Where can I get the Alipay fund red envelope? Do you know these ways to receive red envelopes?

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Alipay is already familiar to everyone. The various small red envelopes during the Chinese New Year shopping festival have successively saved us a small amount of money! But did you know? In addition to paying red envelopes for consumption, Alipay also likes red envelopes for wealth management and funds! Many small partners who want to buy funds on Alipay, don’t miss Alipay’s fund red envelopes. After all, mosquito meat is also meat, and financial management is a process of gathering less and making more! Let's not talk about the financial income, it is very fragrant to receive a few more red envelopes!

1. Redemption of member points for red envelopes

Friends who usually follow Alipay members may have noticed it a long time ago Yes, Alipay member rights and points can be exchanged for fund red envelopes. You only need to spend 10 points to redeem 3.88 yuan for the ant member exclusive newcomer red envelope. After the redemption is successful, you can automatically deduct the purchase amount when you purchase the ant fund.

2. Alipay fund experience red envelope

Open Alipay-Wealth Management-Fund, you can see the highest XX yuan wealth red envelope at the bottom of the page, and you can see the one-time experience per person After receiving the fund red envelope, you can buy the fund! The specific operation is also very simple: select the fund you want to buy, enter the amount you want to buy on the purchase page, the system will display the amount of the red envelope deducted and the actual amount to be paid, and then confirm the payment.

3. Wealth account pays attention to red envelopes

Many small partners don’t know that you can also receive red envelopes by following the wealth account of the fund company on Alipay! Open Alipay and you can see the search box at the top, where we can directly search for the wealth account of the fund company. Choose the name of the fund company you want to follow or buy, such as Tianhong Fund or Cathay Pacific Fund. Red envelopes are issued from time to time, and the usage rules are different. We can pay more attention to a few wealth accounts. Moreover, the small red envelopes on the Fortune account often appear. You can get it again after you receive it once. It is different from the newcomer red envelopes that can only be enjoyed once. It is a long-term small fleece.

Alipay fund red envelopes are set up to attract users to purchase fund financing, and are essentially a promotional activity. In addition to low-risk currency funds, other such as bond funds, hybrid funds, and stock funds all have certain risks. Especially when the market is fluctuating, if you make a wrong investment, you may lose your principal. Finally, Xi Caijun wants to say that the way to introduce the fund to receive the red envelope is to help everyone gather their wool. For investors who are planning to buy a fund, they can also increase a small amount of income, but don't lose big because of small losses. ! Don't blindly operate the fund just to spend the red envelopes. Some novices do not understand the fund and the market clearly, and they operate fiercely, and the results can be imagined. The market is risky, and it is not worthwhile to lose large funds for the sake of small red envelopes!

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