Business experience of Moutai at Guizhou Airport: Passengers line up to buy Moutai, then resell it to "scalpers" and easily earn thousands of yuan

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Original title: Maotai business experience at Guizhou Airport: Passengers line up to buy Moutai, then sell it to "scalpers" and easily earn thousands of yuan. Source: Tencent News

Passengers at the airport , China Southern Airlines or Yihui Hotel purchased Moutai at the official guide price of 1499 yuan, and then you can resell it to the "scalper" waiting next to you in two steps. You can easily make a profit of nearly 1,000 yuan under the premise of the purchase limit of two bottles. In the words of the wine buyer, "the profit is much higher than that of most legal businesses."

On November 29th, Guiyang had just experienced a round of cooling. The temperature dropped to only 4 degrees, and it was hard to distinguish whether it was rain or ice.

In an ordinary shop on the arrival floor of the first floor of Guiyang Longdongbao Airport, the popularity here is as hot as summer: every day from 7 am to 7 pm, this There are always long queues in the shops, and many people are eager for the Guizhou specialty products sold in the shops, even if they need to wait for an hour or two in the cold wind. In the Guiyang airport area, the same queuing phenomenon occurs in the China Southern Airlines Guizhou Company Courtyard and Yihui Hotel. The first thing many passengers do after getting off the plane is not to go to the destination, but to join the queue and wait in the cold wind.

The specialty of Guizhou that everyone is crazy about is Feitian Moutai. After buying at the airport, China Southern Airlines Company or Yihui Hotel at the official guide price of 1499 yuan, they can sell to the "scalper" waiting next to them in two steps. They can easily make a profit of nearly a thousand yuan under the premise of the purchase limit of two bottles. Yuan, in the words of wine buyers, "is much higher than the profits of most legal businesses."

Cai Jianfei, a liquor scholar who has been paying attention to the Moutai industry for a long time, told reporters upstream that Moutai, as a “three-in-one” product for consumer goods, investment products, and luxury goods, is in the current economy. Under the environment, its investment value will continue to be optimistic. Although Moutai has repeatedly put forward the "price control" argument, with the arrival of the peak of alcohol consumption at the end of the year, "Moutai prices will continue to rise."

A large number of passengers lined up to buy wine at the Moutai sales point of China Southern Airlines Guizhou Company. Photo/Upstream News Reporter Hu Lei

Guizhou Airport's Maotai Business Experience

Since September 2019 , The liquor branch of Guizhou Airport Group Co., Ltd. began to carry out the activity of "buying Moutai by flight" in Guiyang, Zunyi Xinzhou, Zunyi Moutai and other airports in Guizhou Province. Passengers are taking specific routes of designated airlines. After that, you can purchase the corresponding amount of 53-degree Flying Moutai at the airport, and the purchase is made at the official price of 1,499 yuan.

On November 28th, the upstream news was seen in the arrival passage of Guiyang Airport. There was a very obvious notice for the sale of Moutai. The departure and arrival at Guiyang Airport on the same day Passengers who are at least 18 years old can make an online reservation to purchase a 53-degree 500ml Kweichow Moutai wine (with Cup) Two bottles, the price is 1499 yuan per bottle. Passengers who purchase need to provide their ID cards and boarding passes to the sales staff.

Zunyi Airport, the "hometown" of Moutai, also launched the "Buy Moutai by Airplane" activity. An announcement issued by Zunyi Moutai Airport on October 31 this year showed that all passengers arriving directly to Moutai Airport from nine cities including Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Hangzhou can present their boarding pass and personal information on that day.Buy 2 bottles of 53% 500ml Kweichow Moutai with the certificate, and the selling price is also 1499 yuan.

Upstream news investigation found that the purchase of Moutai from the port at Moutai Airport has ceased. Instead, it has turned into a sale of Moutai series wines bundled with Feitian Moutai, which is sought after by the market. The Feitian Moutai hides deeper.

In September this year, Moutai Airport also launched the once controversial "University Freshmen Buy Moutai with Admission Notice" campaign. From August 25th to September 15th, the two groups of freshmen admitted to universities in Zunyi area in 2019 and freshmen admitted to universities outside Zunyi area in 2019 can enter and leave Hong Kong on the same day with their admission notice, ID card and Boarding pass to participate in the new student wine purchase activities, each new student can purchase 2 bottles of Feitian 53% 500ml Kweichow Moutai, "the quantity is limited, while stocks last."

In addition to the liquor branch of Guizhou Airport Group, airlines have also joined the Maotai sales force.

Colorful Guizhou Airlines, which is registered at Longdongbao Airport in Guiyang, has also launched an activity to buy 53-degree flying Moutai on a colorful Guizhou Airlines flight starting from October 25 this year. . Upstream news reporters found that colorful Guizhou Airlines' Moutai sales rules have been changing. From the initial unit price of 1,400 yuan, you can buy 6 bottles of Feitian Moutai, and adjust the number of bottles that can be purchased and the price requirements along the way. As of November 30th, the latest event notice of Duolux Guizhou Airlines shows that passengers holding one-way tickets and round-trip tickets in Hong Kong can purchase 53 degrees 500ml with their boarding pass and ID card within seven days after taking the designated flight of Duolux Guizhou Airlines. Kweichow Moutai (with glass), passengers with a face price of RMB 1,650 or more can purchase up to 4 bottles of Feitian Moutai.

ChinaChina Southern Airlines, also headquartered in GuiyangThe Guizhou branch also launched an opportunity to buy Moutai in November this year. The latest event announcement shows that all passengers who purchase tickets before 0:00 on November 30 will be eligible to purchase 53-degree flying Maotai before December 12, and the price is also 1499 yuan. China Southern Airlines' restrictions on the number of liquors are also rising. The latest rule is that 6 bottles of Moutai can be purchased at a face price of 1960 yuan or more, and 4 bottles of Moutai can be purchased for air tickets above 1280 yuan.

Upstream news reporters got a copy of the "Guyyang Airport Buying Maotai Guide" circulating on the Internet, which mentioned that in addition to buying Maotai by plane, you can also move in Guiyang Airport Terminal Hotel buys Moutai, eats hotel buffet for more than 500 yuan to buy Moutai, spends more than 3,000 at the airport by-product base to buy Moutai, and even enters the airport VIP lounge to buy exclusive Moutai. The guide says "As long as you spend at Guiyang Airport Now, you can buy Moutai."

For a time, in addition to the passengers hurrying on the road with suitcases, there were also a few or even a dozen bottles of 53°Flying Maotai in Guizhou’s airport. "Consumers".

The Moutai purchased by passengers can be sold to liquor vendors at a minimum price of 1970 yuan after turning around. Photographer/Upstream News Reporter Hu Lei

Crazy wine buyer for Moutai

November 29 , Upstream journalists waited for nearly three hours at the Guiyang Airport to arrive at the Moutai pick-up point in Hong Kong. Although the temperature had dropped to about 4 degrees that day, there were still passengers waiting in line to buy wine. The first wait was more than half an hour, but they lined up to buy wine. The number of people has dropped a lot during the peak period.

On the 29th, Li Jian, who was the last to buy wine from the wine sales window and left, told upstream reporters that he was a senior at a university in Shandong, before his graduation internship. He flew to Guiyang to travel during his free time. “I heard that there was an event to buy wine at the airport before I came, so I booked two bottles of Feitian Moutai.”

Upstream news reporters noticed that after Li Jian bought wine from the sales window of the Liquor Industry Branch, he immediately sold two bottles of Feitian Moutai to those waiting by the side. The liquor vendor, the liquor vendor buys a single bottle on November 29thThe price of the 53° Flying Moutai is 1970 yuan, and the inspection is paid on the spot. In just a few minutes, the Maotai that Li Jian bought for 2,998 yuan was sold for 3,940 yuan, and the profit of 942 yuan made Li Jian smile from ear to ear.

On the one hand, Feitian Moutai is stable at a price of more than 2,000 yuan in the market, and on the other hand is the original price sales of major airports and airlines in Guizhou. Many interested people have discovered some of them. Business.

After graduating from university in 2018, Chen Long (pseudonym) has been helping the family to look after the catering business and has no fixed job. At the end of October this year, a friend told him about the sale of Moutai at Guizhou Airport. "The airport sells Moutai for 1499 yuan. We have a wine owner who we know. At the beginning, it was charged at a price of 2200 single bottles, with a profit of one bottle. It's close to 700 yuan, which is much higher than the profits of most legal businesses."

Chen Long told upstream reporters that the activities of Guiyang Airport and the airlines can be superimposed. The moment of "the most brilliant record", one flight You can buy 6 bottles of Feitian Moutai. "At the beginning, there are more flights from Guiyang to Fuzhou from the colorful Guizhou company. The full-price ticket is 1,620 yuan. You can buy 6 bottles of airline wine. If you are lucky, you can also queue up to the airport to leave 2 bottles. , I also buy a full-price ticket when I come back. Two bottles from the airport to Hong Kong. You can get up to 16 bottles of Flying Moutai when you fly back and forth. Based on the profit of 700 yuan a bottle, the gross profit is 11,200. After deducting the air ticket cost of 3240 yuan, you can still have The net profit is nearly 8,000 yuan."

Since Chen Long and his friends arrived in Guiyang at the end of October, they have almost never left. Their usual method of operation is to concentrate on flying for a few days and then to pick up wine." Sometimes the stewardess knows us after flying with the plane for a day. Now I am a little scared by the plane.” Chen Long also said that it was only possible to get 16 bottles of wine in a round trip, because queuing to buy wine takes time, flying also takes time, and how to choose time has become a science.

Li Hao (pseudonym) and Chen Long came to Guiyang to buy wine together. What impressed him was that he bought wine at Duohua Guizhou Airlines' sales point in early November. "The sales of Maotai in Colorful Guizhou were based on a first-come, first-served, first-come-first-served, first-come-first-served basis. In other words, you have to wait for the number plate before purchasing. I've got my number." Li Hao said that the weather in Guiyang has plummeted since November, and the temperature in the early morning was only four to five degrees above zero. Waiting for nearly four or five hours in this weather made him feel the difference in life. It’s easy, “It’s the coldest before dawn. I took out the quilts of the hotel. I remember one day queuing to buy wine. It started at 3 in the morning and didn’t mention wine until 6 in the afternoon. It felt more bitter than running a marathon.” .

Chen Long and Li Hao told upstream reporters that although the time spent buying wine by plane at Guiyang Airport was bitter, the motivation was still sufficient. Regarding the question of how much profit they have made this month, the two of them are reluctant to answer directly, "There must be 20,000 to 30,000, but they have all passed."

At a prominent location on the arrival floor of Guiyang Airport, there is an announcement that arriving passengers can purchase Flying Moutai. Photographer/Upstream News Reporter Hu Lei

Maotai’s "Carnival" ends

Upstream news reporters are interviewing The wine buyers who came into contact believed that the carnival of "selling Moutai at the airport" was over. Not only are the constantly changing sales policies and requirements of various sellers, but the increasingly difficult to obtain qualifications to make an appointment to buy wine also make it difficult for people who want to get a share of the pie.

Currently, China Southern Airlines Guizhou and Guizhou Airport Group’s Moutai sales have adopted online appointments, but “difficult appointments” are almost the feeling of ordinary passengers.

On November 28, upstream news reporters saw that before the announcement that Guizhou Airport Group Liquor Industry Branch was established in the arrival area of ​​Guiyang Airport, many passengers who disembarked were delighted After finding out that he was eligible to buy Moutai at a reasonable price, he immediately took out his mobile phone to scan the code to make an appointment, "How come I will come again next time after the contract is over, how about playing monkey?", "I don't know how much I put on it", complaining about selling alcohol One after another before the announcement.

Chen Long and upstream reporters talked about the issue of Moutai’s appointment sales at Guiyang Airport and airlines in recent days and said that he believes that some people have used technical means to monitor resources, “China Southern Airlines’ appointment system I put more than 700 bottles of wine at a time, and they often disappear within a few minutes. The system also prompts that the network is delayed, and it is impossible to arrange it manually."

Chen Long believes that although the appointment system of various companies has prompted the prohibition of cheating by technical means such as plug-ins, but now in the situation of "more monks and porridge", someone must have used various Kind of technical means. Upstream journalists have also logged into the Moutai sales appointment system of Guiyang Airport many times since November 28, but they all indicated that the quota is full.

In the early morning of November 30th, China Southern Airlines Guizhou Company once again updated its Feitian Moutai sales policy, and once stated that “only two Moutais can be purchased in December” into the rules , It immediately sparked a protest from those who bought multiple China Southern Airlines tickets with the intent to purchase Moutai, believing that China Southern Airlines had violated the contract and "defrauded people by plane". Some people also filed a complaint with the Civil Aviation Administration. Upstream news reporters logged into the Moutai reservation system of China Southern Airlines Guizhou Company on November 30 and found that China Southern Airlines once again reminded that the bottles it sold "all for personal use" should not enter the circulation market for reselling, and deleted the regulation that only two orders can be purchased in December.

Practitioners say that it is unlikely that the price of Moutai will fall before the Spring Festival. Photograph/Upstream News Reporter Hu Lei

Consumer Goods Luxury Investment Goods

November 29, long-term Cai Xuefei, who is concerned about the market dynamics of the liquor industry, said in an interview with upstream news reporters that the liquor industry has already known about the part-time sales of Moutai in Guizhou civil aviation industry. “This situation has already existed, but it turned out to be a kind of propaganda for Moutai. It is displayed for external advertising, but in recent years, with the continuous improvement of Moutai's brand value and market recognition, this has turned into a kind of welfare for its own consumers."

According to Cai Xuefei’s understanding, as of now, Moutai has completed four-fifths of the product launch this year, and the remaining one-fifth will continue to pass Moutai this year Cloud business, online e-commerce and original channels have completed the launch, "the next is the peak of alcohol consumption, and the situation of hard-to-find bottles should continue."

Cai Xuefei believes that Moutai Group, as a benchmark state-owned enterprise in Guizhou, is either from the perspective of the healthy development of the wine market itself or from the current political and economic environment in Guizhou. Said that they are not willing to increase the sales price of Feitian Moutai. However, the market’s pursuit and hype for Moutai is beyond the control of Moutai Group. Moutai itself also hopes to control prices. “The laws of the market economy are there, output cannot be increased, demand is so large, and prices cannot be maintained. constant".

The market’s crazy pursuit of Moutai is described by Cai Xuefei as “people who drink alcohol don’t buy alcohol, and people who buy alcohol don’t drink alcohol.” He believes that Moutai is now It is already a "three-in-one" product of consumer goods, investment goods, and luxury goods. "It can be used as stocks and futures for investment, which also reflects the current scarcity of excellent investment targets."

Upstream news reporter Hu Lei from Guiyang, Guizhou

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