This year of the game: this is the 1 billion salary? The top ten game characters in 2021, the first must be Activision Blizzard

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How to buy the team in the World Cup, how to buy the team in the World Cup, the game this year: this is still 1 billion salary? Inventory of the top ten game characters in 2021, the first must be Activision Blizzard. Of course, in this adjustment, the state has carried out a thorough rectification of teachers' positions. Regarding the situation of teachers' extracurricular teaching, the Ministry of Education will actively call on parents to report and report. Report, let teachers who violate the regulations cancel the establishment, and ensure that teachers can teach students more knowledge in the classroom.

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Introduction: At present, In the grand narrative of the metaverse NFT in the game, the players of our country are still able to remain calm, and the enemy will not move and it will be over.

It's the annual inventory time again. To be honest, 2021 will lack the blockbuster titles of previous years. Bopunk 2077 has brought a huge gap between us. The biggest new idea, if it can be called "new idea", is that the Metaverse and NFT ran from behind the scenes to the front desk, waving a check (probably a blank check), The unequivocal approval of the industry leaders and the project PPT of document renovation and reuse are impatient to take the center stage. It seems that all game manufacturers are inevitably involved in the grand narrative context of digital preservation.

And our inventory this time, even if it is called the "characters" of the top ten games, but the ever-changing era has made the "game characters" surpass Mario, Kratos, and Master Chief. The scope of practitioners outside the game, because of their positive or negative manifestations, also profoundly affects all aspects that we come into contact with in the game. In all the top ten "game characters" list this time, not only game big players The CEO of the factory also has battlefield vehicles that players like and hate. Even NFTs, which players are afraid of, have a strong sense of presence, indicating a strong storm for the next generation.

10. Bigger than Bigger - "Biohazard Village" Timistreku

in "Biohazard" "In this large-scale serialized game with the theme of zombies, female characters often become the most dazzling scenery in the extreme situation of the apocalypse because of their outstanding characters. With the release of "Biohazard Village" in 2021, in the game, the lady of the castle, Timmy Streku, wears a long skirt, which is a piece with King Ada's cheongsam, Claire's motorcycle leather jacket, and Jill's tube top. Children, were jointly displayed in the "Biohazard" collection of treasures museum.

Tall, gigantic, and gigantic Countess

Countess Timmy Streku was a A 2.9-meter-tall female giant guards the medieval-style castle in "Biohazard Village". She is also the most successful example of "Biochemical" series as a horror game in the digital age. recreate. In order to correspond to the exaggerated height, the size of all parts of the baroness's body is full. In the current era when European and American games pursue the so-called zzzq to catch up with six relatives, Capcom has become the spiritual home of all "straight video game men". So from the initial exposure of the Duchess' character, the image broke the circle. After the game was released, it brought considerable traffic to the work. The thousands of words in the players' hearts were all condensed into one sentence: "Sister stepped on me."

9. "Is it worth it?" - "Dota2" Mammoth

In 2021, our country will not be satisfied 18-year-olds have made the strictest limit on the game time in history. Considering that e-sports is a thorough boy skill, there are not a large number of teenagers as a basis (compare the situation of the national football team to explain the problem.Now, any sport, without any exception, should "start from the doll"), the prime time for "Sean" e-sports is really running out.

All, when LGD defeated the TI10 when the situation was favorable, the "Mammoth Dump" became the heart of the national e-sports man in 2021. The day after the game ended, following Mammoth rushing to the hot search list, many unidentified friends thought it was the new Jurassic Park movie or the latest recruitment advertisement of Lanxiang Chef School. When the heat spreads, including Sony, Ubisoft's official Weibo began to shake as if they had negotiated a touch. , nm is gone, is it worth it?" It turns into a high praise reply, it can be seen that it is the media's instinct to rub the heat, but to add fuel to the fire, it is necessary to distinguish the context, otherwise it will become a pot of public opinion.

8. "You're a scourge!" - Jinx from "Battle of the Two Cities"

mentioning "Dota2" ", of course it is impossible to lose his lifelong enemy "League of Legends". The most brilliant manifestation of LOL in 2021 is not in the game at the moment, but the great success of the adaptation of the animated series "Battle of the Two Cities". With a high level of interface expression and flesh-and-blood characterization, the film presents an all-round and figurative display of the characters and worldview that originally only stayed on paper in the game. Jinx, a popular character in the game, is more It is to get a complete character arc that runs through the growth route.

From the perspective of the character prototype, Jinx is like Harley Quinn in the "Spider-Man" universe (the producer also directly expressed inspiration from the Harley Quinn in an interview), and The difference between the "chaos maker" in the male context of the clown is that Jinx has shown Zhong's liking for the "female punk" image in modern Western popular culture. In "The Sea", Xu Lun, an empty bar that received numerous praises from the audience.

7. I beg you, do something in the world - "Ghost Recon Wilderness" NFT equipment

If we look back in the future, what changes will have a profound impact on the game industry in 2021 (both positive and negative), I think that major manufacturers get together to open up the metaverse, and all the neatly placed dominoes, The first piece to produce the tilt.

NFT entered everyone's field of vision, almost starting from 2022 when Curry paid for the public to change their avatars

In 2021, the word that game players hear most often, but in addition, is the most unwilling to hear is "metaverse", which is accompanied by NFT. I myself have the experience of frying cards (you can only understand it as frying shoes), and I have a little understanding of the so-called business logic of NFTs, but the Metaverse is really a "cyber health product" in my opinion. , In addition to changing the formula *****, is it possible for the capitalists to do something in the world? As for choosing the NFT equipment of "Ghost Recon Wilderness" from many metaverse game products to enter the list, it means that the big game manufacturers face the unknown metaverse "Qian Jing", and they will not have to rush through more than one wave anyway. This year, the news between games, the Metaverse, and NFT is destined to be more or less, which is exactly what Mr. Lu Xun wrote when he wrote Ah Q: "Go together, go together."

Ubisoft's experiment in digital "financing" with an outdated game, I sincerely hope he fails

6. The "Fxxk Oscar" thing Although it is a turn of the story - the second player of "Away With Two" won the TGA Game of the Year award with "Away With Two", and its producer Joseph Fares also received the award from "Fxxk Oscar" "The irascible brother, officially entered the Hall of Fame of Game Designers.

The selection of "player 2" to enter the list is, on the one hand, a tribute to Fars' insistence on his own game development philosophy; on the other hand, two-player games, especially non-confrontational two-player games, It has been proved that there is still a lot of room for creative improvement. I hope that other manufacturers will not keep staring at the clichés of "mechanical repetition" such as many people fighting zombies, many people robbing banks, and many people eating chicken, because "Two Players" insists on two-player gameplay. Behind it is Fars's excellent ideas that have always provided freshness in the course of the game. As long as more games like "Two Players" appear, it can let those friends who don't usually touch the game very much, as the second player. stayEnjoy the game in front of the TV.

5. "New National Bank PS5 spot pick-up, 4xxx, no knife" - scalpers

as one Game store operators and game media writers, I will frequently receive various inquiries from media teachers about the market situation in 2022. The short time is the market fluctuations that may occur after the large parallel importers are checked by the customs, and the short time is a certain market situation. Second-hand brick-and-mortar game merchants have changed their business forms, causing complaints among genuine console customers who "sell games for blood". Some of them can indeed provide an industry perspective, but more often, why don't I rely on the sky?

It's been a year, and the price of a stock PS5 is still increased

Speaking of days, until today, one year after the PS5 was released , buying a PS5 console at the original price is still an absolute no-no. The scalper, which was originally a typical image for players to denounce, has now become more ambiguous, or to put it more fashionably, that is, the scalper is also "decentralized".

In the past, prices have been raised, and the most obvious beneficiaries are of course the hoarding scalpers. In 2022, there will indeed be social news that the customs seized parallel traders and seized a large number of smuggled game consoles, but "go Centralization" lies in the fact that the current scalpers are not directly equated with businessmen in the traditional sense. From sneakers to trendy games, behind the popularity of these popular culture-related products is a neat online secondary market (online). The construction of the platform is very important, and many people tend to ignore this point. Before there is something, the sneaker culture is a niche circle) and the big situation of "everyone is a loser". ) Check whether the buyer will be a contestant. After buying it, it will be sold to the seafood market for a few hundred yuan. Who can’t try his luck?

4. The Interesting Livelihood of the Internet Addicted Old Man - Hironobu Sakaguchi

The father of the "Final Fantasy" series, Hironobu Sakaguchi The matter of being addicted to "Final Fantasy 14" has become the most topical news for this game in 2021, except for the content update itself. As Sakaguchi Hironobu's personal social account was filled with "FF14"-related pushes, the players were amazed that this generation of JRPG masters showed such high enthusiasm for MMO.

From the beginning of the land reclamation to the achievement of considerable game results in a short period of time, Sakaguchi Hironobu, as a KOL player with his own mentor aura, naturally also received professional expertise from industry insiders. guide. As the most successful MMO at present, "FF14" is still full of vitality in 2021. The father of the series seems to occasionally enter the pit. It is not some commercial exchange planned by SE's official plan, but Sakaguchi Hironobu as a front-line practitioner and a lifetime. If you like the game, you can still get the fun of growth and the feeling of discovering new things from the new game. It is estimated that in the near future, just like Nomura Tetsuya in "Kingdom Hearts" paid tribute to the teacher with a swordsmanship master, Yoshida Naoki will also add an NPC in "FF14". He has a moustache and smiles as he watches the new generation of players galloping on the fantasy land.

3. "Don't be obsessed with elder sister, elder sister is a preacher" - Sams

"Metropolis" Save the Fear is a brand new work in the series after more than ten years of silence. Although it has not made any earth-shattering achievements in system and technology, the protagonist Samus runs rigorously and tightly designed levels like a Swiss clock. In the game, with a smooth and unparalleled action shooting experience, it has re-determined the supreme status of the "Galaxy City Shitai". Relatively speaking, it is a pity that "Save the Fear" has not been able to get a wider range of players in our country like other NS game masterpieces (such as "Dongsen", "Xenoblade Chronicles" and "Luigi's Haunted House"). The main reason for the second spread may be due to the high difficulty of the game, the relatively vertical type of gameplay, and the fact that there is no series of traditional arts this time, that is, the clearance reward for Sams taking off his battle suit.

2. "What's wrong with Battlefield 2042?" - Battlefield 2042 Amphibious Combat Boat

Even if the bug that the battleship climbed the skyscraper has been officially fixed at the time of writing this article, the "dump ship" that dominates various battlefields in the first phase of "Battlefield 2042" has unfortunately become a tragic epitome of the rotten masterpiece set at the end of 2022. .

After the release of "Battlefield 2042", the original trailer was praised by playersThe "Fixed Work" project of the game, but most people can't laugh. After years of waiting and a quick pre-order behavior, I am still standing in front of tons of bugs and laughing at the naivety of the players. In addition to the objective impact of the epidemic, the major manufacturers' deviations from the 3A game concept (including but not limited to the number of fans retained, huge publicity and distribution, and various lightweight designs for the system in order to attract new customers to get started quickly), Combined with the shit-like network situation and slag optimization, players eventually became paid trial players after the game was released. The rampant dumper has smashed the players' positions in the game, and also smashed EA's already precarious reputation. I hope we won't hear another "difficult decision" statement from EA this year.

It's very windy outside the plane, why don't you sit in there

1. The devil's agent—— Bobby Caldick

As CEO of Activision Blizzard, Bobby Caldick is without a doubt one of the most successful business owners in the industry. For the entire year of 2021, Activision Blizzard has been breaking out all kinds of heinous company scandals, accusing the strike to replace all game-related content, so that those players who are only interested in Activision Blizzard's games, worry about it. How much will be affected by the game you love.

And Activision Blizzard did not let the players' worries "deliver". Employees in important positions have left one after another, and game updates and development seem to be stagnant and in turmoil. Although the two “precious items” of “COD Cold War” and “COD Pioneer” still occupy the sales list, the reality of the game reflects that it once hit the market. Having worn the bottom line of the series, what is even more amazing is the major update of "War Zone" at the end of the year, which even dragged down "COD Modern Warfare" and "COD Cold War", which were originally multiplayer forms that could keep running very well. All kinds of errors appear in layers, and the players are well-known, and what Activision has done is to put on the shelves a brand new krypton gold patchwork package for players to pay for consumption, what?

In the final analysis, whether it is Activision Blizzard's rotten corporate culture, or the personal allegations about Caldick, there is no law and no law behind the accusations about workplace and personal ethics. , the most solid backing is really still - money. I have to admit that Caudik is a master at making money with games. In the past, he subscribed for Activision stock before the release of "Modern Warfare 2", and then after the game was well received, he sold the stock arbitrage to make tens of millions of personal assets, although Squeezing employees also allowed COD to maintain the rhythm of New Year's goods, which gave him the confidence to ask the company's board of directors for a salary of US$155 million (nearly 1 billion yuan).

What is ironic at the moment is that "COD Pioneer" has created a buff like Aryan lesbians who defected from the Nazi camp in the game, and no one can mess with it. It's a great character, but the real Caldick is exploiting employees, sexually harassing, disregarding game quality and other bad things in order to make money. Really, the more the reality lacks, the more the virtual world needs to create. The industry doesn't have too many expectations, and I'll be satisfied if I don't see Caudik again.

Conclusion: 2021 is a small year for games, but it is destined to affect the industry that is still under the influence of the epidemic and affected by the metaverse. It's far-reaching, let's wait and see, and see who will be on the list for what reasons under this situation next year.

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1. How to buy the team in the World Cup, how to buy the team in the World Cup, log in, this year of the game: this is still 1 billion salary? Inventory of the top ten game characters in 2021, the first is that Activision Blizzard does not rely on vision to hit the bullseye. When Xu Haifeng won the championship, his vision was only 0.5, and some world-class players even had only 0.1 vision.

2. How to buy the team in the World Cup, how to buy the team in the World Cup, the game this year: this is still 1 billion salary? Inventory of the top ten game characters in 2021, the first is that Activision Blizzard's "Opinions" especially emphasizes the need to strengthen supervision, and ultimately it is to ask discipline and accountability, so that this work can be scheduled according to the prescribed time limit. The goal.

Due to some reasons, this page provides games like 100 million salary? Inventory of the top ten game characters in 2021, the first must be Activision Blizzard's Tencent Sports APP download, enjoy all kinds of sports events.

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