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Good morning, hit the workers!

Yesterday, I happened to see Douban netizen Yang Qingyu making a "Playing Worker Movie" bean list, and was hit in the soul.

Three hundred and sixty lines, the top pick. We have selected 100 film and television works of working workers, dedicated to all those who are on the move for a livelihood, and wish brothers and sisters happy working!

1. "Peach Apartment" 1960

Director: Billy Wilder

Starring: Jack Lemmon/ Shirley McLean/ Fred McMurray/ Ray Walston/ Edie Adams

Occupation: Selling insurance

Brief introduction: New York tyrants’ apartment affair, let’s ask which tyrants don’t want to have such a dream.

2. "Half a Catty and Eight Two" 1976

Director: Xu Guanwen

Starring: Xu Guanwen/ Xu Guanjie/ Xu Guanying/ Zhao Yazhi/ Wu Yaohan

Occupation: Detective

Introduction: The magic of universal private detective adventure.

3. "Man to Middle Age" 1982

Director: Wang Qimin/ Sun Yu

Starring: Pan Hong/ Da Shichang/ Zhao Kuie/ Zheng Qianlong/ Ren Xiuyan

Occupation: Doctor

Introduction : A mid-life crisis of an ophthalmologist.

4. "Black Cannon Incident" 1985

Director: Huang Jianxin

Starring: Liu Zifeng/ Gao Ming/ Gerhard Olszewski/ Yang Yazhou/ Wang Yi

Occupation: Mine Engineer

Introduction: Intellectuals in the mine do not quarrel and play chess.

5. "Life" 1984

Director: Wu Tianming

Starring: Zhou Lijing/ Wu Yufang/ Gao Baocheng/ Qiao Jianhua/ Li Xiaoli

Occupation: a small town as a tester

Introduction: Lu Yao's novel adaptation, Ma Yun said it was good after reading it.

6. "Taxi Driver" 1976

Director: Martin Scorsese

Starring: Robert De Niro/Judy Foster/Spier Sheppard

Occupation: Brother

Introduction: Don’t despise any driver master, he may be secretly thinking about destroying and saving the world.

7. "The Wolf of Wall Street" 2013

Director: Martin Scorsese

Starring: Leonardo DiCaprio/Jonah·Hill/Margot Robbie/Matthew McConaughey

Occupation: Stock Trader

Introduction: The most popular worker in history Get rich fantasy.

8. "Lonely Shadow in Heaven" 1986

Director : Aki Korismaki

Starring: Matti Peronpa/ Katy Ottingen/ Sakari Cusmanen

Occupation : Garbage Truck Driver

Introduction: One of Kaurismaki’s proletarian trilogy, which is the favorite of Five People.

9. "Big Short" 2015

Director : Adam McKay

Starring: Christian Bell/Steve Carell/Ryan Gosling

Occupation: Fund Manager

Introduction: The strongest hitman who can understand all financial terms is cruel.

10. "Moon" 2009

Director: Duncan Jones

Starring: Sam Rockwell/ Kevin Spacey/ Dominique McElligott

Occupation: Moon Miner

Occupation: Moon Miner


Introduction: The worst clones in science fiction hit workers.

11. "Robot Story" 2008

Director : Andrew Stanton

Occupation: Garbage cleaning robot

Introduction: The robot also wants to work at 996, crying.

12. "Tuina" 2014

Director: Lou Ye

Starring: Guo Xiaodong/ Qin Hao/ Zhang Lei/ Mei Ting/ Huang Xuan

Profession: Blind masseur

Introduction : Blind masseur's real day-to-day work, and love and desire.

13. "Monster Electric Company" 2001

Director: Peter Dougert/ David Swarman/ Lee Unkridge

Profession: Power generator

Introduction: Really innovative workers want to improve their performance, not to change themselves, but to change their production methods.

14. "Piano Teacher" 2001

Director : Michael Hanek

Starring: Isabel Huppert/Anne Girardo/Benoit Magimel

Profession: Piano teacher

Occupation: Piano teacher


Introduction: The perverted love story of senior hitters, hits the soul directly.

15, "Hundred Yuan of Love" 2014

Director: Masaharu Wu

Starring: Sakura Ando/ Hirofumi Arai/ Minyoko Inagawa

Occupation: Convenience Store Cashier

Introduction: If you are uncomfortable with part-time work, go to punch, have fun!

16, "The Postman" 1994

Director: Michael Ledford/ Massimo Troisi

Starring: Philip Noiret/ Massimo Troisi/ Maria Grazia Cuccinotta

Occupation: Postman

Introduction: As a worker, do you know Neruda? If you don’t know, romance is reserved for the rich.

17, "Budapest Hotel" 2014

Director: Wes Anderson

Starring: Ralph Fiennes/ Tony Revololi/ Adrian Brody

Occupation: Hotel All employees

Introduction: As for the workers in Anderson’s lens, it doesn’t matter what you talk about, it’s over if the picture looks good.

18. "Where are the Fantastic Beasts" 2016

Director: David Yates

Starring: Eddie Redmayne/ Catherine Waterston/ Dan Fowler

Occupation: Magician

Introduction: You must go to the sky to work in magic.

19. "The Man from the Wind Cabinet" 1983

Director: Hou Xiaoxian

Starring: Niu Chengze/ Zhang Shi/ Tuo Zonghua/ Lin Xiuling

Occupation: Occupation: Occupation

Introduction: Born in The wind cabinet, the wage earner who is good at the wind cabinet, Hou Xiaoxian's version of the story of the Sanhe Great God.

20, "Apple" 2007

Director: Li Yu

Starring: Liang Jiahui/ Tong Dawei/ Fan Bingbing/ Jin Yanling/ Zeng Meihuizi

Occupation: Foot Washing Girl

Introduction: Bottom Naked affection of hit workers.

21. "Snowden" 2016

Director: Oliver Stone

Starring: Joseph Gordon-Levitt/ Shailene Woodley/ Melissa Leo

Occupation: Program Staff

Introduction: The US National Security Agency outsources programmers to fight workers’ desperate defection.

22. "Focus" 2015

Director: Tom McCarthy

Starring: Mark Ruflow/ Michael Keaton/ Rachel McAdams

Occupation: Investigative Reporter

Introduction: The media beat workers tortured Catholic priests.

23. "Working Emperor" 1985

Director : Tsui Hark

Starring: Xu Guanjie/ Teddy Robin/ Tsui Hark/ Wang Zuxian/ Wu Mengda

Occupation: Noodle factory worker

Introduction: It's all called "Working Emperor". There is no reason for working workers to ignore it.

24. "Special Zone Working Girl" 1990

Director: Zhang Liang

Starring: Liu Shuang/ Liu Yanjun/ Wang Ying

Occupation: Working Girl

Introduction: "A group of part-time workers The story of my sister in the special zone full of vitality."

25. "Migrant Workers" 2008

Director : Chen Jun

Starring: Song Yuncheng/Wang Jingchun/Wang Ning/He Yun

Occupation: Migrant Worker

Introduction: Migrant workers are struggling to find a salary. Too many are tears, or tears of blood.

26. "Urban Outsider" 2006

Director: Gu Jing

Starring: Zhao Jun/ Yan Xuejing/ He Yin/ Zhang Yongxiang

Occupation: Chinese medicine doctor

Introduction: Lonely During his working life in the small clinic, the battle between the best man and the best scumbag.

27. "Year to the End" 2008

Director: Wang Jing

Starring: Chen Gang/ Wang Chang'e/ Zhang Tong/ Feng Dinghong

Occupation: Contractor

Introduction: Rural workers and cities Fight the wrestling between workers.

28. "The Living Worker" 2005

Director: Guan Hu/ Kang Ning

Starring: Tao Zeru/ Ding Yongdai/ Ma Shaohua/ Huang Bo

Occupation: Migrant Worker

Introduction: Guan A good hitman film directed by Hu and starring Huang Bo. Particularly realistic, its realism strength is absolutely absent in the history of domestic TV dramas. It is the bible that every striker must worship with tears. I cried, and you.

29. "Mountain City Bang Bang Army" 1997

Director: Shu Yide

Starring: Pang Zuyun/ Zhao Liang/ Wang Qunying/ Qiu Xiaobao

Occupation: Bang Bang

Introduction: There is a profession in Sichuan and Chongqing called Bangbang, which is a laborer who helps people carry things. This simple film is a bible for fighting workers in Sichuan and Chongqing in the 1990s. In fact, it talks about too much helplessness and too much social reality. It looks like a scum, but the feeling as its core is sincere. Who of us is not laughing like this?

30. "The Hill Goes Home" 1995

Director: Jia Zhangke

Starring: Wang Hongwei/ Zhou Xiaomin/ Zhu Liqin

Profession: Chef

Introduction: Jia Zhangke’s first film is about Hit the workers’ living conditions. When the Spring Festival approached in 1995, Wang Xiaoshan (Wang Hongwei), a Henan migrant worker who worked in a restaurant in Beijing, was fired by his boss because he wanted to go home and had no intention of working. Before going home, he wanted to find a fellow villager as a company. For this reason, he visited his construction workers, ticket sellers, college students, waiters, prostitutes and other fellow villagers one by one. However, they had their own reasons to stay in Beijing and not return home for the New Year.

31. "Tian Zhuding" 2013

Director : Jia Zhangke

Starring: Zhao Tao/ Jiang Wu/ Wang Baoqiang/ Li Meng

Occupation: front desk, lady, Foxconn worker...

Introduction: China’s most powerful domestically hitting workers film, it is Jia Zhangke’s regret that it cannot be released, and it is also the regret of thousands of hitting workers.

32. "Food Story" 2007

Director : Brad Bird/Jane Pickwa

Occupation: Chef

Introduction: Real·Working ratman.

33. "Crazy Aliens" 2019

Director: Ning Hao

Starring: Huang Bo/Shen Teng/Xu Zheng

Occupation: Monkey-playing

Introduction: Friends, do you think this film is a comedy? Do not! This is the pinnacle of the work of the workers. The aliens have also been domesticated into monkeys, and they have started to work, and when they have finished their jobs, they will be given wine and drink! So from this perspective, I think this film is the pinnacle of Chinese realistic magical science fiction films.

34. "Dislocation" 1986

Director: Huang Jianxin

Starring: Liu Zifeng/ Mou Hong/ Yang Kun/ Sun Feihu

Profession: Robot leader

Introduction: a middle-aged Officials wanted to be lazy and made a robot by themselves, pretending to be themselves every day, working for themselves. The girl thinks that the robot is doing a good job, and she wants to replace the boss and let the boss get rid of it. Back then, the Chinese film industry could continue to develop along this path, and it was so powerful that I couldn't imagine it.

35. "Western World" 2016

Director : Jonathan Nolan/ Johnny Campbell...

Starring: Evan Rachel Wood/ Anthony Hopkins/ Ed Harris

Occupation: Biochemical hitman

Introduction: The hitman’s sci-fi peak production. Human beings make biochemical workers, cosplay in man-made paradise, and are slaughtered and humiliated by humans.

36. "Ma Dashuai" 2003

Director: Zhao Benshan

Starring: Zhao Benshan/ Fan Wei

Occupation: Bather, gas tank worker, security guard

Introduction: Fan Debiao, known as the most ruthless man in northern Liaoning, the prodigal son of the reservoir, the main player of several famous battles in Kaiyuan City, the executive chef of Guiying Restaurant, the general manager of Victoria International Entertainment Plaza, the bodyguard and the manager of the security department, Debiao Investment Co., Ltd. Chairman and general manager, senior air delivery member of Kaiyuan Liquefied Petroleum Gas Corporation.

Actually, he is also a hitman.

37. "Beijing People in New York" 1993

Director: Zheng Xiaolong/Feng Xiaogang

Starring: Jiang Wen/ Yan Xiaopin/ Wang Ji/ Ma Xiaoqing

Occupation: Dish-bearer

Introduction: The story of a Beijinger who succeeded in working in New York.

38. "Beijing Meets Seattle" 2013

Director: Xue Xiaolu

Starring: Tang Wei/ Wu Xiubo/ Hai Qing

Occupation: Driver

Introduction: Beijingers work in Seattle Stories of success.

39. "Shanghainese in Tokyo" (1996)

Director: Zhang Hong/ Fu Min

Starring: Chen Daoming/ Ge You/ Shao Bing

Occupation: Many hitters

Introduction: The story of Shanghainese working in Tokyo without getting ahead.

Someone commented like this: farくにflyびStand upち,sadしみにOut of the meetingい.あなたのBig cutなthinkいでは,それはheartのNa Ji. I cried, and you.

40. "Sanmao Wanderings" 1949

Director: Zhao Ming/ Yan Gong

Starring: Wang Longji/ Guan Hongda

Occupation: Occupation

Introduction: The old society wandered around and worked. In order to survive, he delivered newspapers, pushed rickshaws, and picked up cigarette butts. However, bad luck always followed, and everything ended in failure. He did good deeds, but was framed and beaten. awful.

41. "Blind Well" 2003

Director : Li Yang

Starring: Wang Shuangbao/ Wang Baoqiang/ Li Yixiang

Profession: Coal Miner

Introduction: The darkest thing is not coal, it Human heart. The cruelest thing is not working, but poverty.

42, "World" 2005

Director: Jia Zhangke

Starring: Zhao Tao/ Cheng Taishen/ Huang Yiqun/ Wang Hongwei

Occupation: Folk Village Dancer

Introduction: Beating Workers' Feet No matter how barren the land is, I must yearn for Paris.

43. "Devil's Advocate" 1997

Director : Tyler Hackford

Starring: Keanu Reeves/ Al Pacino/ Charlize Theron

Occupation: Lawyer

Introduction: Do you still talk about free will when hitting workers? absurd.

44. "Get in the car and go" 2000

Director: Guan Hu

Starring: Gao Hu/ Huang Bo/ Chen Ning/ Jiang Tong

Occupation: Minibus driver

Introduction: In the old days, the North Drifting workers were driving at a slow speed, but now it’s still too late to get on the bus.

45. "When happiness comes knocking at the door" 2008

Director: Gabriele Mucino

Starring: Will Smith/ Jaden Smith/ Tandy Newton

Occupation: Sales

Introduction: Shuangwen recommends the stock man.

46, "Spirited Away" 2001

Director: Hayao Miyazaki

Occupation: Cleaner

Introduction: Either be a pig or work, choose one.

47. "I have a rest today" 1959

Director: Lu Ren

Starring: Zhong Xinghuo/ Shangguan Yunzhu/ Ma Ji

Occupation: Police

Introduction: What? ! How is it possible for a hit worker to have a rest day? !

48. "I work in a dark company and I can't make it anymore" 2009

Director: Sato Yushi

Starring: Koike Teppei/ Maiko/ Ikeda Tetsuhiro/ Shinagawa Yu

Occupation: Programmer

Introduction: Hiring workers, are you tired? Just tired. Comfort is reserved for the rich.

48. "Call Girl 1988" 1988

Director: Lin Delu

Starring: Maggie Cheung/Feng Baobao/ Wu Jiali/ Qi Qin

Occupation: Peripheral

Introduction: Maggie Cheung’s early works, Work by beauty.

49. "Cheating the World JP: Romance" 2019


Director: Ryo Tanaka

Starring: Masami Nagasawa/ Masao Higashiide/ Fumyo Koinata/ Yuko Takeuchi

Occupation: Fraudster

Brief introduction: You can't learn if you want you to learn it, you can't learn it.

50, "Sister Tao" 2011

Director : Xu Anhua

Starring: Ye Dexian/ Andy Lau/ Qin Hailu

Occupation: Maid

Introduction: A very warm old hit worker story.

51. "The Last Bang Bang" 2016

Director: Why bother

Profession: Bang Bang

Introduction: Their lives need not be commented, their stories are worth remembering.

52. "Working Class Goes to Heaven" 1971

Director: Ellio Bedoli

Starring: Gian Maria Volonte/ Maria Angela Merato

Occupation: Workshop Worker

Introduction: Western strikers go to heaven, what about Chinese strikers?

53, "Women in Match Factory" 1990

Director: Aki Korismaki

Starring: Katie Otinin/Elena Salo

Occupation: Female Match Factory Worker

Introduction: Ordinary workers trapped in a stagnant life, longing for love, longing for a real life.

54, "Pig Eyes" 2014

Director : Xu Tong

Starring: Second Generation

Occupation: Jianghu Artist

Introduction: People floating in the rivers and lakes, how can they not suffer Knife.

55. "From Miyamoto to You" 2019

Director: Mariko Tetsuya

Starring: Ikematsu Sou Ryo/ Aoi Yu/ Iura Shin

Occupation: Workplace rookie

Introduction: It's too mourning, so be cautious when hitting workers.

56, "The Glory of a Prostitute" 2011

Director: Michel Gravoge

Occupation: Prostitute

Introduction: Prostitutes in the red light districts of Thailand, Bangladesh, and Mexico, "sell their bodies but not their dignity ".

57. "Terrorist" 1986

Director : Yang Dechang

Starring: Miao Qianren/Li Liqun/Jin Shijie

Occupation: Doctor

Introduction: Cold and depressed close.

58, "Beneficiary" 2019

Director : Bid for the Olympic Games

Starring: Dapeng/ Liu Yan/ Zhang Zixian

Occupation: Anchor

Introduction: In fact, Internet celebrity anchors are also hitting workers, and they also make money for hitting workers.

59. "Sorry, we missed you" 2019

Director: Ken Lodge

Starring: Chris Hitchen/ Debbie Harneywood

Occupation: Courier

Introduction: All amateurs, really hit workers movies.

60. "Black Water" 2019

Director : Todd Hines

Starring: Mark Ruflow/ Anne Hathaway/ Tim Robbins

Occupation: Lawyer

Introduction: Beating workers tortured capitalists online.

61. "American Factory" 2019

Director : Steven Bognard/Julia Reichert

Starring: Cao Dewang

Occupation: Depot worker

Introduction: Can the Chinese boss even control the weather? The beating workers were angry.

62. "Send Me to Qingyun" 2019

Director: Teng Congcong

Starring: Yao Chen/ Yuan Hong/ Li Jiuxiao

Occupation: Journalist

Introduction: Workers Learn to reconcile with yourself and the world, love&peace.

63, "Seven Meetings" 2019

Director: Katsuo Fukuzawa

Starring: Nomura Mansai / Kagawa Teruyuki / Kagawa Mitsuhiro

Occupation: White-collar workers

Introduction: White-collar workers Records of intrigue, often hovering on the edge of the abdomen.

64, "The Hot Hand Nanny" 2017

Director : Joseph McGinty Niche

Starring: Judas Lewis/ Samara Weaving/ Robbie Amel

Occupation: Babysitter

Introduction: When your babysitter suddenly becomes a murderer.

65, "Holy Cars" 2012

Director: Leo Caraxes

Starring: Denis Lavan/Edith Scobb/Kelly Minogue

Occupation: Actor

Occupation: Actor


Brief introduction: Actors are just hitting workers. It’s wonderful.

66, "The Crying Woman" 2002

Director: Liu Bingjian

Starring: Liao Qin/Wei Xingkun/Li Longjun

Occupation: crying

Introduction: How to become a professional Professional funerals crying at funerals, strange types of work have increased.

67. "Cowherd and Weaver Girl" 2008

Director: Yin Lichuan

Starring: Yan Bingyan/Lv Yulai/Zhang Yi

Occupation: Ticket seller

Introduction: Do not rely on the sky, do not rely on the ground, It's all on our own to beat the workers!

68. "A Cloud in the Sky" 2005

Director: Cai Mingliang

Starring: Li Kangsheng/ Chen Xiangqi/ Lu Yijing

Occupation: AV actor

Introduction: You swim in the sea like a naked tiger. Good morning, hit the workers!

69, "Egg Fried Rice" 2011

Director : Chen Yu

Starring: Huang Bo/Wang Xiaoyi/Guo Jin/Li Jiacun

Occupation: Chef

Introduction: Is there a part-time job? If you have a way out, go start a business and hit workers!

70, "Mobile" 2003

Director: Feng Xiaogang

Starring: Zhang Guoli/ Ge You/ Fan Bingbing

Occupation: Host

Introduction: This movie tells us to beat workers, Don't lie, let alone mess with the relationship between men and women.

71. "Zombie Detective" 2020

Director : Shin Jae-hyun

Starring: Choi Jin-hyuk/Park Joo-hyun

Occupation: Zombie Fighter

Introduction: Domesticating zombies and becoming the first time workers try.

72. "Wild Hunter" 2016

Director : Alejandro Gonzalez Inarito

Starring: Leonardo DiCaprio/Tom Hardy

Occupation: Fur Hunter

Introduction: There is no difficult job, only brave workers! ——Finally holding the little plum of the little golden man

73, "33 Days of Broken Love" 2011

Director: Teng Huatao

Starring: Bai Baihe/ Article

Profession: Wedding planning

Introduction: The beaters who have the energy to fall in love are all human beings.

74. "The Lamentation of Richard Jouville" 2019 p>

Director: Clint Eastwood

Starring: Paul Walter Hauser/Sam Rockwell

Occupation: Security

Introduction: Sad Security Diary.

75. "Brave New World" 1999

Director: Shi Runjiu

Starring: Tao Hong/ Jiang Wu

Occupation: Shanghai Piao

Introduction: This title, this poster is too It's evil.

75. "Sister and Sister Stand Up" 1951

Director: Chen Xihe

Starring: Li Meng/ Liang Ming

Occupation: Sex Worker Reconstruction

Introduction: Fighting Workers Station stand up!

76. "I am a passerby" 2015

Director: Er Dongsheng

Starring: Wan Guopeng/ Wang Ting/ Shen Kai

Occupation: Group Acting

Introduction: Running a dragon is also a person, but also has a dream!

77. "I Am Black" 2016

Director: Ken Lodge

Starring: Dave Jones/Hayley Squires

Occupation: Carpenter

Introduction: When the beater gets old...

78. "Uniform" 2013


Director: Diao Yinan

Starring: Liang Hongli/ Zeng Xueqiong

Profession: Tailor

Introduction: This movie has a little tailor, a reality, and no Balzac.

79, "Body and Spirit" 2017

Director: Iltico Inyetti

Starring: Alexandra Borbey/ Goza Mosany

Occupation: Bull Slaughter Field Worker

Introduction: Although it is mentally ill, it doesn’t matter.

80, "Boogie Nights" 1997

Director : Paul Thomas Anderson

Starring: Louis Guzman/ Burt Reynolds/ Julianne Moore

Profession: Porn actor

Introduction: No matter how hard the actor's dick is, it can't do the ruthless industry elimination.

81, "Earth Night" 1991

Director: Jia Muxu

Starring: Starring: Winona Reid/Gina Rowlands

Occupation: Night shift driver

Introduction: A collection of night adventures of taxi drivers.

82, "Joker" 2019

Director: Todd Phillips

Starring: Joaquin Phoenix/ Robert De Niro/ Mark Malone

Occupation: Joker

Introduction: Please be kind to every hitman, don't let your city become the next Gotham.

83. "Crazy Stone" 2006

Director: Ning Hao

Starring: Guo Tao/ Liu Hua/ Lian Jin/ Huang Bo/ Xu Zheng

Occupation: Jianghu Bandit

Introduction: There is no difficult job, only brave workers! ——Huang Bo who finally opened the manhole cover

84. "The Difficult Lord" 1988

Director: Mi Jiashan

Starring: Zhang Guoli/ Ge You/ Liang Tian/ Pan Hong

Occupation: Stubborn Lord

Introduction: It is impossible to work part-time. It is impossible to work part-time in this life.


The last 16 films that were nominated for Stephen Chow. As for the 16 films, just Looking at the comment section, you are here to answer!

Working as a worker, working as a worker, and working as a master, Stephen Chow is always a god!

Born to be a worker, I am very proud, IVery proud!

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