecutive days.

In the past 20 years, if you had 100 million, what would you invest in? What if there are 10 billion, one trillion? I think the most stable and profitable one is definitely investing in the real estate and financial markets.

The above four events explain that traditional blue-chip weights such as finance, energy, real estate, and large home appliances have always been places where funds are heavy. Now they are starting to loosen up, especially when a large amount of funds are collected from finance. After the real estate circle fled, they are looking for the next value depression that can affect an era for ten years or more. In layman's terms, where should the large amount of funds that China has accumulated in real estate over the past 20 years be invested? This is a very worthy question!

5. Liquor incident:

Since last year, I don’t know when At the beginning of the season, Maotai's stock price reached 2,600 yuan at the beginning of the year, and its market value exceeded 3 trillion yuan. The two cities are thriving, which is equivalent to nearly twice the 1.8 trillion yuan of ICBC, which ranks second in total market value. At the same time, cross-border wine selling has become a trend, with Rock Group, Hainan Yedao, Laiyifen, Zhongxing Fungus, Zhongheng Group, Jihong Group and other cross-border acquisitions of sauce and wine assets, and the stock price has soared! These cross-border sellers of sauce and wine finally finished the sauce wine boss Moutai at the beginning of the year. Since then, Moutai's stock price has been fluctuating, forcing Lao Mao to move out of the Daye Sunflower Brand Collection Moutai, and a bottle of it was sold for a high price of 9 million yuan, and Moutai has resorted to Wang Zhai again, launching new high-luxury brands "Tiffany Blue" Moutai and "Treasure of the Town" Moutai Qingluan dry red wine. Now a bottle of Moutai wine is more expensive than a bottle of Feitian Moutai. ——The listing of "Tiffany Blue" detonated the entire network, soaring to 8,500 a bottle in less than 24 hours.

6. China time-honored traditional Chinese medicine incident:

Recently, traditional Chinese medicines with time-honored brands have been slammed by funds, and many rare and expensive medicines are hard to find. In the medicine of Maotai Pien Tze Huang, the original price of 590 yuan a capsule of Pien Tze Huang was fried to 2000 yuan, and it is still not available. The stock price of the traditional Chinese medicine Mao Pien Tze Huang hit a record high. Billion became 12 billion, making it into the Forbes rankings.

But if Pien Tze Huang for 2000 yuan a pill is called a "panacea", then the sky-high price of Angong Niuhuang Wan, which was fired up to 110,000 yuan per pill, is also called "resurrection from the dead." "The magic medicine", so the Chinese medicine company with the longest existing history (480 years), founded in the 20th year of Jiajing in the Ming Dynasty (AD 1541), was picked out, relying on Angong Niuhuang Wan, Guilingji, The stock prices of Ding Kun Dan’s three explosive Chinese medicines that have been included in the national intangible cultural heritage list have soared.It has increased by 133% in more than a month.

The above two incidents show that a large amount of funds are starting to find new directions. This market is not without money. Let me ask, who is using loan sharks or cashing out credit cards? There are certainly not many, they are all accumulated surplus funds. Therefore, the market is not short of money. What is lacking is that it has not found a suitable reservoir for the money, which can well accommodate these trillions of circulating funds, and this storage water Why is the pool Maotai instead of Erguotou, and why does Maotai add a Tiffany blue bottle and a large leaf sunflower pattern? Why is it the Chinese traditional Chinese medicine Pills Zihuang and Angong Niuhuang Pills instead of Ma Yinglong, Sanjing Oral Liquid, Gaizhonggai or Shuanghuanglian? Because the pond is too small to raise big fish, or whales, or Kunpeng!

Therefore, the core asset must exceed its own value in the future!

7. The Tongyan Needle Incident

On June 25, the "Tongyan Needle" of Amec was officially approved for listing, and the stock price directly broke through a new high. On the 30th, the market value of Amico stood at 170 billion yuan and became a unique medical beauty giant.

8. Ningde era events:

Is the Shenzhen market changing? ! Technological leader-trillion "lithium electric power mao" Ningde Times stock price exceeded 500 yuan on the 29th, with a total market value of 1.18 trillion yuan successively surpassing Wuliangye and Ping An, becoming the "one brother" in the Shenzhen market. Ranked among the top 5 in Shanghai and Shenzhen by market capitalization. As of the close on the 30th, the market value was 125 million yuan, and the highest stock price was 542 yuan. At this time, Soochow Securities maintained the Ningde Times Buy rating with a target price of 648 yuan. The target price given by CICC is 600 yuan.

Some stockholders believe that “the era of new energy vehicles has just begun. As the leading power battery company in the Ningde era, the stock price may have risen to 1,000 yuan.”

The Ningde era was launched in June 2018. It was listed on the 11th, and the market value at the close of the first day of listing was 78.6 billion yuan. At that time, the market value of China Ping An was about 1.16 trillion yuan. At that time, the market value of Ningde Times was less than 1/10 of that of China Ping An, and at the close of the day, the total market value of Ningde Times Only ranked 99th in the two cities.

Recall that Vanke went public in 1991, with a market value of only 400 million. In 2012, Vanke A surpassed Wuliangye and reached the top of Shenzhen’s No. 1 brother with a market value of 111.3 billion yuan. In the 20 years of the real estate era, it seems that It has just passed, and it has only been 9 years since Vanke reached the summit. Combined with the first three events in this article, this comparative change heralds the end of an oil era and the beginning of a new energy era; the end of the real estate finance era, the arrival of the emerging intelligent manufacturing era, the end of the information era, and the era of the Internet of Everything arrival!

If you see the eighth incident and you still don’t know how the stock market should be speculated now, then I will tell you, Moutai is a core asset, but a bottle of Moutai Yes, there is a price. Remember, the price will never deviate very far from the value, so in 2008, where the 4 trillion yuan went down, where did all these funds go? Needless to say, real estate, plus leverage, lending to loans, the current 4 trillion yuan has long become 40 trillion or more, a Moutai is as high as 3 trillion, this reservoir can not carry that. Many, but it is impossible for such a large amount of liquidity to return to finance and real estate, because "getting out of the virtual to the real" and "housing and housing not speculating" are the bottom line of the country, so it can only flow to emerging markets. Huawei is not beyond the US ? So much of our money has been invested in the third-generation semiconductor industry. Sooner or later, it will be a matter of overturning the United States. Isn't your Tesla very good? We are now not only Huawei’s driverless, but also Internet giants such as Baidu and Xiaomi are doing new energy vehicles, even real estate Evergrande, and electrical appliances Gree. Cross-border not only includes liquor, but also new energy vehicles, Lithium batteries, semiconductor chips...

Therefore, all emerging industries, semiconductor chips, new energy vehicles, lithium batteries, photovoltaics, biomedicine, genetic vaccines, medical beauty... All the time has become a golden track, a diamond track, and a high-prosperity track!

Today, June 30th, the first half of the A-share market ended. The ChiNext Index rose 17% to a 6-year high, followed by the Science and Technology 50 up 14%, while the Shanghai Stock Index rose only 3.3%. The Shenzhen Component Index rose 4.7%. At the same time, look at the year-to-date list of individual stock gains or the 10-day gains list or the 20-day gains list. On the first page, all the codes start with 688 and 300/301, which means that they are all on the Science and Technology Innovation Board and the Growth Enterprise Market. Stock. That’s what we often say"Double Creation".

The three weights of Shuangchuang are new energy, semiconductor and biomedicine! And this change is not temporary, and even in the future stock market, this is the norm! It's time to say goodbye to the age of the weight of two barrels of oil in financial real estate in the eyes of old investors.

Today, the semiconductor chip concept once again dominates the screen. Weir shares once again stood above 300 yuan, and the stock price hit a record high. At the same time, the chip concepts that broke new highs include Zhuo Shengwei and North China , Allwinner Technology, National Science Microelectronics, Fullhan Microelectronics, Fuman Electronics, Ming Microelectronics, Jingrui, Zhongying Electronics, Shengbang Shares, Star Semiconductor, Changchuan Technology, Rockchip, Silan Micro... …

Therefore, in recent years, although the index has not risen much, structural market partial bull stocks and bull stocks are constantly being staged, but these high-prosperity industries have turned over and over again.

We have calculated the active distribution of these high-prosperity industries in the second half of June, and the red color represents the lead on the day!

We may have noticed that there is only photovoltaics but not carbon neutrality, especially in non-ferrous chemicals and other cycles Kind of, this is related to style. In mid-May, we reminded that due to liquidity and commodity price control issues, the carbon neutrality cycle, especially the non-ferrous chemical industry, etc., has temporarily entered a break, replaced by technology-led The high-growth sector is also because of the profit-seeking nature of funds.

A good track will have a chance sooner or later, but if you can’t guess the rhythm, you may not be able to wait for the day when the opportunity comes. It’s like June when you are still holding the non-ferrous chemical sector. Then you will be uncomfortable, so style and rhythm are very important!

Some investors have also discovered in the past two years that new investors are easy to make money. Why? Because of chasing up! Especially the ones that bought the leading ones, such as lithium battery Mao Ningde era, new energy vehicle Mao BYD, chip Zhuo Shengwei, Weir shares or Baijiu's Shanxi Fenjiu, oral Maotongce medical, etc., even if they are set, they will come back. Yes, stepping on the style rhythm will make you earn faster, and you are not sure about the style rhythm. As long as it is a leading stock, the profit will be yours sooner or later.

So now stocks, first choose a good track, second step on the rhythm, look at the style, and third choose the leader, and the remaining time is enough. The easier your stock trading is To make money, the more you spend too much time and energy, the easier it is to lose money, because your time and energy are wasted tossing back and forth, and tossing has a cost!

Let’s talk about the key points below. For the above three points, there is no need to choose the track and the leader, because everyone knows that there are only a few, and the rest is the style and rhythm.So with the closing of June, the first half of the year is over, what style will be in the next July or the next half year?

In terms of style, the brokerage research report shows that by constructing an index for the upstream, midstream, and downstream industry allocation of institutions, it is found that it is highly consistent with the PPI year-on-year. Even if the institution deviates slightly from the industry allocation, it will soon follow the PPI cycle. Move closer. Judging from unanimous expectations and commodity prices, the most optimistic situation of the PPI in the follow-up is only high-level shocks. Therefore, it is recommended to gradually weaken the cycle and increase positions in technology consumption in the follow-up style. At the same time, according to the 21-year forecast EPS of consumption and technology core stocks, the upward trend of technology earnings is obviously stronger than that of consumption. We judge that technology will still be the dominant style before the end of the game report, but it is worthwhile to start layout in the medium and long term. .

Let’s not talk about it, just say that in July, there is a very definite rhythm of style, that is, the interim report! Because every year, no explanation!

The interim report again focuses on performance, so to put it bluntly, as long as the central bank’s liquidity does not change much in July, there are now several high-prosperity track new energy (Lithium batteries, photovoltaics), semiconductor chips, medical aesthetics, cycles (carbon neutral), liquor, and medicines will continue to rotate, especially new energy and cycles of technology, because this is a gathering area with high performance growth. The mid-term report growth rate is often the focus of short-term capital pursuit. So, at least until mid-to-late July, the current growth style of speculation technology will not change for the time being. So, what you need to do now is to target these high-growth technology leaders and go strong!

At the end of the article, we are going to announce the heavy content.That’s the exclusive secret to making money in stocks:

When it comes to buying the leading stocks on the high-prosperity track, there are only a few, we all know, but many people have done it too, such as buying Ningde Times, Weir shares, BYD, Amec, etc., but they didn’t make any money. After all, many people have bought Moutai over the years, but many have lost money. That’s why, here is the most important issue. In terms of timing, to put it bluntly, the timing was wrong, and all efforts were in vain. Unless you can hold it like Aunt Northeast.

How to choose the time? We are not an institution, and Yang’s mother is not our mother, so we never know when the market suddenly plummeted, or when the institutional group suddenly collapsed, so what we can do is to have a set of practices. An effective response plan. The key point is that we are dealing with the high-quality leader of the high-quality track. There are only sixteen words:

I’m tired to fight, the enemy retreats and I chase

Do you think it’s very familiar? Yes, this sixteen-character policy was not invented by me, but by our great chairman, Grandpa Mao. Grandpa Mao didn't know when the Kuomintang troops would come over, or when the planes of Little Japan would come over, but based on this sixteen-character policy, he won five "anti-encirclement and suppression" victories! Mao Zedong Thought is indeed a great cultural innovation. Later generations used Mao Zedong Thought to achieve great results in economic construction and corporate management. Huawei Ren Zhengfei did not understand technology, but it led Huawei to today!

Summarize and improve the operating formula of the high-prosperity track section: "If the enemy enters, I will counsel, the enemy retreats, I will advance." If you have energy, you can add another enemy station to harass me. If you have Funds, you can add another enemy to retreat and I chase, respectively corresponding to the rise to lighten up, fall to buy, shock to make short positions, and then fall to cover the position, my own experience!

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