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Topic:Tongda letter wrap theory k-line merging formula

Luo Ye Shengwu 528 Academician ClassmateLv.8 Academician class student, points 501337 0 Theme 0 Essentials 326 Fans 609 Follow Follow TA’s message board and send message forum essence [Mysterious black hole] Under daylight (source code of Tongdaxin indicator submap) Nothing

Enter Pansi Hole, enjoy the fairyland of the cave (indicator Tongdaxin/Yimeng Trader's Deputy

[Tongdaxin Chase] Upgraded version to help you catch bulls and monsters! (Tongdaxin deputy picture picks stocks

Ting Jin" Trends" simple and practical indicators that support the overall situation (Tongdaxin

Tongdaxin version pulls up and changes hands {specially eats the main promotion} The ultimate version of the sub-picture {modified} no

"Tongdaxin": Demon stocks and bull stocks all in one catch!!! (Tongdaxin deputy map selection

Perfect CCI buys at the starting point and sells at the second/highest point (indicator deputy chart Tongdaxin

High yield and high winning rate T+0, absolute [only one day love] re-optimization (source

2021 sharing zone trader chart, control panel chart, bargain-hunting, lighten up, and break out the main wave

Riding only Taurus, Low start classic indicators (indicator Tongdaxin vice chart/stock selection

More 48-hour likes list Tongdaxin Financial Terminal (Pistachio Trading Edition) V2021.08 [Classic Top Column] No time limit-September 2021 Update on December 12

The most complete and latest mark.dat file 2021.09.12

One-click automatic update of quotations of Shanghai and Shenzhen A shares with Excel widget (including financial data for the 2020 annual report)

Dufitte sets up a shared directory Link V2.0

[Tongdaxin main program with different color icons to send two software] I like friends to take it, don’t like to take a detour

Enter Pansidong, enjoy the Wonderland of the cave (indicator Tongdaxin /Yimeng Trader's Picture/Stock Selection Source)

Pistachio 20210826 escalation ten files for personal use

August Pistachio streamlined optimization

Great Wisdom V6. 03&V7.05 Lightning Order Placement Integration Version

The forum is a free way to obtain shared value, shared currency and ideal currency.

The latest gold diamond indicators N-word swaps on the second board [Mid-Autumn Special Offer] Original source code with sub-pictures and stock selection warnings open

ABC The main trend model of high control disk, mechanical operation to buy and sell without brain, high return and small retracement, the only way for the big gods

Bull stocks double males: bull stocks main picture + hunting house acquisition sub-picture, The main and auxiliary graphs buy and sell points resonance to find the first opportunity combination index (Tongdaxin)

Bottom of "Violence Loop Game" ★Rebound ★Strengthen ★Breakthrough ★Relay ★Main Rise

[Follow the Zhuang control plate] Take into account the short-term mid-line / tap potential stocks / use for late or after-hours stock selection

"Deep Dragon and Four Elephants Seeking Bottom" to stop falling ★new low ★warning ★Combination ★Qianlong Sixiang combination bottom-finding submap index formula

Actual combat index [Golden Diamond Master Rising Monster Hunting] The magical charm of short-term decision-making, safe profitability, high success rate, initiating point and accurate boarding

p> [Superman Combination Boxing] Trader ★ Bottom-breaking ★ Breakthrough ★ Catch the demon ★ Catch the main promotion. . . Almost omnipotent combination map indicator formula

[Middle line turning indicator] Dark horse start (Tongdaxin, source code, stock selection, early warning, no future)

Super track momentum map, mining the main line Super magic weapon, a super must-have for finding the military and popular leaders! 10 times a year is not a dream

All people choose stocksstock name reasons for stock selection /span> Minhe shares Wujianiu: Mid-to-long-term layout, breaking through the annual line Guangzheng Ophthalmology Niu's: Asset restructuring performance has increased significantly Beijing Career Fast and accurate 2: Start again and start again Kehua Data Niu Hum: Good performance Golden Crown Shares Superstar 20: Turning losses into profit Golden Crown Shares’ net profit attributable to the parent in the first half of the year was 7,152,700 yuan Tongling Nonferrous Metals Soaring 1985: The price of sulfuric acid rose sharply, and its subsidiary was listed on ChiNext. The dark horse of entrepreneurship Lian Jiangjiang: The trend is king Guofeng Plastic Industry Tan Cheng: Good performance, keep going up Golden Galaxy Mouse 316: 300619 rises up north navigation Stock Gold Mavericks: Ready to break through the previous high, you can follow simulated stock market ranking user First name Profit Follows 1 Colonel Han 78.640% 2 2 Study and be healthy 64.999% 1 3 Victory 63.396% 0 4 Dark horse daily limit decision 63.100% 586 5 ideal 0c5d08 59.760% 72 6 95990 53.106% 0 7 High out 52.828% 0 8 Don’t cut leeks 47.384% 4 9 Xingyue luo 46.702% 4 10 Yin Zhuguo 45.288% 32 Reply Say itPost a post

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