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Topic:A-share account with 100 million yuan

Hello everyone, shareholders.

The A shares are down again today. But don't be afraid, let alone be angry with other markets being strong and we are weak. You can completely think about the problem in a different way. You have to think like this. What people rise is risk, and what we fall out is opportunity!

But presumably, everyone has adapted. After all, the rise in a year can be counted with one hand.

Actually, I have never understood why I, a small retail investor, can control the entire A-share market?

Every time I buy, the market drops sharply, and when I sell, the market rebounds. This taste is really a (Japanese) word (a) difficult (a dog) all (a). Why do the dealers who hold n hundred million in their hands stare at the hundreds of dollars in my hand?

Some stockholders always ask me, will A shares still fall?

In fact, the answer is very simple. You can use Murphy's law: if there is a possibility of falling below 3000, it will definitely fall below; if there is a possibility of falling below 2850, then it will definitely fall below; if there is If it is possible to fall below 2638, it will definitely fall below; if it is possible to make a new low, then it will definitely make a new low.

It is the uncle who owes the money. Omar Electric (002668) is outstanding and outstanding in this respect.

A few days ago, this company issued an announcement stating that as of now, the company has overdue debts of nearly 300 million yuan, and not long ago, this company just announced that it would use no more than 1.3 billion idle funds to purchase wealth management products. , And the 970 million yuan financial support provided by the bailout fund has been accounted for.

With 2.27 billion yuan in cash but not yet 270 million yuan in debt, let's see what happened. I flipped through Omar Electric’s quarterly report and found some tricks. As of the end of the first quarter, Omar Electric’s current liabilities were as high as 6.037 billion yuan, of which short-term borrowings were 2.084 billion yuan, accounting for about 1/3; non-profits due within one year Current liabilities are 968 million yuan. The current assets are only 6.374 billion yuan, which just happens to cover the liabilities. As of the end of the first quarter, Omar Electric’s cash and cash equivalents balance was only 372 million yuan.

In fact, Omar Electric's performance was good before, but in 2018, the company failed to resist, and its net profit dropped by nearly 600% year-on-year. In a short period of time, the performance loss became like this, mainly because the company had been keen to engage in P2P for a period of time, and then triggered a series of chain reactions inside and outside the company: the debt crisis broke out one after another, the actual controller’s equity pledges burst, and the executives frequently resigned. The company's stock price continued to fall.

Of course, the market also chose to vote with their feet, and the stock price fell all the way, from 16 yuan to less than 6 yuan now. Netizens commented: If you don't die, you won't die. ——Editor's Cloud

The stock price of Haiyin (000861) jumped up and down.

All of this stems from a crude announcement made by the company that shocked the industry. Yesterday, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange sent a letter of concern to Haiyin Co., Ltd., concerned that the company said that it would start the "African Swine Fever" vaccine, and asked the company to explain and supplement the relevant statements.

Actually, the biopharmaceutical market is an unfamiliar market for Haiyin shares. The company’s main business is commercial department stores, hotel and real estate, etc. In fact, it’s nothing if it’s just a simple cross-border investment, but this cross-border is special. , And the company’s announcement is controversial.

The questions asked by the Shenzhen Stock Exchange are also very deliberate. For example, according to other media reports, there are many JinzhuThe sugar injection patent has not been registered with the State Intellectual Property Office. The Shenzhen Stock Exchange asked the company if this is true, and if it is, why is it not a risk? Why is the target company registered in the hotel? What is the capital contribution of the 10 million registered capital? Why is there no Professor Xu Qitai’s name in the target company’s shareholders? Is it necessary, feasible and reasonable to build a GMP production base with an annual output of 1 billion pieces of Jinzhu Polysaccharide Injection? How Haiyin shares will justify itself, let us wait and see. ——Editor's Cloud

There is no way. A shares are like this. It is difficult to go up by one cent and one dollar, and it is as fast as a free fall to fall by one yuan and one yuan. Finally, I adapted a song, I wish you all the best next week and a happy weekend.

"Because of Love" Stock Market Edition

Male: Give you a K-line from the past and see our expressions at that time. Sometimes I suddenly forgot, it traps me and you.

Female: No matter how courage to read the game, I will blush to avoid it, although I often remember that the account is still there. Because of bargaining, you will always get hurt easily,

Male: So everything is creepy.

Female: Tears are flowing because of the decapitation.

Male: I can still be crazy for you at any time.

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