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Topic:Five methods for fund selection

In 2018, mySecond Application During the process, my own application process and skills for national projects And the key points have a more comprehensive and in-depth understanding. Combining my own application experience, I have three experiences:

1. The grasp of the topic selection must be very "precise" p>

Teachers with application experience are very clear that the "pros and cons" of the topic selection is the key to the success of the project application. To grasp the topic, the vision should be "unique" and "precise". The applicant should choose the topic of "novelty" (reflecting innovation), "realistic " (reflecting national needs and policy orientation) and "academic" (reflecting professionalism ) Is highlighted, especially for the interpretation of the latest developments and guidance of national policies, it must be very accurate and in place.

2. Discuss content should be very "open"

regardless of topic , Or the content of the declaration, must uphold an "open-ended" discussion attitude. Usually we are in the "more + more" discussion mode, that is, "round table" or "brainstorming" communication and discussion. Everyone who declares and participates in the discussion is an "expert". Around the desk, many teachers and classmates gathered in a circle, and they put forward their own opinions, opinions and suggestions in turn according to the topics and content of different teachers. This "braining" discussion format can often provide applicants with new thought stimulation and inspiration, because "in the eyes of a thousand people, There are a thousand hamlets. Everyone has different perspectives and concerns.

Personally, I am a beneficiary of this open communication method.

3. The requirements for details must be very "rigorous"

Amended in the declaration form At the final stage, attention should be paid to the modification of the format, writing, and wording of the application content, and it is recommended to visualize the "research schedule" in a more innovative way of expression.

Writing the declaration is actually like carving a work of art, Every trace you carve is a manifestation of professionalism and writing skills. At the beginning, it was the construction of the content framework, which was equivalent to the first draft of the declaration form; and later, the “artwork” of the declaration form was continuously "sculpted" and polished. At this time, if you want to improve the exquisiteness and exquisiteness of the work, it depends on the applicant's continuous improvement and pursuit of details. Therefore, people often say that "details determine success or failure", this is no exception in the application of the National Social Science Fund project. Sometimes these details will be "decisive" strong> of.

He Jia

Born in 1985, female, doctorate, assistant researcher, Chongqing Technology and Business University Economic Research Center of the Upper Yangtze River, mainly engaged in ecological compensation and regional Sustainable development research, the 2018 National Social Science Applied Economic Youth Project "Research on Marketization and Diversified Ecological Compensation Paths in the Upper Yangtze River Basin" (18CJY005) won the project approval.

Three "highly valued" must be achieved

During the application process of the Science Fund project, I have a deeper grasp and experience of the application specifications, skills and practical operations of national-level projects. Combining my own application experience, I have summarized three "highly valued":

1. Grasp the novelty and demand of the topic selection

First of all, the topic selection of the project should be novel and cutting-edge. It is recommended that the "novelty", "demand" and "academic nature" of the topic selection must be closely integrated when applying for national projects. Fully display, pay attention to the raising and grasp of the problem, especially for the analysisImportant National Policy and the latest developments of the report, combined with the actual discovery of the importance of the need to be resolved Problems, pay attention to the academic needs and social needs of the problem, so as to reflect the application value of the research problem.

My topic selection and research methods combine the current national needs of the Yangtze River Economic Belt strategy and economic methods and theories. In the application of social science fund projects, cross-cutting will be more prominent The advantages of the subject and the "novelty" of the topic.

2. The logic of research content design

In the framework design of research content and In terms of logical thinking, attention should be paid to researchOverall design and research Content components The logic of is the core of the project declaration. When designing the content, we should try our best to clearly and concretely display the research objects, research methods, and expected results, reflecting the rigorous thinking and feasibility. At the same time, it is recommended to reflect the applicants the quality of the previous results, fully demonstrate the applicants’ academic skills, and reflect the relevance of the previous results to the applied topics Come out, reflect the academic foundation and ability of the researcher in the field.

3. Inwardly from the perspective of review experts Grasp of content and details

Learn to stand Reader's perspective From the perspective of review experts, project declaration writing At the time, no matter the writing of the specific content or the details of the form, etc., it must be strict. Standard academic language should be used to express accurately and objectively. The choice of words and sentences must be carefully studied and carefully considered. The typesetting format must be serious, rigorous and Specification, Details determine success or failure.

Tang Guofeng

Born in 1980, male, PhD, lecturer, Chongqing Technology and Business University The School of Planning, mainly engaged in the research of industrial economics and business management, was the winner of the 2018 National Social Science Management Western Project "Research on the Innovation of Service Models of Chinese Manufacturing Enterprises in the Context of Industrial Internet" (18XGL005).

The design topic according to "skirt theory" is concise and effective

I am in the second half of 2017 Transfer from a military academyFrom the government civil service system to young teachers in local colleges and universities, from the military to the local government, from political workers to lecturers, this transition is short, difficult, and stressful. At the end of 2017, in the process of applying for the National Social Science Fund project, the whole process was "baptized" from beginning to end. As a rookie of the first application the National Social Science Fund project, I can be approved. It should be said that I am very lucky, but at the same time there are also unexpected Reasonable ingredients. From the perplexity before the declaration to the final approval, I, a rookie, had a feeling of "Nirvana rebirth."

Looking back at the entire application process, the thing that made me toss and turn the most is project topic selection, It lasted more than a month, and sleeplessness and entanglement accompany every day, which can be described as "being haggard for Iraq". As Einstein once said, "Ask a problem is often more important than solve a problem."

In the process of selecting topics, first of all, combine your own research foundation (have been engaged in Research on the management direction of modern service industry), starting from the "demand side", combined with the "Management" and "Research on Service-oriented Issues of Chinese Manufacturing Enterprises" in the guide, using the topic selection method of "new strategy + theme model" to find The latest background of the current servitization of manufacturing enterprises. After that, I paid attention to the news "December 22, 2017-The State Council issued the "Guiding Opinions on Deepening "Internet + Advanced Manufacturing" and Developing Industrial Internet"", so I began to think about how to integrate industrial Internet with manufacturing.

Secondly, the difficulty in determining the final topic lies in How to cut into the integration point? After constant self-denial and doubt, I determined the main direction of the topic selection in the "service-oriented model";

Again, according to the requirements and topic selection "skirt theory" (appropriate length) , limit the number of words to around 23-30 words , The topic "Research on the Innovation of Service Models of Chinese Manufacturing Enterprises in the Context of Industrial Internet" was finally determined, with a total of 24 words. The topic selection process is like the three realms of "searching, worrying, and enlightenment". After confirming, there is a sudden sense of openness.

After the 2018 National Social Science Fund application experience, we have gained shortcuts, skills and experience, and hope of success. These experience and skills are not only suitable for applicants of various levels of National Social Science Fund projects, but also suitable for applicants who have just entered the ranks of scientific research "green peppers" or rookie-level National Social Science Fund projects.

Wei Xiangjian

Born in 1975, male, PhD, professor, Chongqing University of Science and Technology, principal Engaged in auditing research, winner of the 2018 National Social Science Politics Western Project "Big Data Driven Audit Supervision and Discipline Inspection and Supervision Collaborative Anti-corruption Mechanism Research" (18XZZ001).

Being good at adapting or surprisingly winning

After four years of persistence, this year I finally I have successfully obtained the support of the National Social Science Fund Western Project. Let me talk about some of my views.

1. The emphasis is on persistence

In the process of applying for the National Social Science Fund, Persistence is a commendable spirit. After a year is missed, come back in the second year, come back in the second year, come back in the third year, and when the third year is missed, many people begin to have doubts and doubts.There are problems in choosing topics, problems in direction, lack of ability, etc., how many people fall in the night before dawn. Persistence is also a process of accumulation of results, and it is also a process of patience and test for applicants. When the suffering is the most tragic, it may be the time that comes naturally. I have been focusing on my research on the core issues of audit governance. I have applied for 4 consecutive years, and finally won the favor of experts.

2. The topic selection should reflect the needs of the country

First of all, The value of research and exploration, it is significant to solve important problems and has an important role in promoting the development of the discipline, including whether new theories or new viewpoints have been proposed , Whether new research methods have been proposed or used, whether regular or new understandings have been obtained for important fields or important issues, etc.; secondly, there should be innovation , it is necessary to explore and think about the major or more important issues in the current economic and social development, especially the urgent issues raised by the Central Committee and the State Council; the third point is Standing at the national level, the National Social Science Fund must have a broad vision, be at the forefront of the country’s height, have an all-inclusive approach, learn from others, and focus on domestic universality and interrelationship. problem.

3. Language expression must be refined and accurate

Language expression must be accurate, Refined, Do not pile up text , Do not drool words, Literature citation should pay attention to timeliness and authority, avoid low-level, second-hand materials, point of view citation should be representative, policy citation should be authoritative, and data citation should be objectivity. The frame design should pay attention to the level of clarity, the details should be appropriate, there should be corresponding key and difficult points, and should not be simply listed, and should not be exhaustive and bloated. In short, each sentence must be carefully organized and "slowly researched". When applying for a national social science fund for the first time, it is necessary to peel off a layer of skin and lose a rib >.

4. To adapt ideas, it may achieve surprising results

each country There are thousands of social science fund declarations, and only a few can be approved. In fact, sometimes it’s not because the applicant’s level is not high enough. A large number of people have not paid attention to it. Necessary application skills. For example, your choice of topic is repeated with others, you are at a disadvantage in the PK, your subject is improper or biased, or there are too many applicants for the subject and the competition is too fierce, all of which may be the reason for your "shooting."

If your book and the topic selection guidance expert think it is superior but just not, can you? Change your ideas span>, choose the one linked to your research content unpopular discipline or a discipline with a little less competition, say There may be unexpected effects. My topic is related to auditing and national governance. It belongs to both management and political science. For the first three years, I have always selected management as the subject. This year, with the guidance of Professor Wen, the content of political science has been increased. You can't deny the importance of the choice of discipline in the application process.

Xiao Taiyun

Born in 1976, male, PhD, associate professor, Changjiang Normal University, mainly engaged in regional literature and Wu Mi research, winner of the 2018 National Social Science Chinese Literature General Project "Wu Mi Chronicles Long Edition" (18BZW167).

Formatting: The last few steps must be taken well

In 2018, I Fortunately, I won a general project of the National Social Science Fund. There are four main points for sharing personal experience.

1. It is really important to condense the topic selection

A good topic selection is very important. The foresight, academic rationality, and operability of the topic selection must be considered comprehensively when condensing the topic selection. The topic should be short, precise and accurate, preferably no more than 30 characters. I am a literature major. Take the topic I declared as an example. On the basis of the quantitative and qualitative analysis of the National Social Science Fund’s establishment of Chinese literature projects over the years, combined with my own research field and research expertise, I drafted "Wu Mi Chronicles of Chronicles" as the selected topic for application.

In the final polishing stage, from the perspective of economics, experts suggested to me whether it would be better to change to "Wu Mi's Chronicle Compilation and Database Construction". This proposal is very constructive, but I consider that I am applying for an annual general project. Although it is more perfect to add the word "database construction" to the title, it is difficult to complete, and funding support may not be enough. I had to reluctantly give up my love. Focus on data collection, sorting, and analysis. But the topic selection really needs toThe text is concise, simple and unpretentious. If you lift heavy weights lightly and cleverly clumsy, I think this is to achieve this state in terms of the topic selection, and to move closer to this state in terms of the organization and presentation of the language of the topic selection. The large, improper, flashy topic selection, although the text is very beautiful, but can not escape the eyes of the judges.

2. Research review must be highly valued

This aspect of research review, I personally Benefited a lot in the process of writing the book. There are two points that have the deepest feelings and the most insights:

One is a must have a vision of academic history strong>, the starting point, node, and important stage of the research object should be sorted out and analyzed in history. Keep in mind that you can’t just display statically and present in sections. The writing method of this research review seems to be divided and organized. Many authors are often intoxicated by it, but they do not know that they have committed a big taboo and lack the most important history. A unique and developing perspective of academic history.

The second is a must There are reviews and comments. In many lectures organized by Chongqing Federation of Social Sciences, Southwest University, Yangtze River Teachers College, etc., including expert lectures, books, and various successful experiences forwarded by WeChat groups, I found that they have a common understanding of this issue. Emphasize. My understanding is that each part must be reviewed and commented, and the final summary stage must have an overall evaluation. The advantages of the existing research results must be fully affirmed, and the possible defects or deficiencies must be humble and directly raised.

Regarding the writing of research reviews, one more point. It is the structural arrangement of research results at home and abroad: whether the first major part is to sort out foreign research results, and the second major part is concentrated on domestic research results, or is it divided into several stages or several major points, and each stage or major point is also described in domestic Foreign research results. The expert’s answer is No rules, it depends on each person’s writing habits, subject type and the actual situation of the application and selection of topics. I agree with this This view, I also think that there is no need to force uniformity, butForeign and domestic research reviews are best not to lack, try toInvolved.

3. Be cautious about writing research and innovation

National Social Science Fund In the format requirements of the application form, three guidelines are given for innovation. It is recommended to write innovative points from the three perspectives of academic vision, academic viewpoints, and research methods. Do you want to "draw a gourd in the same way"? Combining the answers of experts and my personal understanding, I think: of course everyone is happy to be able to write innovations in these three aspects, but it can also be adapted and adapted. . Not every topic can put forward new viewpoints to the academic circle from academic viewpoints. It is also possible to find innovative points in academic materials and research objects. My experience on this point is to seek truth from facts,Don’t speak big words or empty talk, experts can see through your tricks at a glance, don’t be clever and be mistaken. Self-defeating.

4. Format and typesetting should not be underestimated

The Long March is about to win. The last few small steps must be taken well. Formatting and typesetting are just a few of the small steps. Typos, additions and omissions are taboos to avoid, and wrong sentences and wrong sentences are taboos to avoid. The choice of headline font size and normal font size, font selection and bolding, line spacing, etc. must be carefully considered and considered. Everything is typographical standards that are beautiful, tidy, and easy to read. Here, I want to say one more thing, the entire bookSequence number selection must also be careful. Whether to use the serial numbers of 1, (One), 1, (1) in Chinese, or 1, 1.1, and 1.1.1 in science and engineering, must be carefully considered in advance and should not be mixed or mixed.

All aspects and details of declaration matters, from how to write the declaration form to how to write loose-leaf, from previous experience to personal experience, are limited to personal comprehension ability and word limit , My narrative can only be overdone. Hope you all walk and cherish.

Sun Chang

Born in 1983, female, doctoral student, associate professor, Chongqing Technology and Business University The School of Economics, mainly engaged in business economic research, is the winner of the 2018 National Social Science Applied Economic Youth Project "Research on the Dynamic Matching Mechanism and Path of High-end Service Industry and Advanced Manufacturing Based on Symbiosis Theory" (18CJY042).

The National Social Science Fund application must be "three beauties"

2018 , I have the honor to set up the National Social Science Fund Youth Project. As a young teacher, the process of applying for the National Social Science Fund is a process of growth and experience. Share with you some thoughts and experiences during the application process.

1. Topic selection and concise topic

Everything is difficult at the beginning. The determination of the topic is the first problem encountered by applicants. Regarding the topic selection, there are two experiences:

First, you should choose yourself Familiar and good research fields It is best to have the support of relevant research results in the early stage, so as to control and control, and also help to find innovative points;

The second is to choose the topic. "Indomitable". The so-called "top day" means that the topic should be "grasp the general trend, follow the trend, and follow the situation." This requires reviewing the latest policy documents Interpretation, the so-called "site" means that the topic selection should be problem-oriented and grounded. The ultimate goal of the research is to Solving practical problems is to have practical significance.

determined the direction of the topic, the second problem is condensed topic. The importance of the topic is self-evident. When determining the topic, it is often difficult to choose too many keywords to reflect. My experience is that the topic should "bright", but it must be concise , not all keywords need to be reflected in the topic, closely follow the research content, select three keywords that reflect the highlights of the topic to determine the topic, other key words can be in the research background Be reflected. If the research is carried out based on related theories, you can display the theory in the title, so as to combine theoretical research and problem orientation.

2. Strict design argumentation

The project design argumentation is specific in the application For clear requirements, whether it is necessary to fill in strictly according to them, different experts have given different guidance.

When I fill out the declaration form, I fill in each item as required to achieve "one question and one answer". For example, the "topic selection basis" requires "a sorting of academic history and research trends of domestic and foreign related research, the unique academic value and application value of this topic relative to existing research, etc.", I will specifically divide it into academic history sorting, domestic and foreign There are four parts related to research dynamics, academic value, and application value. In the section of "Academic History and Research Trends of Related Research at Home and Abroad", it is necessary to combination of reviews, so as to lead to the "relative to this topic". The unique academic value and application value of existing research" reflects the rigor and systematic nature of the argument.

The layout of the design argument is also very important, to give people a "beautiful" feeling. Specifically, it can be embodied in three aspects. First, it must be beautiful in writing, using professional language, with precise wording; second, it must be beautiful in form, Font size and line spacing It is not easy to be too small, and key sentences can be bolded to remind; the third is the beautiful graphics, exquisite The framework of ideas can be the highlight of the declaration, highlighting research ideas and innovation. During the application process, I spent a lot of time and energy on the thinking framework. This process further helped me to clarify the research ideas and make the argumentation more rigorous.

3. Repeated revisions and improvements

The total number of words in the loose-leaf argument of the National Social Science Fund cannot It is more than 7000 words, so it is necessary to be careful and cherish the words as gold, which requires us to constantly scrutinize and revise, in order to achieve "accurate wording, accurate punctuation, and refinement of the text without exceeding the number of words."

Recalling my own text modification process, from the smoothness of the sentences, the accuracy of the words, the subtlety to the use of punctuation, the whole vacation was constantly polishing, Complete, the literature review has written four versions according to different logical ideas, and the framework of ideas is overturned again and again.Select the best from the best, the process There are more than 30 manuscripts, and the printed text is a thick pile... It is through this process that the refined text of 7000 words is finally formed. This experience is also a valuable asset for young teachers on the road to scientific research..

Lord Tang Peng

Born in 1980, male, PhD, professor, Changjiang Normal University , Mainly engaged in agricultural economic research, winner of the 2018 National Social Science Theoretical Economic General Project "Study on the Organic Connection between the Transformation and Growth of Small Farmers in the Old Revolutionary Areas of Sichuan and Shaanxi and Agricultural Modernization" (18BJL033).

The combination of "supply" and "need" to achieve topic selection innovation

7 years of application National social sciences, but always missed the chance. Finally in 2018, I got the national social science general project. I am very excited and I would like to share my experience with you.

1. Innovation in topic selection is very important

Before writing the declaration, I should at least I have been considering the topic for more than two months, but I have not been able to get to the point, until the experts mentioned that the topic selection should follow four principles, namely "demand-side principle, supply-side principle, innovative principle, and concise principle" , Cheng Zai said! Later, I changed my thinking, not only considering my own research foundation, but fully combining my previous research results, from the economic and social development problems that the country urgently needs to solve Set out, jump out of the original research area, and creatively use "Small Farmers and Agricultural Modernization" as the topic of choice.

2. Rigorous argumentation is very important

Whether it is writing a paper or a project declaration , Succinct and clear is a required course. Indeed, there are strict regulations on the number of words in the declaration form. Therefore, we need to cherish the ink, get straight to the point, eliminate all empty rhetoric, and try our best to grasp the five “characters” ( logical and systematic) , Moderation, conciseness, hierarchy ), the research content is clear, the logic between the parts is close and reasonable, the thinking method is clear and concrete, and we strive for innovation.

3. Text quality is very important

"When writing an application, you must To format norms, fonts conform to standards, well-bound, and eliminate low-level errors such as typos." In the process of on-site guidance and repeated communication, experts have repeatedly emphasized the importance of text quality and emphasized that the declared project should be special attention to detail.

In order to write the text well, I didn’t spend much of the Spring Festival in 2018. When writing the text at Yixin’s desk, I carefully considered each word and tried every word. After I wrote it, I repeated it again and again. , Even overthrowing and starting from the beginning, revising to the end, I am a little nauseous even seeing the declaration form, but only after serious revisions over and over again, our declaration form will appear fresh and beautifully.

The process of project application is often painstaking and joy. Successful project application is not only a summary of my past research, but also a plan for my academic development in the next few years. Return to Sohu to see more

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