The secret of the world of fried shoes: some people sold the shoes at the original price of fifteen thousand and four thousand eighty-eight, and some people smashed their hands with two ware

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Original title: "Fried Shoes" Secrets: Someone sold them at the original price of fifteen thousand and forty eight thousand, some people bought two warehouse shoes and "smashed" them in their hands

"The original price was fifteen thousand and fry to forty-eight thousand, which was a 31-fold increase!"

In the past two days, the news that domestic sneakers have exploded in price and are out of stock Weibo and Moments "swipe the screen".

After the "Xinjiang Cotton" incident, many consumers turned to domestic sports The brand, but reluctantly discovered, "I can't even buy the domestic shoes I like." Some people even ridiculed: There was no money to buy Li Ning before, but now there is no money to buy Li Ning...

How did the trend of "fried shoes" spread from imported brands to domestic products? To learn more, you can click to read.

In just a few days, the price of a commodity has risen dozens of times. Obviously it is not a normal phenomenon of market operation. This has even caused the attention of the official media such as Xinhua News Agency. Criticize "fried shoes" behavior.


Fried shoes are hot, it’s not a day It's been two days.

People who shop frequently are probably familiar with such scenes: In front of sports brand stores such as Nike and Adidas, people line up to buy so-called limited edition sneakers.

Many elderly passers-by are curious: How much discount? Is it cheap? how much is it?

The real situation is that not only are there no discounts, but also queues, lotteries, and lotteries can be purchased. After the payment, there will be a "scalper" asking you, "Are you going to add 300?" Of course, if you stay calm and go home and hang on the Internet, you will probably make more money...

A pair of shoes on your feet, so popular? This undoubtedly challenges the perception of many people.

What’s even more exaggerated is that similar phenomena have become the norm over the years.

In 2016, at the entrance of a shoe store, consumption of limited edition sneakers The participants lined up in long lines.

When the “ticket seller” in the train station and the “number seller” in the hospital gradually became a noun in memory, the “shoe seller” became well-known, and the sneaker market Become a new battlefield for "scalpers".

In this increasingly large sneaker market, some people are out of love, some are coerced by marketing, and some are trying to make a profit. The sneakers that were originally just daily consumer goods have been given another meaning, and "fried shoes" has become as complicated as stocks.


Just a few days ago, Wu Qi Adidas's official online store has handled a return for the new sneakers that I just bought, "This is a knotty point, I don't want to buy it anymore."

This is a classic basketball shoe launched in 2003. It has recently been reproduced and sold. At one time, it caused many sneaker lovers to rush to buy it, and the price on the secondary market was also high. Once the tide rose.

Following the storm, the sales of almost all of the brand’s shoes have experienced a cliff-like decline. On some secondary market sales platforms, sneakersThe market price of is also significantly lower. This is another reason why Wu Qi chose to return the goods.

18 years ago, in order to wear the same sneakers as the basketball star he admired, Wu Qi, a fifth-grade elementary school student, worked hard and asked for the first grade in the class. Mom bought these shoes. It was also from this pair of sneakers that Wu Qi became interested in sneakers. "It doesn’t feel the same to walk when wearing them!"

In Wu Qi’s impression, When I was a student more than ten years ago, even the most sought-after sneakers could be bought casually on store shelves, and most of them were also eligible for discounts.

In recent years, he has felt more and more that there are more and more people who have the same hobbies as himself, and want to continue this hobby. But it becomes more and more difficult.

The price of a pair of sneakers has risen dozens of times, which is also a product of the increasingly "deformed" sneaker market.


To a certain extent, break the original calm of the market Yes, it is a batch of sneaker trading platforms.

On the one hand, these platforms focus on "authentication identification", which solves the "pain points" of many consumers who are afraid of buying fake sneakers. A transaction mode different from Taobao-the platform displays the price according to the seller's lowest bid, the lowest bidder is the first to complete the transaction, and the individual seller sends the shoes to the platform, and then sends it to the buyer after the appraisal is passed.

Because the transaction records of each pair of sneakers are displayed in real time, price fluctuations and sales are clear at a glance, so it has become a "barometer" of the sneaker market.

This sales model originated from a US website "StockX". As its name suggests, sneaker trading has become an act like stocks.

"When a pair of sneakers flows into the secondary market, it actually completes the transition from'commodity' to'stock'." Lu Hao, a professional sneaker seller in Yangzhou In this way, he understands "fried shoes". He has been in this business for 12 years. From a hobby to a career, his income has been particularly impressive in the past two years. A pair of Nike sneakers with an original price of less than 800 yuan can be bought for one or two thousand yuan after resale Some styles even earn more.

"Whether or not a pair of shoes can increase in price, how much it can increase, depends on its scarcity and the degree of recognition of the sneaker culture it represents, or It’s everyone’s demand."

And every limited sale and celebrity’s "carrying of goods" will cause greater waves in the secondary market. "Wang Yibo's foot", "Xiao Zhan's same style", "Wu Yifan endorsement"... become the "wealth code" of "shoe circle".

Introduced by Lu Hao, “shoe sellers” sometimes buy all the low-priced shoes listed on the platform and sell them at a higher price. “Other people see this pair of shoes. When the lowest price goes up, you will follow the trend, a bit like buying stocks and buying futures." He even joined a WeChat group, where people share market trends and experience every day, discussing which pair of shoes to "rush"...


The emergence of the platform has truly allowed everyone to Has the "dual identity" of buyer and seller.

"Today I was scolding the dealers, and tomorrow I turned around and smoked shoes I didn’t like at all, and sold them for money." Seen at 28-year-old Binjie Since then, my own mentality has represented many people, which is one of the reasons why the sneaker market is so "prosperous" today.

Binjie is the "shoe king" in the eyes of his friends. He often publishes new sneakers in the WeChat Moments, and his colleagues found that his feet The shoes I wear are often ones I have never seen him wear.

During working hours, he wears the same clothes as other colleagues in the unit. They are all uniforms. After get off work, he will change back to casual clothes and sneakers. "That's how I feel like I'm myself again."

Binjie still remembers the scene when he was dragged to buy sneakers by his roommate for the first time when he was in college.

"The original price of a pair of shoes is 1800 yuan, but if you buy it, you can sell it for 8000 yuan. Who doesn't want to pick it up if it's cheap." At first, Binjie was not interested in sneakers. , I just happened to hear my roommate talk about it once, and followed my roommate with the mentality of earning some living expenses "into the pit".

In order to buy these limited edition sneakers, Binjie and his roommate came to the Nike store on Nanjing East Road one evening in advance. At this time, the team already More than a dozen people-this pair of shoes will not be sold until 9 am the next morning. 80 lottery tickets were distributed on the spot, while only 10 pairs of shoes. Therefore, coming early does not guarantee that you will be able to buy it.

Even so, many people still squatted all night. On Nanjing Road in the winter night, the cold wind blows through, and the colorful neon lights have been extinguished, making it even more deserted. Experienced veterans brought big padded jackets and small benches. Bin Jie, who had just arrived, couldn’t help shivering, and had to take turns with his roommates to rest and warm up at the nearby McDonald’s that was open all night... Favored, they fought a cold battle all night, but the two finally returned empty-handed.

However, this setback did not make Binjie retreat. Instead, he officially joined the army of reselling sneakers. As long as he has the opportunity, he will queue up to buy limited-edition sneakers, or "spike" on the Internet, and trade with other sneaker enthusiasts through online forums, each time he can earn hundreds to thousands of yuan, this pair of college students It's really a lot of income. He loved it more and more, and used the money he earned to buy a lot of sneakers. "Anyway, there is no cost. You can earn it if you grab it." Many classmates started to join in.

"Retail investors" are like this, not to mention the businessmen who earn money by doing sneaker business.

In order to get as many popular sneakers as possible, they have their own methods: some people hire leisurely grandparents to line up in the physical store, and some collude with the store clerk Directly "go through the back door" to get the goods, and some people even use some "plug-in software" to participate in online "seckill" or lottery...

After these professional "shoe sellers" have taken most of the market's supply, they have the right to set prices.

Therefore, there are more people reselling sneakers for profit. People who really like sneakers want to buy their favorite shoes, naturally they will spend more money.

Everyone hates "shoe sellers", and everyone is also a "shoe seller".


Some people are happy and others are worried. Since it is a business, there will be losses if there is a profit; since it is like a "stock market", there will be a fall if there is a rise.

If you stock up or sell, profit and loss are often suspended in a line. The original high-priced scarce sneakers, due to the sudden increase of the brand's sales, may cause the price to "dump". As a "retail investor", Binjie has not suffered less: due to the limited sale of Adidas sneakers called "White Zebra", the market price once soared to 5,000 yuan. Binjie bought it at a price of more than 3,000 yuan in the early days. I stocked up and waited for the price increase to make a profit. Unexpectedly, news came out that the brand was re-manufacturing and selling. The market price of this shoe quickly fell to early 2000s and never rose again...

During this period of time, the unexpected "closure" has also made Lu Hao a firm taker. Heavy hammer.

In the circle of sneaker enthusiasts, the sharp drop in the market price of a shoe is called "closure." The recent "Xinjiang Cotton" incident has greatly reduced consumer interest in many foreign sports brands such as Nike, Adidas, Puma, and Converse, and the prices of sneakers have also fallen.

On the "Tiger Fight" sports forum where fans and sneaker enthusiasts gather, the hot discussion in the "Sports Equipment" section revolves around Li Ning, Anta, Peak, 361 Chinese sports brands such as degrees are launched, and occasionally some netizens postThe post consulted Nike sneakers, and the replies were full of dissuasion and irony from netizens.

Lu Hao, who mainly sells Nike and Adidas sneakers, is naturally also affected. The shoes from the two warehouses are "smashed" in his hands: don't sell it, take it Don't pay back, sell it, sell one pair and lose one pair. Can only wait for developments.

While consumers voted with their feet to place orders for domestic brands, some “shoe vendors” sensed the business opportunities and took the opportunity to enter the domestic sneaker market. The price soared suddenly.

Some netizens found that a pair of casual shoes sold for 499 yuan, the price has risen to 3699 yuan. Some people even discovered that a pair of sneakers priced at 1,499 yuan, the platform price reached 48,889 yuan, a 31-fold increase, rushed to the hot search.


In fact, the price increase is dozens of times The shoes were originally a pair of limited editions that were sold many years ago. The quantity is extremely scarce. There are not many stocks in the market, and only a few people determine the price. To put it bluntly, the seller wants to set the high price is his own business. Judging from the sales record, it is indeed no one cares about it, there is no market for prices.

Although the overall increase is not as exaggerated as this extreme case, the general price increase of domestic sneakers is indeed a fact.

The normal price rise and fall due to the influence of supply and demand is understandable, and the profit of “fried shoes” is actually understandable, but under the name of the flag of patriotism, the consumers’ patriotic feelings , Speculation and money-making are obviously not conducive to market development.

In recent years, domestic brands have won the favor of more and more consumers by virtue of their excellent design and technological research and development, and now they are even better for them to further develop their brands. opportunity. The emergence of "fried shoes" not only caused sneaker enthusiasts to be unable to buy the sneakers they wanted, but also caused domestic brands to lose the trust of consumers. Regardless of whether it is regulatory agencies, merchants, or platforms, all measures should be taken to curb this practice.

For consumers, the feeling of supporting and choosing domestic products is understandable, but they should be rational when buying, so as to avoid becoming "leeks". Those unscrupulous "shoe dealers" who disrupt market order will naturally not have a market.

In the final analysis, shoes are for wearing, not for frying.

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